How to get Skeletons in Minecraft Legends

Skeletons stood among other units in Minecraft Legends.

Skeletons stood among other units in Minecraft Legends.

One of the many units of your army will be skeletons, and today we will talk about how to get Skeletons in Minecraft Legends. In the new Minecraft Legends game, you have to fight terrible Piglins, but to do this, you need to build up your own army that will help you conquer territories in battle and protect civilians who can't do it on their own.

Skeletons are long-range warriors that will allow you to exterminate the nasty inhabitants of hell before they even approach the line of defence, so let's find out what you need to do to get their support.

How to get Skeletons in Minecraft Legends

In Minecraft Legends, you can enlist the support of those who until recently were considered your enemies. Skeletons, these bony archer warriors, need your help, and if you give it to them, they will become your troops and help you destroy the Piglins.

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To unlock the Skeletons, you need to conquer and defend Skeleton Homestead. When you open the map, you will be able to see this location after you complete the training.

Once you arrive at the location, you will need to defend the location from Piglins, who will attack you until you destroy the portal to hell. To do this, you'll need to build a good strategy and stock up on combat allies, such as Golems, Creepers, or zombies (if you unlocked them earlier, of course).

After you destroy the portal to hell and conquer the territory, you will notice that Skeletons are now available in your menu. In order to summon them, you will need to have certain resources. To build a spawner, you need the following:

  • Wood x25
  • Stone x25
  • Diamond x5

To interact with the spawner and summon a Skeleton, you'll need:

  • Flame of creation x1
  • Lapis x1
  • Diamond x2

How to get the Skeletons back in Minecraft Legends

If Skeleton Homestead is conquered by enemy forces again, the Skeletons will not be able to help you in battle. Until you recapture the same Skeleton Homestead that was taken by the Piglins, you won't be able to spawn them.

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