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The Best Weapons To Use In Fortnite

Fortnite Season 7 boasts of a lot of weapons.

While not all weapons perform adequately in the game, their usage depends highly upon your playstyles as well.

The following list has broken down the weapons according to their tiers.

The top-tier weapons are the ones that almost every looper will have in their inventory.

The bottom-tier ones are usually omitted.

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New Weapons on the Way


New weapons are coming to Fortnite mid-season 7, adding more options for carnage and mayhem.

The first is the Prop Gun, which allows players to change into a prop while also pinging nearby enemies to their location every 30 seconds.

Players will be able to pick the item they turn into, as well as lock themselves into place so they do not accidentally move and give their exact hiding spot away.

Also arriving is the Alien Pistol, codenamed "Bad News," a rerelease of a previously OP pistol.

Players will be able to obtain Bad News by using Alien Nanites to upgrade an Epic or Legendary pistol.

There is no word on how the pistol has changed from its previous incarnation if any changes have been made at all.

Previously seen in the Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 7 trailer, the Grabitron should also be arriving in the game soon, allowing players to pick up and throw items similar to a Saucer's tractor beam.

There are also rumors that Kymera will have a Mythic Tac in or around the aftermath of Coral Castle's destruction.

Fortnite Season 7 Weapons Tier List

Tier 1


The weapons in this list are the ones you can trust blindly.

However, if you manage to use them correctly, you'll end up bagging a kill in every gunfight.

Although the chances of getting a victory royale depend highly upon how you use these weapons in a gunfight, you will stand a chance of winning if you use them properly.

  • Rail Gun
  • Epic or Legendary Assault Rifle (Scar)
  • Burst Assault Rifle (AUG)
  • Epic or Legendary SMG (P90)
  • Tactical Shotgun
  • Bolt Action Sniper

Mythics and Exotics

Shadow Tracker (Exotic)

The Shadow Tracker is a silenced pistol with the added benefit of tagging any opponent it hits.

Its precision excels a normal pistol, even at long range, making it great at taking out targets at long range in the hands of a skilled player.

With a magazine size of 16 and the ability to fire pretty much as fast as a player can click, the Shadow Tracker is one of the most deadly pistols in the game.

Maven sells this pistol for 400 Gold Bars in the IO Base between Craggy Cliffs and Steamy Stacks.

Storm Scout Sniper (Exotic)


An expensive weapon, coming in at 500 Gold Bars, the Storm Scout Sniper is a potent sniper rifle with the added ability to allow its wielder to see where the next storm circle will be.

To purchase the Storm Scout Sniper, players will first need to defeat Riot at the bridge east of Misty Meadows.

Once they have, Riot will sell them the rifle.

Slone's Pulse Rifle (Mythic)

As is the norm for Fornite, there is one Mythic weapon on the island for the player who has the skills to take it.

Set in the hidden IO facility beneath Corny Complex, players must defeat Slone to obtain her pulse rifle.

It is a tough fight, especially since Slone will clone herself.

Keep an eye on Slone prime and take her out to snag one of the best weapons Fortnite has to offer right now.

Tier 2

The weapons in this tier are reliable as well, but there's a slight learning curve.

Although these weapons are good, not everyone will run for these weapons in the first instance.

  • Pump Action Shotgun
  • Assault Rifle / Heavy Assault Rifle
  • Rapid SMG
  • Pulse Rifle
  • Kymera Ray Gun

Mythics and Exotics

Night Hawk (Exotic)

The Night Hawk is a pistol with a thermal scope, making it a bit more useful than a standard pistol.

It is especially good at finding opponents in darker areas, bushes, or tree canopies.

Players who want to purchase the Night Hawk can do so for 400 Gold Bars from Guggimon at the lighthouse.

Unfortunately, Guggimon is hostile and must be defeated before they will sell the pistol.

Zyg and Choppy's Ray Gun (Mythic)


A Mythic version of Kymera's Ray Gun, Zyg and Choppy's Ray Gun is considerably better, but not enough to bump it to a Tier 1 weapon.

It still suffers from all the drawbacks of a standard Ray Gun that keep it from being a top-tier weapon.

Tier 3

These weapons are the ones that most loopers stay away from.

Loopers go for these weapons when there are not many alternatives left.

Some of these weapons do pack a punch, but then again, they're either difficult to use, or their accuracy is all over the place.

  • Rocket Launcher
  • Lever Action Shotgun
  • Pistol
  • Hand Cannon
  • Suppressed SMG


Marksman Six Shooter (Exotic)

At first glance, the Marksman Six Shooter looks like a formidable weapon.

It rapid fires from the hip and has great precision when players ADS.

It even does a heavy amount of damage with a headshot.

Unfortunately, the ammo capacity of six bullets before needing to reload makes it painful to use practically.

Players looking to give the gun a chance can do so by purchasing it from Abstrakt in Retail Row for 400 Gold Bars.


Chug Cannon (Exotic)

The Chug Cannon is dropped by Loot Llamas on the island and heal whoever is shot with them.

The item is more of a novelty than anything else and not overly useful in the long run.

Fortnite Chug Cannon
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And that is our weapons tier list for Fortnite Season 7.


However, don't let this list enforce any opinions about the guns in Fortnite.

Also, the Recon Scanner was left out of this list because it is not really a weapon.

It's more of a utility tool.

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Make sure to play the game and try these weapons out for yourself. See what works best for you. There is always a chance that you end up bagging a victory royale with Tier 3 weapons.

It is a game about luck and skill.

May the RNG gods be in your favor!

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