Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 quests - All objectives and rewards

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March 17, 2023: We added this week's new Fortnite quests to our guide!

With the new battle pass now in full swing, the quest to complete all Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 quests is underway. As ever, there are plenty of objectives for players to work towards on the quest to reaching Rank 100.


In this guide, we'll list all the seasonal quests currently available in Fortnite. This doesn't include the daily and milestone objectives, but rather the rare ones that only pop up on an occasional basis. That way, you know exactly what to work towards!

For more on the new content drop, feel free to read everything we know about the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 battle pass. We've also got a look at this season's weapon changes, as well as a guide on how to get the Fortnite Eren Yeager skin.

All Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 quests

See the tables below for a full list of the seasonal quests available now in Fortnite!


All Kickstart quests in Fortnite

This first batch of quests is all about familiarising yourself with the new content in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2. They're fairly easy to complete, but grant you a generous amount of XP!

Quest requirement Reward
Search seven chests at named locations25,000 XP
Discover a location25,000 XP
Travel 750m while sprinting25,000 XP
Eliminate 15 opponents25,000 XP
Play six matches25,000 XP
Activate ten augments25,000 XP
Outlast 500 opponents25,000 XP
Deal damage to opponents with Ranged Weapons25,000 XP

All This Season quests in Fortnite

These quests are also new for the current season, with more added each week. If you manage to complete a week's worth of quests, you'll net yourself an extra 34,000 XP as a bonus.

Quest requirement Reward
Win the arcade game in Frenzy Fields or Slappy Shores15,000 XP
Discover three named locations near MEGA City12,000 XP
Restore 100 health or gain 100 shields while on a Grind Rail12,000 XP
Deal 750 damage to opponents with the Havoc Pump Shotgun12,000 XP
Knock back three players with the Kinetic Blade24,000 XP
Visit Breakwater Bay, Anvil Square, and Shattered Slabs12,000 XP
Destroy 25 objects while drifting or boosting in a Nitro Drifter12,000 XP
Land at MEGA City and then reach top 25 players twice12,000 XP
Get 15 seconds air time on a Rogue bike24,000 XP

All Trials quests in Fortnite

These quests are also fairly straightforward, but note that each one has up to five tiers of completion, increasing once you reach the current quota. Therefore, it'll take plenty of time to complete them all!

Quest requirement Reward
Search 15 chests (Stage one of five)25,000 XP
Collect 1,000 ammo (Stage one of five)25,000 XP
Earn 50,000 XP in Creator Made Islands25,0000 XP
Collect gold bars25,000 XP
A list of quests in the current season of Fortnite.

How do I get more Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 quests?

If you think those are all the quests in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2, you've got another thing coming. This new season runs until June, so there will be plenty of new objectives to accompany it.

Of course, the This Season quests are added to each week, with new ones coming on Thursdays. On top of that, more Trials quests are set to land on March 21, before even mentioning the Daily Quests that arrive every day at 12 PM GMT.

Lastly, we're also anticipating a batch of Eren Yeager quests on April 15, 2023. That's when those missions will land, for you to try and unlock the rare Attack on Titan skin.


That's it for all the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 quests so far! Be sure to bookmark this page, because we'll update the guide as soon as new ones come in. Until then, feel free to read up on the new augments just added to Fortnite.