Fortnite Bunker Chest Locations In Season 6

As Season 6 grows in age, players will discover changes in the map including the Bunker Chest locations.

These Bunker Chests drop Epic and Legendary weapons, with some changing their location slightly.

While the spawn rate isn't 100%, it's a reliable way to quickly escalate your loot.

Here's a map of where to find Bunker Chests

Bunker Chest Locations In Fortnite Season 6

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Overall, there are 21 Bunker chest locations and they seem to be fairly clustered in a few areas.

The best place to drop is between Holly Hedges and Weeping Woods as there are three potential chest locations and easy access to the rest of the map.

It's also handy because this can be a relatively populated area, so if you're worried about getting killed before the fun starts, you can divert to a new location.

It's also incredibly handy to know for some of the biggest POIs, which contain chests directly in them (Misty Meadows, Lazy Lake, Retail Row, Pleasant Park, Steamy Stacks, Sweaty Sands).

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