Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 LIVE: Update 14.60 Patch Notes, Season 4 End Date, Map Changes, Battle Pass, Skins, Weapon Changes And Everything You Need to Know

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4's next update, v14.60, will be arriving next week in their Marvel-themed season.

The latest season has introduced new heroes and superhero-themed content including skins, cosmetics and weapons such as Wolverine, Iron Man, Thor and many more!

With this being the last season before the next-generation of consoles, it's certainly an exciting one to make the transition happen; we may get a good idea of what next-gen Fortnite will be like.

Although you may not get to play with them for long as Galactus, the destroyer of worlds makes his way to the island. Can our heroes save the day or will this be the end of Fortnite as we know it?

To take your mind off the impending doom, Fortnitemares is due to make an appearance as it does every year!

In amongst all of the exciting content, we're also ready for plenty of quality of life improvements in the patch notes.

Here's what we know about the next season.

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Latest News

Keep up to date with the latest Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 information right here or checking out our countdown.

v14.60 Updates - 18th November

The update sizes for each platform are as follows:

  • PS4 - 2GB
  • Xbox One - 3GB
  • PC - 2.34GB
  • Switch - 1.6GB
  • Android - 700MB

Here's what's new in this update:

  • Battle Pass gifting re-enabled on iOS
  • New Encrypted Set Names:
    • "FieldPals"
    • "GalaxyQueen" - Captain Marvel
    • Venom
    • PWR
    • Kernel Commando
    • Heart-Stopper
    • Diffuse Force
    • Baker's Nightmare
  • Cyber Monday and Black Friday strings added
  • Encrypted live events added - new event is called 'Devourer of Worlds'
  • A new series texture was added titled "Circuit Board Series"
  • All textures for Galactus's 3D model have been added.
  • A new gas station was added
  • Agent Jonesy Updated
  • Jetpack description updated
  • Launch pad files added/updated
  • Astro World Texture Re-Added
  • Wild West LTM
    • Fight for the Victory Royale using a limited set of weapons and items such as Hunting Rifles, Shotguns and Dynamite.

Battle Pass Tab - 18th November

Photo via @FNInformation

v14.60 Map - 18th November

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Venom Skin - 18th November

click to enlarge
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Photo via @ShiinaBR

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Photo via @FortTory

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+ 69

Photo via @ShiinaBR

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+ 69

Photo via @iFireMonkey

New Backblings - 18th November

click to enlarge
+ 69

Photo via @iFireMonkey

New Pickaxes - 18th November


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+ 69
click to enlarge
+ 69

Photo via @BriteFuture

New Gliders - 18th November

click to enlarge
+ 69

Photo via @BriteFuture

New Skins & Bundles - 18th November

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+ 69

Photo via @iFireMonkey


Photo via @VastBlastt



Photo via @iFireMonkey

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+ 69

Photo via @FNLeaksAndInfo

New Emotes - 18th November

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+ 69

Photo via @iFireMonkey

Wraps - 18th November

click to enlarge
+ 69

Photo via @VastBlastt

New Music Pack And Sprays - 18th November


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+ 69
click to enlarge
+ 69


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+ 69
click to enlarge
+ 69

Photo via @VastBlastt

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Photo via @HYPEX

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Photo via @HYPEX

Stage 3 Battle Bus Added - 18th November

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+ 69

Downtime Confirmed - 17th November

FortniteStatus has confirmed the downtime for the new update is going to be 4:00 am EST! 

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+ 69

Certified By Nintendo - 17th November

FrenzyLeaks on Twitter has noted the update has been certified by Nintendo, meaning it could be released tonight! 

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+ 69

14.60 Has Been Updated In The Staging Server - 16th November

The new build for Fortnite has been updated in the Staging Server with a new build - meaning that they are still testing it.

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+ 69

Photo via @FrenzyLeaks

New Update Reaches Staging Server - 12th November

@ShiinaBR has informed us that the new update has reached the staging server, including event files.

When Does Fortnite Season 4 Chapter 2 Start?

Season 4 of Fortnite began on the 27th August 2020.

v14.50 should arrive on the 5th November, shortly after the Fortnitemares event ends.

The new season will run until the 11th December 2020.



Fortnitemares went live from the 21st October 2020 to the 2nd November.

Skins, Rewards And New Items

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+ 69
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Shadow Midas and his reawakened Henchmen have reclaimed what was once The Agency. During Fortnitemares, you’ll follow in their phantom footsteps and haunt your adversaries on the Island.

