How To Talk To A Character In Fortnite Season 7

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Season 7 has arrived in Fortnite and NPCs return to spark up interesting conversations.

Fortnite introduced a completely new mechanic in Season 5, that being NPCs that were placed around the map for you to interact with.


These NPCs will offer up the chance to complete challenges and tasks such as bounties.

Others will offer you the chance to buy materials for crafting.

But how do you talk to them?

How To Talk To A Character

Talking to a character isn't usually the difficult part, it's finding them!


They are usually scattered around the map at named locations.

They'll be idly walking around with a speech bubble above their head.

Simply go up to them and engage in a conversation by pressing X or Square.

There's really not much else to it and you'll rank up some sweet XP too!