Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 LEAKS: Update 16.30, Patch Notes Today And All The Latest News

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Season 6 of Fortnite is underway and the 16.30 update has arrived!

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 brought big changes to the Battle Royale title, both via in-game mechanics and storylines.

The Zero Point appears to have been stabilised thanks to a mysterious character and has sent the island back in time to a Primal era.

Latest News

How To Unlock Neymar - 27th April

16.30 Patch Notes - 27th April

The next in-season update has arrived.

Here's all we know about the next update and the latest patch notes.

Release Date

The next Fortnite update, v16.20, is anticipated to drop on the 13th of April 2021.

Season 6 began on the 16th of March 2021.

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Zero Crisis Story Cinematic Trailer For Season 6

Season 6 Battle Pass Trailer

Update Size & Download

A new Season usually ranges from 2-20GB depending on the platform.

Each individual update afterwards is usually 3-5GB, with PC usually hitting 10+ and Android being less than 2GB.

Patch Notes

Chapter 2 Season 6 Storyline

The new Season 6 trailer looks incredible, and it appears that Jonesy will be teaming up with The Seven's leader to solve the issue of the Zero Point.

As for what else could be involved, we'll have to find out.

Easter Event

Easter always falls on a Sunday, and this year is no exception.

Should Fortnite have an Easter event for 2021, it will land on Sunday, April 4th, 2021!

As well, Epic tends to go all out with seasonal skins for holiday events. 

Players may be in store for some awesome challenges centred around an Easter Egg hunt.

Be sure to check back soon for more information surrounding a possible Fortnite Easter event!

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Map Changes

Three new POIs have entered the map with Season 6:

Here's a look at the new map:

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You can also find out more information on some map changes in the following guides:

Battle Pass

The Season 6 Battle Pass will once again play an important part in the season and although we're unsure what it will include, we can expect plenty of skins, emotes, pickaxes and gliders.

The new Battle Pass will contain 100 tiers of content for players to complete over the span of the season.

This past season was one that fans were rather disappointed with, however. A lot of the skins and other cosmetic items were not up to the player's standards as compared to previous seasons.

The premium Battle Pass will cost 950 V-Bucks for the battle pass - this is about £7-8.

You can also obtain the Battle Pass Bundle, which will cost 2800 V-Bucks and rewards you with access to the first 25 tiers of the Battle Pass immediately.

Gifting the Battle Pass will cost $7.59 (without tax).

Alternatively, you can use the V-Bucks you accumulated throughout Season 5 to purchase the new pass for free.

To go from Level 1 to Level 100 without buying ANY tiers you'll need to gain 7,570,000 XP total.

If you're not interested in spending money, you can complete the free battle pass; although it will come with considerably fewer rewards.

Alternatively, you can sign up to Fortnite Crew to get the pass for free.

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Epic Quest Rewards

Epic Quest Rewards are available to grab now but will require you to complete Epic Quests (purple quests).

It will take a few weeks for you to fully unlock all rewards as there are not enough Epic Quests in the game in the first few weeks.

To unlock all rewards, you'll need to have completed 70 Epic Quests.

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Crystal Rewards

Crystal Rewards will be unlocked on the 31st March 2021.

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Neymar JR Rewards

Neymar Jr Rewards will be unlocked on the 28th April 2021.

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Fortnite Crew


Thanks to @CyberDomFNBR and @FrenzyLeaks a new skin was decrypted, which is believed to be the next Fortnite Crew skin.

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Check out everything we know about the next Fortnite Crew pack here.


New Batman Skins

New Batman Skins are set to release in Season 6 according to the Batman x Fornite comics.

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Golden Anniversary Lara Croft

Lara Croft and Tomb Raider's 25th Anniversary takes place in 2021 and Square Enix have been celebrating in a number of ways.

With the British explorer being added to Fortnite, with three variations of skins, she will also get a gold version!

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Players can now encounter wildlife in the new season including:

Wolves and Boar can be tamed and join your squad as allies.

They're also used for parts to assist with crafting stronger weapons.

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Raptors And Dinosaurs

It looks like Raptors and potentially other dinosaurs are joining Fortnite this season!

According to @FrenzyLeaks, they've been given the codename 'Robert' and could contain some swimming elements.

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While the sources are unknown, another reputable leaker (@ShiinaBR) has clarified that the info was sent from "a source that has given accurate information in the past".

@FortniteBR has revealed new elimination strings for the Raptors:

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Fishing hasn't had too many changes, but we've had a few new sea creatures added:

  • Cuddle Fish
    • Blue Cuddle Fish
    • Green Cuddle Fish
    • Orange Cuddle Fish
    • Red Cuddle Fish
    • Cuddle Jellyfish
  • Stink Fish

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Mythic Weapons

Here are all Mythic Weapons in Season 6:

Exotic Weapons

Here are all Exotic Weapons in Season 6:

  • Slurp Cannon
  • Hop Rock Dualies
  • Shadow Tracker
  • The Dub

A new set of Exotic Weapons are being released in Fortnite, according to @HYPEX, including:

  • Recycler
  • Exotic Marksman Rifle - sold by Deadfire
  • Exotic Unstable Bow - sold by Rebirth Raven
  • Exotic Grappler Bow - sold by Lara Croft
  • Flare Gun - sold by Raptor

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Vaulted Weapons

  • Suppressed SMG 
  • Dragon’s Breath Shotgun (Epic/Legendary)
  • Tactical Shotgun
  • Charge Shotgun 
  • Lever Action Shotgun
  • Lever Action Rifle (Uncommon/Rare/Epic)
  • Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle (Rare/Epic/Legendary)
  • Heavy Assault Rifle (All)
  • Pistol (All)

Unvaulted Weapons

  • Pump Shotgun (Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary)
  • Revolver (All)

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NPCs have been adjusted in the new update, here's all you need to know:


Weekly Challenges are usually leaked in advanced, so you can keep up to date with what's coming here!

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