After being eliminated in Solo, Duos, or Squads, return to battle as a Shadow for your shot at a Nitemare Royale. Join fellow Shadows to defeat survivors by using your otherworldly abilities, like possessing the body of vehicles…

You can read everything about Fortnitemares right here.

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Guides & Tutorials

Need some help with Fortnite? Check out our various guides and tutorials right here!

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Update Download And Size

v14.50 Update Sizes:

  • PS4 - TBC
  • Xbox One - 2.2GB
  • PC - 1.5GB
  • Switch - 1.5GB
  • Android - 1.5GB

v14.40 Update Sizes:

  • PS4 - 2.9GB
  • Xbox One - 2.81GB
  • PC - 27GB
  • Switch - 1.5GB
  • Android - 1.5GB

v14.30 Update Sizes:

  • PS4 - 3.64GB
  • Xbox One - 3GB
  • PC - 3.5GB
  • Switch - 1GB
  • Android - 1.2GB

v14.20 Update Sizes:

  • PS4 - 2.74GB
  • Xbox One - 2.71GB
  • PC - 1.8GB
  • Switch - 1.7GB
  • Android - 1.9GB

v14.10 update size:

  • PS4 - 3.4GB
  • Xbox One - 3.64GB
  • PC - 12.6GB
  • Switch - 3.5GB
  • Android - 1.2GB

v14.00 update size:

  • 21.4GB for PC
  • 10GB for PS4
  • 12GB for Xbox One
  • 14GB for Nintendo Switch
  • 1.8GB for Android

Check out our update download guide to get the update as fast as possible.

Patch Notes

Check out all past patch notes from Chapter 2 Season 4 here.

Update 14.50 Patch Notes

Epic sent out the following patch notes to creators Tuesday night:

Yeah, I Can Fly

  • “We saw a lot of skybase attempts crumble during Fortnitemares, and Stark Industries has a solution. Blast off with new and improved jetpacks found throughout the island.”

Poggies Moment

  • “Lachlan is joining the Icon Series. Before he arrives in the item shop, he’s hosting a rules-defying Pickaxe Frenzy Tournament! Grab your favorite harvesting tool and join him November 7-8 for a chance to earn the Lachlan Icon Series set early.”

Next-Generation Ready

  • “The new Xbox and PlayStation consoles are almost here! V14.50 readies Fortnite on next-gen hardware with faster loading times, dynamic visuals and physics, and 4K resolution at 60 fps.”

XP Xtravaganza

  • “Squad up! New bonus challenges are arriving this week that’ll put your crew’s skills to the test. Got your eye on a shiny foil style? Finish out your Battle Pass with these party-wide XP challenges and fight Galactus in mind condition.”

Other Changes:

  • Tony Stark's Repulsor Cannons have been nerfed making it harder to trace opponents
  • Thor's Sky Strike has been Nerfed: Damage decreased from 80>60
  • Wolverine Spin Slash Damage has been Nerfed: Major Damage Attack: 65>4, Minor Damage Attack: 25>10 damage

The following bugs were also fixed:

  • Burn Basher animation issue.
  • Gas Cans temporarily disabled.
  • Cozy Chomps and Ravage Outfits appearing as Ramirez.
  • THWIP! Legacy not being awarded.
  • Baller Movement is unnatural after exiting
  • There is no "Back to Hub" option in Creative Play server
  • Team Size setting does not properly function when Join In Progress is set to Join Next Round.
  • Weapons and perks not functioning correctly after 14.30.
  • Unresponsive after opening Loot Llama then opening settings menu right after.
  • Wild West Llama not granting Steampunk weapon.
  • Nintendo Switch audio may be delayed or dropped out.

Update 14.40 Patch Notes

Epic sent out the following patch notes to creators Tuesday night:

Ghostly new gameplay

  • “Fortnitemares returns with a terrifying twist in solos, duos, and squads! What was once the Agency has been reclaimed by the ranks of a reawakened mastermind out for revenge. Join his army to fight alongside friend and foe alie and snatch a shadowy victory from the living.”

New challenges

  • “The island is overrun with haunted huts and daunting decorations. Complete new challenges and get a new terrifying ‘back bling,’ pickaxe, XP, and more.”

