Torchlight Infinite Moto build guide - Best Moto skills, traits, and gear

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January 20, 2023: Moto got a brand new hero trait in Season 2. We've detailed what to expect down below.

Looking to get into Torchlight Infinite and want to play a minion build? Well, luckily for you, we're here to help with our Torchlight Infinite Moto build guide. If you want to command a bunch of powerful mechanized minions to do your bidding, then read on.

Torchlight Infinite is the fourth game of the series and the first mobile and PC iteration in the franchise. The game is now in open beta, so players can go in and create one of six characters in the game.

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The best Torchlight Infinite Moto build

  • Traits
  • Talents
  • Skills
  • Gear
  • Playstyle

Commander Moto is the minion-based character in Torchlight Infinite. He's the only S-tier character on our tier list due to his strong damage and very safe playstyle. Here's what makes the Moto build tick.

Best hero trait for Moto - Torchlight Infinite Moto build

For our hero trait, we're going to want to spec into Overload. This will give our minions a bunch of critical strike rating, attack speed and skill range. Our Hero Traits become available at the following levels:

  • Level 15: Ordercalling
  • Level 32: All In
  • Level 50: Veteran
  • Level 62: Brothers in Arms
  • Level 80: Rest & Ready

Best talents for Moto - Torchlight Infinite Moto build

For our talent tree, we're going to generally prioritize minion nodes for offense, and shield nodes for defense. Our first specialization that we want to go into is God of Machines, and pick up the following nodes:

  • 1% minion damage per 1 Strength
  • 1% minion critical strike rating per 5 Intelligence
  • "Subordinate" (minion attack speed)
  • "Isomorphic Arms" (copies main hand weapon damage for minion attack)

After God of Machines, you're going to want to head into the Machinist tree and snag these nodes:

  • "Boss" (Increases the maximum number of minions)
  • "Burning Aggression" (Increases minion aggression)

Lastly, you'll want to go into the Alchemist tree to pick up the following nodes:

  • "Contingency" (Increases health and mana restoration)
  • "Thousand Faces" (Increases ailments from minion attacks)
Commander Moto gameplay screenshot in Torchlight Infinite
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Best skills for Moto - Torchlight Infinite Moto build

For our skills, we have four skills that we're going to be utilizing. Here's what skills you're going to want to take, as well as the support skills for each:

  • Summon Spider Tank: Assault Command, Maniacal Army, Minion Damage, Critical Strike Rating Increase, Critical Strike Damage Increase
  • Machine Army: Mass Effect, Cooldown Reduction, Extended Duration, Pain Amplification
  • Dark Gate: Cooldown Reduction, Extended Duration, Amplification
  • Precise Projectiles or Electric Conversion: Once you obtain Restrain, you can equip both of these auras for insane boosts.

Best gear for Moto - Torchlight Infinite Moto build

For our gearing choices, there are some affixes that we're going to be looking to stack on our gear.

  • Prefixes
    • Minion Attack Damage
    • Minion Critical Attack Rating
    • Minion Attack Speed
  • Suffixes
    • Cap resistances to 75
    • Strength
    • Intelligence

Here are a few legendaries that you can use for your build as well

  • Mind Pulse (INT Chest armour) - Increases the number of minions, extra damage when minions have low life
  • Fiend Crown: Boosts minion mobility, attack speed and resistances, increased minion critical strike damage, lucky critical strike chance on minions

We build pretty much all offense here, except for our Resistances. Our minions should be doing a lot of the tanking and damage dealing, so we should be able to dodge a lot of the enemy abilities. Our resistances are important though to avoid random elemental damage abilities.

How to play the Torchlight Infinite Moto build

For our playstyle, it's fairly straightforward. We're going to summon our six buffed-up Spider Tanks and let them dish out the pain. We'll be running around, dodging abilities from enemies for the most part. We'll be buffing our Spider Tanks as well through Machine Army and Dark Gate.

And that's the guide! This is one of the more relaxed playstyles in the game, since our minions are taking care of most of the heavy lifting. Though this play style can be boring to some, the damage output and ease of play makes this build a great pick for players of any skill level.

picture of Moto charge calling hero traits
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Moto - Charge Calling

In the Season 2 update, Moto has gotten a brand new hero trait, Charge Calling. This hero trait still summons minions, but rather than having them do the damage through normal combat, they gain a buff. When that buff expires, they initiate a self destruct sequence and blow up on enemies. You'll then have to collect mechanical pieces off the ground, and summon your minions once more.

You'll build a lot of the same things here, as you're going to be still using minions, just in a bit of a different way.

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