How To Level Up Fast In Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1

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Credit: Image via Epic Games

The Fortnite Season 1 Battle Pass is a really interesting one. Most of the skins on this Battle Pass are original skins, and the collaboration skins that are a part of it are exceptionally designed as well. Then, of course, there is Spider-Man, which Marvel fans have been waiting for.

However, leveling up can seem like a bit of a grind at times, especially if you want to get all the way to Tier 100 or want to shoot for the over-leveling rewards. Nevertheless, there are a bunch of ways you can farm experience and level up quickly.


The first thing you need to know about leveling up is that it requires XP or experience. You get experience based on your performance in matches and Challenges.

As mentioned before, the grind can be a bit dull and boring, but the skins in the Battle Pass make things totally worth it.

How to earn XP quickly in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1


There are some hidden achievements in Fortnite. These achievements pop up on your screen once you complete them.

And these aren't really that big of a deal. Landing first on the island, or maybe getting the first kill. Or even being the first one to modify a vehicle will bag you some XP.


And these achievements refresh in every game so you can technically farm them easily.

Seasonal, Daily, and Milestone Quests

Each day Fortnite gives players a new set of Daily Challenges to help them earn XP, as well as weekly Seasonal Quests.

Milestone Quests are larger challenges requiring a bit of time to work on. Each type of Challenge also has Challenge Goals, similar to Punchcards, to earn even more XP when completed.

Every week, new weekly challenges go live in Fortnite. These challenges aren't that complicated to begin with. However, some might be tricky. But at the end, it's worth all the XP you earn by completing them.

Power Leveling Weekends

Sometimes Epic offers Power Leveling weekends where players have Supercharged XP for the duration advertised.


Get More Kills

The more Eliminations players perform in the game, the more EXP they generate.

Here are the EXP rates for solo kills:

  • 1 Kill - 50 EXP
  • 2 Kills - 20 EXP
  • 3 Kills - 40 EXP
  • 4 Kills - 60 EXP
  • 5 Kills - 80 EXP
  • 6 KIlls - 100 EXP

For every kill after their first, they will receive an additional 20 EXP.

Players also receive extra XP in Duos, Trios, or Squads for knocking down opponents.


Place As High As Possible

The higher Fortnite players place in the game, the more EXP they will receive!

Here are the EXP rates for solo placements:

  • 1st - 300 EXP
  • 2nd - 200 EXP
  • 3rd-10th - 100 EXP
  • 11th-20th - 25 EXP

Players need to place at least 20th to receive additional EXP, anything above this will yield nothing.

Opening Containers

Often overlooked as a source of EXP, chests, ammo crates, and produce boxes all earn a player a bit when opened.


Here are the EXP values for opening various containers:

  • Produce Box - 65 EXP
  • Fishing Pole Barrel - 65 EXP
  • Ammo Box - 100 EXP
  • Chest - 130 EXP
  • Supply Drop - 135 EXP
  • Llama - 735 EXP

Never pass by any of these without searching through them for easy EXP.

It may not seem like a lot, but it all adds up during a match.


Fortnite cabbages
FORAGING: Easy EXP that players often walk right on by

Another source of EXP that players often overlook is foraging.

Foraging vegetables, mushrooms, and more will earn a player EXP, as will collecting Fireflies and fishing.

Here are the EXP values of each action:

  • Catch Fireflies - 25 EXP
  • Collect Foraged Item - 25 EXP
  • Catch Fish/Weapon in Fishing Hole - 80 EXP

Again, these values may seem low, but they add up.

It is easy to earn well over 800 EXP just from foraging cabbage in The Orchard alone.



The longer a player survives in-game, the more EXP they will also get.

Here are the EXP rates for the amount of time survived:

  • 2:02 minutes - 17 EXP (Pre first storm)
  • 5:06 minutes - 51 EXP (Pre first storm)
  • 6:04 minutes - 85 EXP (First storm)
  • 9:23 minutes - 136 EXP (Pre second storm)
  • 12:33 minutes - 187 EXP (Second storm)
  • 18:10 minutes -  238 EXP (Pre fourth storm)

Essentially Fortnite players want to last 18 minutes to get the most survival XP.

Supercharged XP

Supercharged XP is meant to help out players who do not play Fortnite as much, offering boosted XP rates for everything in the game that provides XP. All players need to do is not play Fortnite for a day, and their XP will be Supercharged the next day.


Here is a hint, though. Supercharged XP will end up earning players more XP than if they have just played the day before. Also, certain actions, like earning eliminations, will bump the Supercharged cap, allowing players to earn even more XP. By rotating days playing Fortnite, it is possible for players to rapidly level up much faster than many players who play every day.

Victory Crowns

Victory Crowns are a new item in Fortnite Chapter 3 that players can earn by winning matches. They can also be stolen from players in a match who already have one. A Victory Crown earns players extra XP, similar to being Supercharged. Be warned, though.


All the pointers above are for the standard battle royale mode. You still get a good amount of XP if you spend time playing creative too. Although that's not much, you do get a decent boost.

Impostor Mode

The Impostor mode LTM was recently introduced in Fortnite Season 7. There was a lot of controversy surrounding this one because it was a direct copy of the popular social deduction game Among Us.


The community went into a frenzy after this mode was released. But anyway, you can earn a maximum of 15,000 XP during every game in the Impostor mode. And since the games do not really last that long, you can make quick work out of this mode.

Special LTMs

Apart from the Impostor mode, there are other LTMs as well that are fun to play and offer a good chunk of XP as rewards.

Not only that, you get a small chunk of XP if you play for a while in these modes as well.

Repeatable Challenges

Many Daily Challenges are repeatable, allowing players to eek a bit more XP out of each match as they play.

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