Loot-pool changes: Trick-or-treat edition

  • “We’re vaulting the charge shotgun; let us know how this changes your play. Ghoulish weapons have returned to aid in the shadowy showdown. Soar through the skies like a witch, while those with a sweet tooth will find new treats quite enhancing. More superpowers are rotating in, so put those fists up.”

The v14.40 update “arises tomorrow, October 21. Downtime starts at approx. 04:00 a.m. ET,” the Fortnite Status account tweeted Tuesday evening.

“Please note the patch size will be larger than normal on PC (approx. 27 GB). This is to make optimizations on PC resulting in a massively reduced Fortnite file size (over 60 GB smaller), smaller downloads for future patches, and improved loading performance.”

Update 14.30 Patch Notes

Patch notes for the v14.30 update went out to content creators in an email on Monday night. Here's what's coming to Fortnite on Tuesday, October 12.

  • Rally Royale LTM
    • "A new fast-paced LTM where you'll need speed and wit to take home the victory. Collect tickets to unlock the finish line, get there quick, or get left in the dust." The new mode launches later this week.
  • Marvel Knockout Super Series
    • "Assemble the squad and put your super-powered skills to the test in these Marvel Knockout tournaments," the patch notes say. "The first cup on Wednesday, October 14, celebrates the Man Without Fear himself." Winners will gain early access to the new Daredevil outfit ahead of its arrival in the item shop.
  • Loot Pool Update
    • "Galactus's growing presence is scrambling the loot machines. Combat shotguns are now more effective at all ranges." The notes say to "be on the lookout for new superpowers rotating into the mix," as well.
  • Combat Shotgun Damage Stats
    • Rare: 50> 57
    • Epic: 53>60
    • Legendary: 55>63

v14.20 Patch Notes

New Items:

  • Midas Flopper
  • Gift Boxes

Vaulted Weapons:

  • Rare Scoped Assault Rifle (v14.20)
  • Uncommon Scope Assault Rifle (v14.20)

Weapon Pool:

  • Pump Shotgun (Legendary) 9.09% chance 
  • Assault Rifle (Legendary) 9.09% chance
  • Burst Assault Rifle (Legendary) 9.09% chance 
  • Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle (Legendary) 9.09% chance 
  • Consumables Pool
  • Med Kit (Uncommon) 25% chance
  • Small Shield Potion (Uncommon) 25% chance
  • Shield Potion (Rare) 32.5% chance
  • Bandage Bazooka (Epic) 10% chance

Community Update:

  • New Boss: Wolverine
    • The not so secret battle pass skin is making an appearance on the map now
    • You find and eliminate him at Weeping Woods and will be able to grab his Claws as the new mythic weapon
  • Takeover LTM
    • This is a limited-time Marvel game mode where players capture and hold "outposts" on the map. You'll spawn with a random superpower, but pickups falling from the sky will let you swap it out for different powers to suit your loadout.
  • Birthday Event
    • Fortnite will be celebrating its third anniversary since releasing its battle royale game mode
    • Expect some free cosmetics and other challenges this week!
  • BTS in Party Royale
    • The enormously popular Kpop band BTS will be premiering a new Dynamite video in the Party Royale hub on September 25 at 8 p.m. Eastern.
    • "If you're on tour, you want to stop on the Fortnite stage," Nate Nanzer, head of global partnerships on Fortnite, told The Verge. "It's a unique way to get in front of an audience that maybe you're not reaching through other means."
  • Llama-Rama Starts (September 26)
    • Play Rocket League, newly free to play, to unlock items for both that game and Fortnite. Slushii will be on the Party Royale main stage celebrating Llama-Rama on September 26 at 5 p.m. Eastern.

Here are the new fixes based on the Fortnite community Trello board:

  • Battle Royale Issues
    • Replays not saving on PlayStation 4.
      • Some players on PlayStation 4 may not see any recorded replays when viewing them in the Career tab.
    • Fishing Spots can disappear on PC with Effects set to Low.
      • On PC, having your "Effects" setting set to "Low" can make Fishing Spots disappear, even at close range. (Fishing Spots should still appear normally with Effects set to Medium or above.)
    • Heroes Park and Ghost House don't count as Discovered Locations after discovering them.
      • Heroes Park and Ghost House don't count as Discovered Locations after discovering them.
  • Creative Mode Top Issues
    • Grass is not removed when placing objects on the ground
    • Some players are not granted items from a "team settings" and inventory device at the beginning of any round after the first round.
  • Save The World Top Issues
    • Redline Ramirez's Commander Perk doesn't apply its fire rate buff to charged Sniper Rifles. This includes the Boom Bow.
  • Mobile Top Issues
    • The visibility of Fishing Spots can be inconsistent at close range on Nintendo Switch and Android, sometimes disappearing then reappearing.

