Minecraft Legends army size - How to spawn more mobs at once

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Early on in Minecraft Legends, you'll struggle to manage your army of 20 mobs. But as you unlock more spawners, how you distribute your maximum army count might start to get a little limiting. To help, here's how to increase army size in Minecraft Legends so that you're not stuck wondering how many healers to have per five melee mobs.

Striking a balance in your Minecraft Legends army is incredibly important. Each of the three Piglin horde types are strong and weak against specific mob types. And in bigger strongholds, the default army size of 20 just won't cut it. The sooner you increase it, the faster you'll take back control of the overworld.

How to increase army size in Minecraft Legends

There's a quick and easy way to increase the size of your army in Minecraft Legends, but it's a relatively costly move you should only make when you're absolutely sure that you need it.

To have more than 20 mobs out at a time, you just need to get far enough into the campaign to build the Improvement: Flames of Creation tower back at the Well of Fate. There are two types of these buildings - one that increases your army count by four with each building, and another that increases it by ten.

Using the Flames of Creation to increase army size in Minecraft Legends.
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Given Prismarine is perhaps the rarest material out there, it makes sense to aim for the Improvement: Large Flames of Creation tower over the smaller option, as you'll gain two additional unit slots over placing two smaller towers at the same cost. You'll need double the Gold instead, but it's much easier to come across Gold than Prismarine in most cases.

Whichever you decide to build, make sure you're at the Well of Fate. Select either option on the crafting bar and build them in the area around one of the four towers surrounding the fountain. Once the build it complete, you'll increase your maximum army count by increasing the number of Flames of Creation available at any one time. That means a bigger army.

But this issue doesn't end with simply a larger army at your disposal. To reliably command the whole fleet in one go, you'll need to increase the range of the Banner of Courage to fit them all in when you Rally. You can read more about that in our Rally size increase guide, but the process is largely the same. You might just need to venture out for some more materials.

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