Fortnite Exotic Weapons Locations, Price, How To Get Them And The Best Ones To Use

Fortnite Season 6 has seen the return of NPCs on the map and once again they're offering Exotic Weapons for players to grab.

As great as these weapons are, they're not easy to find and are only available for those that make the effort to find them.

The Exotic weapons are special as they are only sold in one location.

You'll need to fork out Gold to grab these new Exotic Weapons too.

Exotic Weapon Costs

Hop Rock Dualies- 500 Gold Bars

The Dub - 600 Gold Bars

Chug Cannon - 600 Gold Bars

Shadow Tracker - 400 Gold Bars

Grappler Bow - 500 Gold Bars

Unstable Bow - 500 Gold Bars

Where To Find All Exotics In Fortnite Season 6

Chug Cannon

This weapon can be found by talking to Slurp Jonesy.

The Slurp Cannon costs 600 Gold Bars.

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Slurp Jonesy is located in the main building of Slurpy Swamp.

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Hop Rock Dualies

This weapon can be found by talking to Gutbomb in Durr Burger.

The Hop Rock Dualies cost 500 Gold Bars.

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This is located in the South-West of the island, to the left of Slurpy Swamp and Weeping Woods.

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This is by far the best Exotic Weapon as it's a great up close and personal weapon for spamming your enemies!

Shadow Tracker

This weapon can be found by talking to Power Chord.

The Shadow Tracker costs 400 Gold Bars.

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Power Chord is located in the Apres Ski hut.

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The Shadow Tracker is an excellent weapon for players to silently take out opponents without revealing their location.

It also marks opponents hit, making it harder for them to hide.

The Dub

This weapon can be found by talking to Burnout.

The Dub costs 600 Gold Bars.

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Burnout is located to the South of Steamy Stacks after you cross the bridge, where the road splits.

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Check out a full guide and location list of all NPCs in Fortnite here.

Grappler Bow

The Grappler Bow can be found by talking to Lara Croft

The Grappler Bow costs 500 Gold Bars.

The Grappler Bow not only damages opponents but acts as a long-range grappling device, giving players added mobility.

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Lara Croft is located in a small ruin near the center of Stealthy Stronghold

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Unstable Bow

The Unstable Bow can be found by talking to Rebirth Raven

The Unstable Bow costs 500 Gold Bars.

The Unstable Bow is the latest Exotic Weapon added to Fortnite, and cycles between Stink Arrows, Explosive Arrows, Flame Arrows, and Shockwave arrows with every shot.

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Rebirth Raven is located in a home at the northwestern corner of Sweaty Sands.

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