Chapter 2 Season 4 Storyline

The story in Fortnite has always been extremely bizarre and inventive. But it is undoubtedly one of the most appealing aspects of the game and what makes it one of the most interesting Battle Royale games to date.

In the build-up to Season 3, Midas activated the Device which changed the surrounding Storm into a tsunami. The Tsunami engulfed the island in water and flooded major locations on the map, destroying the Agency.

This was overtaken by A.L.T.E.R/SHADOW with E.G.O/GHOST fleeing and starting a rebellion at the new Fortilla POI.

As the season has progressed, cameo appearances from Aquaman, Balck Manta, Captain America and Blakebeard arrive as well as the water levels decrease.

A new underwater castle called Coral Castle appears and a spaceship after the water depletes even further. The spaceship blasts off after players completed the corresponding challenges but crash-lands at Weeping Woods.

Moving into Season 4, the story sees Thor teleport many popular Marvel heroes to the island in order to stop Galactus from consuming the map.

Recognisable Marvel locations are now appearing around the map via rifts, as well as beacons now activating to teleport other famous landmarks to the island.

Galactus is now getting closer to the island and can be seen in the sky.

Hightower Event

After being decrypted in the most recent Fortnite patch, it's still unknown whether 'Hightower' is a codename or the official name for the new live event.

This new event clearly has something to do with the Marvel Comic Books story that is evolving on the map.

We expect it has something to do with Galactus arriving on the island, who can now be seen in the sky after an unusually long travel time.

A new file got added to the game called "Apollo_POI_Hightower_HC_LobbyEvent". We might get some Marvel event content sooner than we would expect.

These event files have started to be added and it confirms our suspicions of a Live Event this Season.

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Midas Returns

Is Midas returning in the new season?

Evidence would suggest he's not done with Fortnite yet, despite seeing him being bested by a shark in the Season 3 trailer.

After activating the device, he flooded the island, causing old locations and POI’s to be completely submerged, removing Ghost locations around the map.

There is a boat around the edge of the map with posters of Ghost and Midas that could hint at his return. Perhaps the Hightower event will reveal more.

The biggest evidence that he will return is the 'Last Laugh Bundle'.

The Midas character will be returning with the Last Laugh Bundle, which features The Joke, Poison Ivy and Midas.

click to enlarge
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JOKES ON YOU: Midas isn't done yet

Not to mention that old Midas skins remain untouched.

What's immediately noticeable is that he has a new armour set, which could indicate he was wounded by the shark.

The recently added Midas Fish was added in update v14.20, upon eating it, all of your weapons will turn legendary.

In the v14.30 update, Midas' gold chair was re-added to the game at the top of the Authority.

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+ 69

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Map Changes

v14.40 Map

click to enlarge
+ 69

v14.30 Map

click to enlarge
+ 69

v14.20 Map

click to enlarge
+ 69

v14.10 Map

click to enlarge
+ 69

v14.00 Map

click to enlarge
+ 69

New POIs have been added in the new map update:

  • Sentinel Graveyard
  • Doom's Domain
  • Helicarrier
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+ 69
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+ 69

Pleasant Park has been the unlucky location that will make way for Doom's Domain.

There are also a number of new POIs that have been added:

  • Mjolnir Crater
  • The Collection
  • Panther Monument
  • Heroes Park
  • Stark Industries
  • Superstore At Holly Hedges (now called HeyBoo Store)
  • Witch Shacks

Update v14.40 also brought more rifts into the map.

New Weapons

Here are all of the new weapons and weapon changes in Season 4:

New Weapons

  • Fire Trap - when triggered, deals damage to nearby enemies and launches dangerous fireballs (50 damage, 7 second reload time)
click to enlarge
+ 69
  • Midas Flopper (1% spawn chance) (v14.20)
  • Gift Boxes (v14.20)
  • Tony Stark's Repulsor Cannons have been nerfed making it harder to trace opponents
  • Thor's Sky Strike has been Nerfed: Damage decreased from 80>60
  • Wolverine Spin Slash Damage has been Nerfed: Major Damage Attack: 65>4, Minor Damage Attack: 25>10 damage


