Torchlight Infinite class tier list - Best classes and characters for launch

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October 14, 2022: If you've already maxed out a character or you're just starting for the weekend, check out the Torchlight Infinite tier list below.

Looking to get off to a flying start with a Torchlight Infinite tier list? If you're looking to get into Torchlight Infinite but you're not sure which character to play, let us help you make that decision. The brand new PC and mobile ARPG, and fourth game in the franchise, offers a handful of classes and varied playstyles to play around with, so our Torchlight Infinite character tier list should make things a bit easier.


This tier list is going to look at each character in the game and rank them for solo play, as that's where most of your game will be. There's a total of six characters that we will cover with a variety of playstyles each.

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If you're looking for more Torchlight Infinite content, then you'll definitely want to also check out our Torchlight Infinite codes and Torchlight Infinite release date guide. It's primarily a look at when exactly the game will go live, but it already includes some handy hints for launch. We'll add more as we progress through the game.

Torchlight Infinite tier list - Who is the best character in Torchlight Infinite?

Tier Character
ARehan, Carino, Gemma
BYouga, Thea

B tier

Starting off our tier list in the B tier, we have Youga and Thea. Youga, is a character that does have some solid solo gameplay in his kit, but he does play a bit like a support. Then, we have Thea, which is currently an unreleased character. We're going to put her in the B tier for the moment because we really don't know how she's going to play.



He deals in buffs for his allies and self. That being said, he can lack a bit of inherent damage scaling in his skills. That being said, he's a great addition to a group, but he might be a bit of a slower solo character.


She works by giving herself blessings, and then consuming those blessings for buffs. We don't know exactly how strong her kit is going to be alongside these blessings. There's a good chance that she'll move around on the tier list when she gets released and can be tested.

Three of the Torchlight Infinite classes.

A tier

For our A-tier characters, we have Rehan, Carino and Gemma.



Rehan is the "warrior" melee class of the game so far. He has a lot of hard-hitting damage abilities, and as such is a great DPS character.


Next up, we have Carino, who is your default ranged damage character. He leverages bows and guns to dish out good damage from afar. He is a heavy auto-attack-focused character, which makes him a safe and easy character to track and play.


Lastly, we have Gemma, who is our typical mage-style character. She specializes in Fire and Frost magic, and typically will scale one of these for her builds. She's a bit squishier than other characters, but with great mobility and a lot of damage, she can blitz through mobs like crazy. Just about in time for launch, we have a Torchlight Infinite Gemma build ready and waiting.

S tier

For our S tier, we have one character here: Moto.



Moto is the typical summoner class, utilizing various mechanized minions to do his bidding. His minions are very strong, and since they deal with mobs so well, he can play as safe as possible.

His playstyle, while a bit passive, is one of the strongest out there for solo play. Simply put, though, if you're looking for the best DPS character in Torchlight Infinite, a well-geared Moto is up there. If you need more context, check out our Torchlight Infinite Moto build.

And that's our Torchlight Inifinite tier list! Be sure to check back when Thea is released to see where she ends up on the tier list.

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