Where Do Raptors Spawn In Fortnite Season 6?

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Fortnite Season 6 has taken all the best bits of the past few seasons and added a complete facelift with the new Primal theme.

Part of this Primal theme, which seems to have taken the map back in time, is the addition of tamable wildlife.

In addition to taming wildlife, hunting wildlife also plays an important part in Primal.

While boars and wolves can be a bit of a nuisance, one creature actively hunts players.


When Are Raptors Coming To Fortnite?

Raptors arrived in the 16.10 update, which was released on the 30th March 2021.

Raptors Spawn Locations

Fortnite Raptor spawn locations
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RAPTORS: Clever girl

Raptors spawn in just about every corner of Apollo Island, but not in great numbers, with only six locations spawning more than one.

Locations where Raptors spawn:

  • North of Holly Hedges
  • Timber Tent
  • West of Boat Launch
  • North and northwest of Apres Ski
  • Greasy Graves
  • North, northwest, and west of Primal Pond
  • Outside the southern side of the gas station at Catty Corner
  • North of the junkyard at Catty Corner
  • Just south of Retail Row
  • Near the Guardian of the Mountains
  • Mowdown
  • South and southeast of FN Radio
  • Outside the northwestern and southwestern walls of Stealthy Stronghold
  • The northwestern side of Boney Burbs
    North of the lodge in Weeping Woods
  • West of the Orchard

This makes it a bit trickier when trying to tame a pack of Raptors to fight alongside players or when Weekly Quests require players to hunt multiple Raptors.

On the other hand, players should be glad there are not many more, since Raptors deal 25 damage to players and attack structures for 200 damage to get at players trying to hide from them.]

Also, players cannot outrun Raptors, so they must either be killed when hostile toward a player or outsmarted using the terrain.

A good semi-truck with a pair of Chonkers will do the trick as well, either to escape or run them over.

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