Torchlight Infinite class tier list - Best classes and characters for Season 2

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January 20, 2023: If you've already maxed out a character or you're just starting for the weekend, check out the Torchlight Infinite tier list below.

Looking to get off to a flying start with a Torchlight Infinite tier list? If you're looking to get into Torchlight Infinite but you're not sure which character to play, let us help you make that decision. The brand new PC and mobile ARPG, and fourth game in the franchise, offers a handful of classes and varied playstyles to play around with, so our Torchlight Infinite character tier list should make things a bit easier.

This tier list is going to look at each character in the game and rank them for solo play, as that's where most of your game will be. There's a total of six characters that we will cover with a variety of playstyles each.

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Torchlight Infinite tier list - Who is the best character in Torchlight Infinite?

Tier Character
SMoto - Order Charging, Erika - Wind Stalker, Gemma - Ice-Fire Fusion
ARehan - Anger, Youga - Spacetime Elapse, Moto - Charge Calling
BCarino - Letahl Flash, Carino - Ranger of Glory, Thea - Wisdom of the Gods, Gemma - Frostbitten Heart, Rehan - Seething Spirit, Youga - Spacetime Illusion

Before we dive into the tier list, let's clear up some things. First off, we're ranking each of the hero traits going forward. While they're variations of the same character, they're often different enough from each other that one could be better than another. Secondly, each of the characters on the list so far are entirely viable options to take on all content in the game. Some will have higher levels of investment needed to get there, but it's definitely possible to do everything.

B tier

Starting off our tier list in the B tier, Youga - Spacetime Illusion, Rehan - Seething Spirit, Geema - Frostbitten Heart, Thea - Widsom of the Gods, Carino Ranger of Glory and Carino - Lethal Flash.

At the moment each of these characters are seeing lower play rates in the season. Given that the season is only in it's second week there is time for some of these to move around, but that's going to come with significant investment that people need time to grind out.

Three of the Torchlight Infinite classes.
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A tier

For the A tier, we have Rehan - Anger, Youga -Spacetime Elapse, and Moto Charge Calling. Rehan - Anger is the original and is still very strong. It has changed from season one but it's still a very strong build.

Youga - Spacetime Elapse was one of the strongest builds last season, and while it's seeing less play by a lot this season, it lands higher on this list due to it's ability to be a fantastic map farmer with lower amounts of investment, and with medium investment can kill bosses up to timemark six.

Lastly, the brand new Moto trait, Charge Calling falls on in the A tier. It differs in that your minions explode on the enemies and get resummoned. It's a very powerful build that doesn't require a lot of investment. It only lands here only because it's new and the full power of the build has yet to be realized.

S tier


For our S tier, we have the Moto - Order Crossing, Erika - Wind Stalker, and Gemma - Ice-Fire Fusion. Moto - Order Crossing returns again to the top of the tier list. It's a build that's still incredibly powerful, and is a very easy build to put together. To play this build, check out our Moto build guide

Erika is the newest hero in the game, and her uniqueness and ease of scaling damage, she can dish out a lot of damage and take on all content. She has some interesting mechanics, so check out our Erika build guide if this character interests you.

Finally we have Gemma - Ice-Fire Fusion. This character is is the original trat for Gemma and she is quite strong. She's using a couple different skills this season. She has a melee build, as well as a more spell caster build.

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