All NPC Locations In Fortnite Season 1 And NPC Collection Book Guide

Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1: Flipped has arrived with an entire new Island and a slew of NPCs to interact with.

First introduced back in Season 5, well known Fortnite characters roam the map providing an opportunity for players to collect exotic weapons, materials and even get quests.

So far there are 16 NPC in Season 8, each located around the war-torn surface of Apollo Island.

Just like Season 6, the currency accepted by these NPCs is Gold Bars, and most of them have something to offer to the player.

The bonus of receiving a free item whenever interacting with NPCs only adds to their importance in Fortnite.

Here is a list of all 20 currently available NPCs along with their locations on the map in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1..

All Chapter 3, Season 1 NPC Locations

Here is the list of all the NPCs in Fortnite for now:

  • Agent Jones - Northwestern Seven Bunker
  • Bao Bros - Greasy Grove
  • Brainiac - The Joneses
  • Lt. John Llama - Southwest of Logjam Lumberyard
  • Bunker Jonesy - The Joneses
  • Cuddlepool - Camp Cuddle
  • Cuddle Team Leader - Camp Cuddle
  • Guaco - Greasy Grove
  • Jonesy The First - The Joneses
  • Lil' Whip - Coney Crossroads
  • Ludwig - The Joneses
  • Mancake - Butter Barn
  • Shanta - Southeast of Condo Canyon
  • Metal Team Leader - Camp Cuddle
  • Mullet Marauder -The Joneses
  • Quackling -Camp Cuddle
  • Tomato Head - Camp Cuddle
  • The Foundation - The Sanctuary
  • The Scientist - The Sanctuary
  • The Visitor - Launchpad
  • Haven - Lil Shaftie
  • Galactico - Soccer field near Tilted Towers

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