Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4: Midas Returns! Storyline, Midas Fish, Ghost Ships, The Authority, Last Laugh Bundle Skins And Everything We Know

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 is fast approaching and we may see a familiar face reemerge.

To kick off Season 3, we saw Midas play a roll in the flooding of the island during the 'Device Event'.

This set up the stage for the past season, complete with a cameo from Aquaman.

Last we saw of Midas, he was fighting a shark in the Season 3 trailer.

But is that the last we will see of him?

Latest News

Midas Returns In The New Season? - 19th August

@StonewallTabor has informed us that a Midas Fish will be added to the next season.

It's reportedly ultra-rare (maybe not as rare as the Mythic fish) but still very rare.

Upon eating it, all of your weapons will turn legendary.

Where Is Midas?

It's unknown what happened to Midas after the events of the 'Device Event'.

As we said, he was last seen in the Season 3 trailer fighting a shark. Could he have lost the fight and been eaten?

The event flooded the island, causing old locations and POI’s to be completely submerged, removing Ghost locations around the map. This is the team that Midas sided with, meaning he lost against Shadow.

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GHOSTLY: Midas could still be alive

There is a boat around the edge of the map with posters of Ghost and Midas that could hint at his return. Perhaps the Hightower event will reveal more.

The Authority Run The Island

It seems the leader of the Authority is now Brutus.

 We know this because of the photo that can be found in the office of the Authority.

Shadow now run the island, from the Head Quarters of the Authority.

This location and Point of Interest has been saved as it was walled off before the flood.

For now, Ghost seems to be gone. But there's the possibility it could return.

Midas Skin

The Midas skin is still available in the game, even with the character being MIA.

The Midas character will be returning with the Last Laugh Bundle, which features The Joke, Poison Ivy and Midas.

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JOKES ON YOU: Is Midas returning?

What's immediately noticeable is that he has a new armour set, which could indicate he was wounded by the shark.

Leakers are safe in their assumptions that he is returning.

So is Midas make an emphatic return? Or is it too soon?

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