All biomes in Minecraft Legends explained - Resources, items, and more

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Minecraft Legends game.

When you plan your strategy, it is always important to think about the place where you want to build your fortress, and the Minecraft Legends biomes play a major part in that. Like Minecraft proper, Minecraft Legends features a world consisting of diverse areas you explore to find all of the key resources you'll need to keep your Piglin-crushing army running smoothly.

Down below, we'll mention everything we know about these biomes and what kind of resources you can get there. Also, we will talk about the different animals that you can encounter in these areas, and why you might want to walk through one to get to the other. They all play a part in your quest.

All biomes in Minecraft Legends

There are a few biomes that you can find in Minecraft Legends and each one serves a different purpose.

You should pay attention to your surroundings as these lands have tons of resources you’ll need to defeat the wide variety of enemies the Piglins have sent across the land.

Forest biome in Minecraft Legends.
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Here is the list of all biomes you can find in Minecraft Legends:

  • Meadow - A peaceful biome featuring common resources like Stone, Wood, Coal, and Speed Wheat.
  • Badlands - A rougher biome that features Wood, Coal, Stone, and numerous animals.
  • Forest - A biome with Wood, Stone, and Iron.
  • Dry Savanna - On top of Regal Tigers, this biome features Iron in abundance.
  • Swamp - Beyond slowing mud, bouncy mushrooms, and sharp thorns, this biome features plenty of Redstone.
  • Jungle - A dangerous but calmed spot with high trees, Redstone, and ridable beetles.
  • Jagged Peaks - A mountainous land featuring Diamonds and ridable birds.
  • Tundra - A snowy biome with plenty of Diamonds and a few other resources.
  • Nether - A dangerous biome that may encounter in the Meadow.
  • Ocean – A biome that works as the border of the game’s map. There's rumblings that you may discover more about this vast body of water in your quest.

As you can see, there are many different biomes that you can find in Minecraft Legends. You can obtain tons of various resources in these areas, so it's highly recommended that you explore all of them.

While you're here, you may be wondering about the resources that appear in specific biomes. We've got those covered in the resource location guides below.

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