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Torchlight Infinite codes (August 2023) - Redeem coupons and Twitch drops

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August 8, 2023: We've updated our list for Torchlight Infinite codes!

Looking for some Torchlight Infinite codes? Well, you're in luck. Torchlight Infinite is the first mobile iteration of the popular Torchlight series to reach a proper worldwide release, and with most mobile games, we expect codes to come and go.

These Torchlight Infinite coupons will be well worth keeping an eye out for, as they'll typically dish out premium currencies and handy boosts. We'll also detail how you can redeem these codes.

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New Torchlight Infinite codes (August 2023)

  • There are currently no codes available

These codes are tested and confirmed working as of August 8, 2023. Here's a list of all expired codes.

  • meowyxmas

Check back on release for any new Torchlight Infinite codes.

Redeeming codes in Torchlight Infinite.
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How do I redeem Torchlight Infinite codes?

  • Launch Torchlight Infinite
  • Tap the Options icon in the top right corner
  • Go to Settings
  • Select the "Other" tab
  • Choose Redemption Code
  • Enter your Torchlight Infinite code, and click confirm
  • Head to the in game mailbox to claim your rewards

With your codes in hand, redeeming the codes is a pretty easy process. Just follow the steps above to use Torchlight Inifinite codes one-by-one.

If you can't find the Torchlight Infinite codes box and you're on an Apple device like an iPhone or iPad, there's a good chance Apple forced the developers to remove it. It happens a lot on that platform.

In its place, however, will be a code redemption website similar to the one used for Cookie Run: Kingdom codes and Genshin Impact codes. Should that be the case, we'll link to it once it's live.

How do I get more Torchlight Infinite codes?

Codes for Torchlight Infinite are distributed by the developers via their social media platforms. Usually, they will give out codes for major milestones for the game. This could include the game's official launch, app store downloads and rankings, anniversaries and events.

While there isn't anything confirmed at this point in time, we expect that there are going to be codes for launch and very quickly app store rankings and downloads.

Mobile game developers love to celebrate download milestones and other accolades all the time, typically dishing out codes to distribute rewards to active players.

In fact, because the game has changed so much since the early days of the beta tests, the community team has reset its own guides creation drive, promising anyone who makes a guide that's selected and promoted by the community team with Torchlight Infinite redeem codes. You can check that out on the Torchlight Infinite Discord's official news channel.

What if my Torchlight Infinite codes don't work?

If you're unable to redeem your Torchlight Infinite codes, then there are a couple of things you can do.

First off, you'll want to close and restart your game, and try it again. If that doesn't work, make sure that you either copy the code directly from our article and paste it into the field, or make sure that you're typing it in correctly. You can also try entering the code in all caps. If that doesn't work, then either the code is invalid or may be expired.

How to get Torchlight Infinite Twitch drops

Torchlight Infinite is following in the footsteps of a few other noteworthy game launches of late by offering loot and items to anyone who watches Torchlight Infinite Twitch streams.

From October 12-16, you can tune into any streamer with Torchlight Infinite drops enabled to snag prizes based on your watch time. Here's the list of eligible streamers.

To get the drops, you just need to ensure your Twitch account is logged in and tied to your Torchlight Infinite account, which you can do right here.

Once that's set, just watch 40 minutes of Torchlight Infinite streams (you can pick and choose your creator from the list above), claim the rewards from your Twitch inventory, and you should see them appear in your in-game mail.

More streamers are able to dish out Twitch drops. Just look at the Torchlight Infinite Twitch directory and check for drop-enabled broadcasts.


Here's the list of rewards you'll get:

  • 50 Jagged Primocryst
  • One Insight Crystal
  • three Revival Tokens
  • Three Regret Points

You'll get the free Jagged Primocrysts first after 15 minutes of watch time. Just watch for another 25 minutes to claim the rest.

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