How to pause Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends runs on its own little internal clock. Events unfold as the sun sets and rises across the Overworld. So what if you need to pee, walk the dog, or grab a snack? How do you pause in Minecraft Legends? It's complicated. And that's annoying.

The pigling army waits for no one. Standing around means inching ever closer to the sun setting and the mischievous denizens of the nether breaking moving out from a stronghold and causing chaos for any nearby village. Without an easy way to freeze the events of the game while you step out, you'll come back to find a once perfectly safe village burning at the hands of the Pigling horde.

How to pause in Minecraft Legends

You can't pause Minecraft Legends. Not like you would a standard single-player game, at least.

Whether you're riding solo or playing with friends in co-op mode, you can't pause Minecraft Legends to freeze the Pigling army in place while you work on something else. Just like the real world, the Overworld of Minecraft Legends keeps spinning whether you're ready for it or not.

The only way to pause Minecraft Legends is to save and quit. Obviously this means booting your friends out of the game, too, but it's the best you can do if you're playing solo and have no way of defending the world if you're gone for more than a few minutes.

So if you know you'll be putting the controller down for more than a typical TV ad break, be sure to not only hit the pause button, but to select the save and leave option to jump back to the main menu.

With how fast consoles are these days, it's not like you'll be inconvenienced by long load screens whenever you need to take a quick break. It sounds like a pain on paper, but it's anything but in practice. It just takes some getting used to.

Coming back to a ransacked village will take longer to fix than the time it would have taken to quit and re-enter the game. Just think about that.

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