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Fortnite Season 6: All NPC Gift Chances


With NPCs returning to the map in Fortnite Season 6, they offer a similar set of rewards and options as they did in Season 5.


A new season is always a chance for Epic Games to tinker with the numbers and mechanics slightly.

While a lot of NPCs offer some of the standard stuff game after game, they may also give you the chance to grab more lucrative loot!

But what are the odds of good loot dropping when you talk to an NPC?

Here are the NPC Gift chances.

NPC Gift Chances In Fortnite Season 6

According to @HYPEX, the NPC Gift chances are as follows:

  • 100 Wood - 12.35%
  • 100 Stone - 12.35% 
  • 100 Metal - 12.35% 
  • 2 Animal Bones - 12.35%
  • 2 Mechanical Parts - 12.35%
  • 5 Bandage - 12.35%
  • 3 Mini Shields - 12.35%
  • 1 Med Kit - 6.17%
  • 1 Big Shield - 6.17%
  • 1 Gold P90 - 0.41%
  • 1 Gold Scar - 0.41%
  • 1 Gold Pump - 0.41%

While it looks like some of the more powerful options have a very rare chance of spawning, it's still worth hitting NPCs to see what's on offer.

Even some early game shield and materials can be huge at the start of a game!

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