Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7: Tips And Tricks, How To Get Better At Fortnite - Weapon Rarities, Best Landing Spots And More

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 is here, and players are already getting excited at the potential it brings.

Eye-land has been transformed, there are secret agents everywhere, and Deadpool is here – as far as new seasons go, that's a heck of a way to kick things off.

Whether this will be a catalyst for big changes immediately or if they will just get to grips with it first, we don't know. But one thing's for sure, the future is looking bright in the Fortnite universe.

Whether you're completely new to Fortnite, a returning veteran, or a regular player who needs to stay on top of their game, it's always worth keeping up with the latest tips and tricks to clutch those coveted Victory Royales.

We're going to start pretty basic for those newcomers and work our way up to the more complicated and high-level plays.

We're also going to keep this page continuously updated throughout Chapter 2 Season 7, so be sure to check back if any new tactics are eluding you.

Weapon Rarities

This one is pretty simple to get your head around. Every weapon can be found in a variety of colours, with the colour showing how rare the weapon is, and roughly how good it is.

After all, a rocket launcher is going to do more damage than a pistol, and an assault rifle will have a higher rate of fire than a crossbow.

The rarities reflect this, but a Rare Tactical Shotgun will also do slightly more damage than a Common Tactical Shotgun, so bear this list in mind while looting.

  • Grey: Common
  • Green: Uncommon
  • Blue: Rare
  • Purple: Epic
  • Gold: Legendary

Keep your eyes peeled for those golden guns. But where do you find the best weapons? Well, the short answer is built-up areas and cities, but the long answer continues below...

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Best Landing Spots

Sweaty Sands

If LA was in Fortnite, we're pretty sure it would look like Sweaty Sands... Real-life inspirations aside, drop in the north-west of the map for plenty of materials and more gold chests than you know what to do with.

Once you've harvested all the chests you can see, head to the beach and dig for the chests hidden in the sand, too.

These don't make that iconic sound, though, so you'll have to keep your eyes peeled for something sticking out of the ground - or another player digging.

Be sure to keep an eye on the circle from this area, as you don't want to be caught out. There's nothing worse than dying in the storm.

Steamy Stacks

From the north-west to the north-east, Steamy Stacks is a location with loot aplenty, and its fair share of chests to boot. You can also harvest plenty of metal materials here, allowing you to build those all-important structures in the late game.

However, Steamy Stacks comes into its own when you need to make a quick getaway. Perhaps you've encountered another team of excellent players, or you've just looted everything in sight?

Well, head over to the power lines to zip away, or alternatively head to the base of the towers and jump on the pink goo. The steam power of this goo launches you into the air, meaning you can simply glide away from your problems.

Slurp Factory

Slurp Factory offers players a reasonable amount of loot in the south-west corner of the map. However, make sure to crack open the Slurp Kegs with your pickaxe, as they grant you metal materials and 10 shields!

Not too shabby. This ability to gain shields even without drinking potions extends to the swamps surrounding the Factory as well. just standing in the water fills your shields and health right back up, giving you a unique chance to recover health while looting.

Chests aplenty here make it one of the most valuable drop spots in the game - but also make it very popular, so prepare for a big fight.

Risky Reels

We've gone all around the circumference of Fortnite's Chapter 2 map, and now we're heading back to the centre. In fact, to a location very near Frenzy Farm.

Head to Risky Reels if you want a pretty low-key drop with high-key weapon spawns. The relatively uninhabited area offers enough wood and metal to max your capacity, as well as around eight chests.

But it's the lack of popularity that makes it such a good spot, especially amongst pro players who prefer a quieter drop to do some looting before heading into a busier area.

Once you're done with looting, head to the small forest to the north-east. Here you'll find a stone circle with chests sat atop the Stonehenge-esque rocks, as well as shield-restoring mushrooms.

Leave here with max shields, and look in all the bushes for even more loot. Then, you can head to the nearby Pleasant Park or Frenzy Farm to rack up some kills with your superior weapons and armour.

How To Level Up Fast

The first thing you need to know about levelling up is that it requires exp, or experience. You get experience based on your performance in matches and the completion of challenges.

However, there are a few things to focus on if you want to quickly farm experience and level up super fast.


Medals are new for Season 7 and reset daily. So, every day that you complete the set challenges there, you'll get some lovely boosts to your experience. The challenges involve discovering named locations and getting kills, all pretty standard stuff. Simply play every day to make the most out of these.

Daily Challenges

Daily challenges also reset daily, but these also change every new day. These challenges offer more experience than the medals, but give you more difficult or niche tasks to complete. For example, it may ask you to get two eliminations with a shotgun or get 10 kills full stop.

Battle Pass

Yes, you have to pay for the Battle Pass, but it offers multiple chances to earn experience quickly. As well as unique skins and emotes, the Battle Pass gives you rewards that actually affect your levelling. From a bunch of experience to percentage increases based on performance, the Battle Pass is a worthy investment if you're set on reaching Tier 100 in Chapter 2 Season 7.

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How To Win

This one sounds pretty easy but is more difficult than you think. Simply be the last player standing out of the hundred that jumps from the Battle Bus, and you'll achieve that glorious Victory Royale.

Training Area

Get to know all the weapons, what their rate of fire is, how long they take to reload, what the bullet drop is like. This will serve you well when facing enemies who maybe don't know their guns so well.

Learn To Build

If you've ever watched the pros play Fortnite, you'll know that building is key. And therefore, so are resources. Harvest as much wood, stone, and metal as you can with your pickaxe in the early stages of the game and then learn how to make structures, and learn how to do it quickly. It might even be worth rebinding your keys so you can build a structure quicker. Higher ground is always optimal, so make sure you're Obi-Wan and not Anakin in any Fortnite scenario.


Seriously, this is important. Your opponents will be able to build, so you need to know too.

Keep An Eye On The Circle

Always know where the circle is, and when it's coming. The storm can chunk your health, especially later in the game, so it's important to never get caught in it. Know where you are and where you need to be headed so you've got the environmental edge in any fight.

Learn From The Best

Whether it's watching Ninja or reading this here guide, watching others and learning from what they do can help you to improve yourself. Just be sure to take the right things from them, and you'll see the results in no time.

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Know Your Enemy And Assume The Worst

The thing about the internet is, everyone has it. Everyone who is playing Fortnite, at least. So, if you've read these tips and tricks, you've got to assume your opponents have as well. Maybe the landing spots we've covered will become more popular, or maybe everyone will know the same tactics as you. So, what can you do to counter these?

Be Vigilant

Never take anything for granted. Check the corners of any room or building you enter, check the bushes of a new area for campers, too. Make sure nobody is hiding and trying to undermine your legitimate win.

Be Cautious

If you kill another player, don't go for their loot immediately. Chances are, a sniper will have been watching that firefight, and waiting for the best opportunity to reveal themself. Wait a little bit before beginning your looting, at least until you hear some other gunfire that may steal the sniper's attention. In the same vein, never rashly run into built-up areas or Leroy Jenkins away from your team.

Be A Team

Teamwork makes the dream work. At least in a team battle, that is. Keep in touch with your teammates, ideally by voice chat. Let them know where you are and what weapons you've got or are looking for. Let them know if you spot an enemy nearby, and discuss whether or not you want to engage. Communication and teamwork will pave the way to a Victory Royale, which is even more special when shared with friends. Yes, even if those friends are complete strangers.

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