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Where To Find Boars In Fortnite Season 6

Fortnite's Season 6 has brought in wildlife to the island, bringing a new RPG style element to the game.


This builds on the interactive world they're aiming to create, which started last season with the addition of NPCs.

Not only that, but some of this wildlife can be tamed and added to your squad.

This library of animals also includes Boars!

Here's where to find Boars in Fortnite.

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Where Are Boars In Fortnite?

Boars are one of the many wildlife added to the game.

Boars don't travel in packs, but can usually be found in clusters.

Like Wolves, you can usually find them in wooded areas, so try Weeping Woods.


There have also been Boars popping up at the entrance of Colossal Crops.

Be sure to crank up your headset audio too - when a Boar is nearby you'll hear plenty of snorting.

Looking to find other wildlife in Fortnite? Check out our guides for other animals:

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