  • Pump Shotgun - all rarities
  • LMG
  • Pro Fishing Rod
  • Epic Shockwave Grenade
  • Boogie Bomb - Rare
  • Bouncepad - Rare
  • Combat Shotgun - drop rate is significantly low
  • Revolver - Legendary/Epic variants
  • Scoped Assault Rifle - Rare/Uncommon
  • Tactical SMG - Epic, Rare, Uncommon
  • Port-a-Fort
  • Legendary Rocket Launcher (v14.10)


  • Decoy
  • Launch Pad
  • Tactical Shotgun - all rarities
  • Pistol - Epic/Legendary
  • Rapid Fire SMG - Rare/Epic/Legendary
  • Submachine Gun - all rarities
  • Hunting Rifle - Epic Legendary
  • Stink Bomb
  • Flaregun
  • Rare Scoped Assault Rifle (v14.20)
  • Uncommon Scope Assault Rifle (v14.20)

If the new season does follow the Marvel theme, we've seen the following weapons wielded by players that could return again:

  • Captain America’s Shield
  • Iron Man’s Repulsor Gauntlets
  • Thor’s Stormbreaker
  • Hawkeye’s Bow

HYPEX was able to find an interesting set of files back during June.

A new shotgun is in the works with the code name ‘Dragon Shotgun’.

An unfinished shotgun got added in the v14.30 update with the codename "Swing"

click to enlarge
+ 69

This new boomstick will come in Epic and Legendary variants only and will fire four bullets.

We've also had a look at new Waffle Truck Weapons.

click to enlarge
+ 69

A New "Cosmos" Jetpack is in the works. JumpBoostPack.Cosmos.FortJumpBoostSet: Fuel = 100.0 ReserveFuel = 700.0 FuelBurnRate = 0.0 FuelRegenRate = 12.0 UpwardThrust = 600.0

An unfinished "Honey Pot" consumable got added in this update.

Mythic Weapons

Season 4 includes the following Mythic Weapons:

  • Silver Surfer Board - launch into the air and carve up the skies
  • Stark Industries Supply Drone
  • Stark Industries Energy Rifle
  • Venoms smash and grab
  • Wolverine's Claws
  • Air Dash
  • Storm's Tornado Launch
  • Black Panther's Kinetic Armour
  • Doctor Doom's Arcane Gauntlet
  • She Hulk's Fists
  • Mystique's Dual Auto Pistols
  • Thor's Mjolnir Strike
  • Iron Man's Repulsor Gauntlet
  • Iron Man's Unibeam


We've had a number of skins made available via the Battle Pass and in the store including:

  • Tony Stark/Iron Man
  • Jennifer Walter/She-Hulk
  • Storm
  • Thor
  • Wolverine
  • Dr Doom
  • Groot
  • Mystique
  • Blade
  • Daredevil

Season 4 Starter Pack

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+ 69

As we're heading down the Marvel theme, we could see some great skins return:

  • Balck Widow Outfit
  • Cable
  • Captain America
  • Cuddlepool
  • Deadpool
  • Domino
  • Psylocke
  • Ravenpool
  • Star-Lord Outfit
click to enlarge
+ 69

GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: Could Black Widow return in Season 4?

With the superhero skin theme, we could see some more Fortnite based hero skins return such as:

  • Chromium
  • Eon
  • Omega
  • Omen
  • Squad Leader
  • Valor
  • Visitor
  • Ventura
  • Venturion
  • Rust Lord


click to enlarge
+ 69
click to enlarge
+ 69

VENTURE ON: Fortnite's take on superhero skins

Given that so many DC skins have been releasing towards the back end of Season 3, it would be a surprise to see them feature heavily in the next season.

One skin players were hoping to get during Season 3 was the Agent Jonesy skin, which has yet to release.

Agent Jonesy was featured during the Season 3 cutscene after the Device event.

Most skins are released 30-60 days after they are discovered, so Agent Jonesy could arrive in the next season.

