Where Are The Wolves In Fortnite?

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Fortnite's Season 6 has brought in wildlife to the island, bringing a new RPG style element to the game.

This builds on the interactive world they're aiming to create, which started last season with the addition of NPCs.

Not only that, but some of this wildlife can be tamed and added to your squad.

The most sinister of the bunch is Wolves.

Here's where to find Wolves in Fortnite.

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Where Are Wolves In Fortnite?

Wolves are one of the many wildlife added to the game.

Wolves tend to travel in packs of three or four, but there's a chance you'll encounter a lone wolf around the countryside.

The main areas to find them in wooded areas, I would strongly recommend heading to Stealthy Strongholds as it seems to be the most common place for them to spawn.

I've had limited success at Weeping Woods since the first week of the new season, so I would avoid it.

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It's also worth checking out Mountainous areas as they can often patrol these sections.

Be sure to crank up your headset audio too - when a wolf is nearby you'll hear a number of howl and snarls.

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