Cuttlefish Fortnite Location: Where To Find Cuddle Fish And How To Use Them In Fortnite Season 6

There's so much new content in Fortnite Season 6, but one of the new fish related additions is the Cuddle Fish - Fortnite's take on the Cuttlefish.

Fishing is a great way to earn loot and Floppers that can supercharge your loot and lethality quickly.

Cuttlefish are Cephalopoda, which include squid, octopuses and nautiluses.

In Fortnite, they have a very unique purpose that will change the gameplay.

Here's where to find Cuddle Fish in Fortnite and what they do.

Where To Find Cuddle Fish

The new fish can be found everywhere, you can find all varieties in any body of water.

The only Cuddle Fish in a specific place is the Cuddle Jellyfish which is found in swamp areas.

Here’s a full list of every type of Cuddle Fish:

  • Cuddle Fish
  • Blue Cuddle Fish
  • Green Cuddle Fish
  • Orange Cuddle Fish
  • Red Cuddle Fish
  • Cuddle Jellyfish

What Do Cuddle Fish Do?

They seemingly do what the name says - cuddle to death!

Players can throw them on the ground, like proximity mines and when thrown at enemies, they latch on and explode.

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