Cosmetics, Pickaxes, Gliders, Emotes, 'Brellas

Looking to unlock the awesome new skins and cosmetics? Here's how to do it:

All Cosmetics

click to enlarge
+ 69
click to enlarge
+ 69
click to enlarge
+ 69
click to enlarge
+ 69
click to enlarge
+ 69
click to enlarge
+ 69
click to enlarge
+ 69

New Pickaxes

click to enlarge
+ 69

Photo via @FBNRHQ

Customisable Pickaxe

click to enlarge
+ 69


click to enlarge
+ 69


Photos via @HYPEX

New Emotes

click to enlarge
+ 69

Photo via @FNInformation

New Tik Tok "Say So" Emote!
August 27, 2020

Mighty Marvel 'Brella

click to enlarge
+ 69

New Gliders

click to enlarge
+ 69
click to enlarge
+ 69
click to enlarge
+ 69


click to enlarge
+ 69
click to enlarge
+ 69


Fishing was first introduced at the start of Chapter 2 and appears to be getting some big love in the next season.

In general, Floppers have been nerfed, granting 40HP instead of 50.

New fishing strings were added as a part of the v13.40 update and it's likely the next season will put them to action.

@iFireMonkey informed us of the details.

  • First Catch!
  • New!
  • No. #
  • Personal Best!
  • # cm
  • Requires pro fishing rod

Over 30 new varieties of fish in the game code.

New Floppers include:

  • Vendetta Flopper (marks nearby enemy)
  • Spicy Fish (speed boost)
  • Hop Flopper (low gravity)
  • Jellyfish (splash nearby enemy health and shields)
  • Shield Fish (gives shields)
  • Thermal Fish (gives thermal vision)
  • Midas Fish (makes all loot legendary)
click to enlarge
+ 69

We also got a Pro Fishing Rod.

The Fishing Book is also live.

click to enlarge
+ 69

Photo via @iFireMonkey

Some of these species of fish appear to be exclusive to certain biomes in the map.

This will mean if players want a specific type of fish they may have to travel to and locate certain areas.

The fishing rod can also be upgraded at the work bench.

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The next theme in Fortnite will be Marvel Comics - focusing on Thor.

Here's a look at all past themes:

  • Season 1: No Theme
  • Season 2: Medieval
  • Season 3: Space
  • Season 4: Super Heroes
  • Season 5: Worlds Collide
  • Season 6: Halloween
  • Season 7: Winter
  • Season 8: Pirates
  • Season 9: Future
  • Season X: Time
  • CH2S1: Doppelgangers
  • CH2S2: The Agency
  • CH2S3: Water/Flood

So if the Marvel theme doesn't come about, what is in store for us in the future?

The Hightower event could suggest a Celtic theme is on the cards.

If neither of these events happens, here are some theme suggestions we could see:

  • 80's
  • Ancient
  • Cops and Robbers
  • Sports
  • Zombies

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Comics will be placed around the map that players can collect and read during normal gameplay.

These comics will be Marvel related.

@iFireMonkey has posted information regarding comics after new data was added to the game.

Here are some scripts relating to comics:

  • Pages
  • Pages To Export
  • Current Panel
  • View Mode
  • OnPanelChanged
  • OnHoverZoneChanged
  • Comic Reader
  • Loading Spinner
  • Save Data: Last Page
  • Comic Clickable Zone
  • Comic Panel Unit/Transition Type
  • UpdateComicTitle
  • Get Current Page Number
  • Get Number of Panels on Page
  • Get Total Page Number
  • Set Current Page
  • Get View Mode
  • Next/Previous Page Buttons

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Battle Pass

The Battle Pass will once again play an important part in the season and although we're unsure what it will include, we can expect plenty of skins, emotes, pickaxes and gliders.

The new Battle Pass will contain 100 tiers of content for players to complete over the span of the season.

The premium Battle Pas will cost 950 V-Bucks for the battle pass - this is about £7-8.

You can also obtain the Battle Pass Bundle, which will cost 2800 V-Bucks and rewards you with access to the first 25 tiers of the Battle Pass immediately.

Gifting the Battle Pass will cost $7.59 (without tax).

To go from Level 1 to Level 100 without buying ANY tiers you'll need to gain 7,570,000 XP total.

If you're not interested in spending money, you can complete the free battle pass; although it will come with considerably fewer rewards.


As usual, weekly challenges will arrive in-game to help players complete their Battle Pass faster, which usually lasts around 10 weeks.

There's also the secret skin, which typically has 5 weeks of challenges that players need to complete to unlock it.

Here are all of the challenges so far:


There are a number of unreleased Limited-Time Modes that have yet to arrive in the game.

Here's a list of modes we could see in Chapter 2 Season 4:

Season 5

Season 5 will arrive when the battle pass for Season 4 ends - which is the 11th December.

As you can expect, we have no information on what the new season could hold for us - we'll update this page once we know more.

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