Torchlight Infinite beginner tips - Best skills, how to download, and is it P2W?

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October 12, 2022: Torchlight Infinite launches is now live. Check out our Moto build and Gemma build guides if you're picking either of those two characters.

Wondering when the Torchlight Infinite release date is set to come around? If you're a fan of action RPGs, then you may be familiar with the Torchlight series. It's had a bit of a fall from grace since its series debut, but the latest release looks set to stop the ship from sinking. If you're looking to get into the game, our Torchlight Infinite Beginner's Guide will set you up for success.

In this guide, we'll cover all the information that you'll need to know to kickstart your adventure into this exciting new game, going over the character options, their skills and talents, and what you'll be doing to kit them out with powerful gear.

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How long is Torchlight Infinite?

According to the Steam page, Torchlight Inifinite - in its early access form, at least - includes a ten-hour-long story and "infinitely replayable late-game dungeons.

That means anyone just looking to have more of the Torchlight narrative can hop in and out of this in a couple of sessions, with hardcore loot-driven players sticking around for the max-level dungeons.

Is Torchlight Infinite free to play? - How to download Torchlight Infinite

Torchlight Infinite is free to play and will be for however long it remains live. Whether you're playing on PC or mobile, you can download and play for free through Steam or your phone's app store of choice. You'll find the app on TapTap as well.

Is Torchlight Infinite pay to win?

Though it's a little too early to say whether or not Torchlight Infinite is pay to win, it's easy to see where the concern lies.

Being a free MMORPG of sorts, Torchlight Infinite derives income from in-app purchases. Though most will spend real money to obtain cosmetic item sets, in-app purchases can be used to get revives, additional luck-based spins on upgrades, and more attempts at typically time-limited content.

Torchlight Infinite is pay to win in the loosest use of the term: you can spend to speed up processes. But you can't spend money to obtain and advantageous goods other players can't earn through free gameplay. You'll just outpace them.

Getting started in Torchlight Infinite

The first thing that you're going to have to do when you load up the game is pick a class. There are currently 5 classes available in the game, each with a unique playstyle. If you're competitively-minded, you can check out our dedicated Torchlight Infinite tier list to decide on one.

Berserker Rehan in Torchlight Infinite
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First up is Rehan, the Berserker. Rehan focuses on up close and personal melee combat. If you want to deal devastating damage with pure brawn, he's your answer.

Commander Moto in Torchlight Infinite
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Next up is Commander Moto. Largely considered to be the summoner class of the game, he constructs mechanical minions to do his bidding.

If you liked the stackable traps and turrets of the hunter in the original Torchlight, you'll probably enjoy the elementally-infused nature of this guy's mechanical marvels.

Divineshot Carino in Torchlight Infinite
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Divineshot Carino is the ranged class of the game. He spams ranged bullet attacks all over the map, making him a highly mobile attacker that should help nimble-fingered players feel right at home. Just be prepared to do some dodging to stay alive.

Frostfire Gemma in Torchlight Infinite
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Frostfire Gemma is the elemental mage class in Torchlight Infinite. As her class suggests, she weilds fire and ice magic, weaving the two to freeze and frazzle her targets.

As mages tend to have the highest damage output and the lowest defence, you'll want to stack elemental armour shields with this one or learn to strategically freeze targets in place and teleport out at a moment's notice.

Spacetime Witness Youga in Torchlight Infinite
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Lastly, Spacetime Witness Youga is a time mage. He uses spacetime magic to find openings in the enemy defenses to unleash powerful attacks. It's one of those ones that hard to describe in person, so you'll just have to trial him out to get a feel for his skillset.

The most powerful Torchlight Infinite skills

As with most games like this, you'll earn more skills as you level up your character. As you level, you'll get Energy to unlock more skill slots, and as your skills level up, you get support skills to beef them up in power as well.

Skills have different tags to denote what kind of skill they are. The classifications of them are: Active Skills, Support Skills, Passive Skills, and Trigger Skills. This system offers players flexibility in how you want to build out your character and power up your main skills.

Talent Tree in Torchlight Infinite
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Picking the best Torchlight Infinite talents

  • God of Might
  • Goddess of Hunting
  • Goddess of Knowledge
  • God of War
  • Goddess of Darkness
  • God of Machines

In addition to skills, there are Talent trees that you can unlock to give your charcters more benefits and buffs.

There are six different main trees to choose from, and each of them has three additional trees to unlock as you level.

In each Talent Tree, you have a bunch of different nodes that will give your character more benefits. This can be anything from main stat increases, to critical strike, to defenses and more.

There is a track that you have to go down depending on which first node you choose, so planning out your tree will be important for a smooth leveling process.

Gearing up in Torchlight Infinite

As for gearing, Torchlight Infinite gear is going to behave differently depending on the affixes on them.

Similar to the tree, there are stats that will synergize with your build more than others. Ultimately, if you find gear in your leveling process that is synergistic, great, but don't worry too much about it until you're level capped. Then you can start to try and hunt down your best in slot gear.

Generally speaking while leveling, higher level / statted gear is going to serve you better than a lower piece of gear that has your ideal affixes.

And there you have it. This should give you a solid understanding Torchlight Infinite. To get stuck into similar games, we recommend checking out the Lost Ark tier list if you haven't already. Our UNDECEMBER crafting guide is live before launch, and the Diablo Immortal legendary gems tier list can get you going in the third mobile ARPG to come out this year.

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