How to play lute and use songbook in Minecraft Legends

The Hero of Minecraft Legends is playing on the lute.

The Hero of Minecraft Legends is playing on the lute.

Some information on how to play Lute and use Songbook in Minecraft Legends will be crucial. The developers of the upcoming Minecraft strategy are slowly revealing more and more information about it, and now we know what kind of instruments we’ll have to use.

These two instruments will help you to collect resources and build various structures. So, let’s take a closer look at how a book and a musical instrument can help you to actually build something.

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How to play lute and use songbook in Minecraft Legends

Here is an article from the official Minecraft website that reveals some information about the game and its key mechanics. The lute and the songbook are mentioned there, but we can’t say for sure how exactly you can use them. However, we already can see what their purposes are, and why you’ll have to play different melodies.

The Hero of Minecraft Legends is somewhere in the forest.
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What is the lute in Minecraft Legends?

The lute in Minecraft Legends is one of a few instruments that you will have to use to control your minions. This item allows you to play various magic melodies that will help you to control Allays. These small fay-like creatures will build structures and collect resources for you.

What is the songbook in Minecraft Legends?

During your Minecraft Legends playthrough, you will find lots of different melodies. Some of them will help you to communicate with Blue Allays and order them to gather resources. Others allow you to command Orange Allays to build certain structures.

All of the melodies that you find throughout the game will be kept in your Songbook. So, you’ll always have access to them and your Allays.

Who are Allays in Minecraft Legends?

Allays are small pixies or fays, that come in two different colours. The blue ones are able to collect resources and deliver them to chests. Make sure that you can command them properly, as you won’t build a huge army without resources.

The Orange Allays are the ones that build your structures. It seems that you will be able to tell them to build a certain structure by playing a specific melody.

Allays will be some of the most important creatures among your ranks, and the lute and the songbook will help you to interact with them. Also, there will be other instruments that you’ll have to use to control other creatures.

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