Fortnite 16.30 Update Patch Notes

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Fortnite 16.30 is now live and brings some big updates with it!

Rumours are circulating about new Star Wars content, with the update releasing shortly before May the 4th.

Fans can also expect significant content related to the Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point comic series, as it has been said that the game and comic will bleed into each other for readers and players to enjoy.

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Fortnite 16.30 Release Date

Fortnite 16.30 will release on April 27th

Update Size

Update sizes from console to console.

  • PS4: 3.3GB
  • PS5: 2.4GB
  • XBOX ONE: 2.24GB
  • PC: 1.38GB
  • ANDROID: 465MB
  • SWITCH: 1.5GB

16.30 Update Patch Notes


The Fortnite Status Twitter account posted a brief overview of some new 16.30 patch notes.

  • Help Jonesy The First take on Raz
  • Keep ‘em guessing with a new, unpredictable Exotic Bow
  • Stay low, stay safe in a new LTM this weekend: The Floor Restores
  • Remaining Primal weapons, Makeshift weapons, & Bows added to Creative
  • You can now hold the Inventory button with a Craftable item in hand to jump right to the Crafting tab and hit Accept. No more navigating menus in a gunfight!
  • Inspecting an item will now show exact numerical values for stats like damage and fire rate.

Updates And New Strings

  • Bodyguard, Mando's Bounty, Shockwave, Floor is Lava Disarmed Floor is Lava and One-Shot LTMs return
  • The following locker bundles have been added:
  • A new NPC has been added called "TinyBalloon"
  • The Marshmellow Bundle has been updated


  • Save Points added to Creative
  • Choppa added to Creative

Check here for a list of all the upcoming Fornite Creative updates in 16.30


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Two new possible locations added in the files:

  • BatShack
  • OroIsle
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Batman's Cave could appear under Flush Factory according to @HYPEX

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New Cosmetics

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All updated skins and emotes

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Neymar Jr.

The Neymar Jr. skin has officially been announced by Epic Games! The full launch trailer is currently live on twitter, click here to watch!

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Neymar will launch with 4 different options as well as a pickaxe, glider and more.

The challenges to unlock these cosmetics will be available soon on 27th April 2021. To have access to the challenges, you will need this season's Battle Pass.


New Exotic Weapon - Unstable Bow

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New Mythic Weapon - Raz's Explosive Bow

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Star Wars Weapons

Star Wars weapons are returning in time for May 4th

This includes the E-11 Blaster Rifle, The Mandalorian's Jetpack and Amban Sniper Rifle.

The above list of weapons is coming to Fortnite Creative.


Here are all of the LTMs coming in this updates:

  • Knockout: Air Raid Duos
  • Wild West Squads
  • Ground Game Squads
  • Sneaky Silencers Squads
  • Solid Gold Squads
  • Siphon Squads


New NPC Quests have been added revolving around Football/Soccer.

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Bug Fixes

Epic’s Trello board shows the currently known bugs Epic is currently working on for Battle Royale, Creative, Save the World, and Mobile.


Oddly enough, the duplication glitch that caused DreamHack to cancel the Fortnite Open is not on the board, but this is expected to resolve with Fortnite 16.30.

The official Fortnite Status account has been quiet about 16.30 up until this point.

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