Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 Fishing Guide: New Fish, Locations, How To Fish And Find Weapons

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Chapter 2 Season 6 has arrived in Fortnite and still offers the great fishing mechanic.

Fishing saw big changes in Season 5, with brand new floppers being added.

It provides a great source of getting strong weapons and legendary loot.

Fishing has been relatively untouched since its release in Chapter 2 of Season 1.

But every new season aims to add new things to the mix.

Let's take a look at what's new this season.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 Fishing Guide

Fishing is a handy way to grab some extra gear and is also key for completing some of the game's challenges.

How To Find A Fishing Rod

You can find fishing rods as you find weapons – in chests or on the ground, but there's also the potential to find them in barrels near bodies of water.

A fishing rod takes up a spot in your inventory, so you'll have one less slot for a weapon.

You can also find Harpoons in barrels, chest and as floor loot that will make fishing far quicker!

How To Find A Fishing Spot

If you head to a lake or river, keep an eye out for circles of white water with fish below.

These are spots where you can fish.

GO FISH: Fishing is a great way to get loot!

How To Fish (And Catch A Weapon)

Equip your rod and hold the action button to set the angle of your cast. Once you're able to reach the centre of the fishing spot, let go of the action button (don't worry, you can recast if you miss).

Once your line is in the fishing spot, just wait for a bite. You'll see the hook go under the water, and then you'll need to reel in.

You can catch fish or weapons.

New Fish

Here are the best locations for fish in Season 6.

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Fish Locations

  • Anywhere
    • All normal Flopper types
    • Black and Blue Shieldfish
    • Blue Slurpfish
    • Blue Small Fry (Night only)
    • Light Blue Smallfry
    • Molten Spicyfish
    • Purple Top Smallfry
    • Purple and Orange Thermalfish
    • Silver Thermalfish
    • Slurp Jellyfish
    • Tan Small Fry
  • Coastal
    • Black Slurpfish (night only)
    • Black Striped Shieldfish
    • Chum Hop Flopper
    • Purple Jellyfish
    • Raven Thermalfish (Pro Rod)
    • Sky Blue Spicy Fish
  • Mountain
    • Atlantic Hop Flopper (Pro Rod)
    • Peely Jellyfish (Pro Rod)
    • Purple Slurpfish
    • White Spotted Spicy fish
  • Forest
    • Coho Hop Flopper
    • Drift Spicy Fish
    • Green Shieldfish
    • Green Thermalfish
    • Red and Green Thermalfish
  • Swamp
    • White Slurpfish (Night & Pro Rod)
    • Chinook Hop Flopper
    • Cuddle Jellyfish
    • Southern Spicy Fish
    • Yellow Slurpfish

Be wary that some of these fish are locations specific and others will only be available at night. Some will also require a Pro Fishing Rod to catch.

Fish Effects

Fish can be added to your inventory, and they range from damage dealers to healing items:

  • Flopper - Regain 40 Health
  • Mythical Goldfish - Instantly kill an opponent
  • Rusty Can - Deal 20 damage
  • Slurpfish - Regain 50 Health or 50 Shield
  • Small Fry - Regain 25% health if health is under 75%.
  • Vendetta Flopper (marks nearby enemy)
  • Spicy Fish (speed boost)
  • Hop Flopper (low gravity)
  • Jellyfish (splash nearby enemy health and shields)
  • Shield Fish (gives shields)
  • Thermal Fish (gives thermal vision)
  • Midas Fish (makes all loot legendary)

Collect Them All!

Fortnite recently posted their version of a tips and tricks guide for fishing in Season 4.

iFireMonkey noticed something neat towards the end of the guide.

It appears Fortnite will be shouting out players each week who have caught the best fish!

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