Diablo Immortal legendary gems tier list - best gems for each class

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Diablo Immortal Legendary Gems
April 26, 2023: We have checked over our Diablo Immortal Legendary Gems.

Now that it has been out for a week, Diablo Immortal is starting to find its feet. If you're looking for the best build, this Diablo Immortal Legendary Gems tier list should help you out.

Generally adding a little something to every class, gems are a great way of furthering your class and working towards your final build. This being said, there are so many to find, it can be a little easy to get lost in all there is to find.

If you're just starting it up and want a rundown of what your class should be doing, here's what you should know about Crusaders, Demon Hunters, Monks and Wizards. As well as this, we have a Diablo Immortal tier list that should help you make your decision.

Diablo Immortal Legendary Gem Tier List - Best One-Star Gems

Tier Legendary Gem
SChained Death, Everlasting Torment, Berserker's Eye
ACa'arsen's Invigoration, Zod Stone
BTrickshot Gem, Defiant Soul, The Black Rose
CLo’s Focused Gaze, Freedom and Devotion, Mocking Laughter, Nightmare Wreath, Pain of Subjugation
DSeled's Weakening, Respite Stone

There are a surprising amount of great Legendary Gems in the one-star category, but it's only really worth paying attention to what the best ones give you in the early stages.

Everlasting Torment should make its way into pretty much any class. Giving a bonus to combat and a bonus to critical hits, it's a great choice regardless of your style.

Although it makes you take more damage, the damage buff and extra combat rating from Berserker's Eye is worth looking into as well. No matter what class you play, there are ways to counteract that extra incoming damage, making the trade-off largely worth it.

The final gem worth paying attention to here is Chained Death. Giving an increase to your combat rating plus a nice damage bonus for extra attacks, it manages to give a nice combat boost. With almost all one-star gems, they add to almost any class well.

Diablo Immortal Legendary Gem Tier List
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Diablo Immortal Legendary Gem Tier List - Best Two-Star Gems

Tier Legendary Gem
SPower & Command, Fervent Fang
ABattleguard, Cutthroat's Grin, Bloody Reach
BLightning Core, The Hunger
CUnity Crystal
DFollowers Burden

Power & Command is a pretty great all-rounder legendary gem. Alternating between extra damage from primary attacks and skill damage every 9 seconds, you can rely on it to help you hit harder. Regardless of your class, this is quite useful.

If you are aiming to take down a particularly strong enemy, Fervent Fang helps you deal increased damage to enemies you have already hit. It stacks up to 10 times, letting you do 8% more damage.

The two-star legendary gems have a few situational choices that could be added into your setup instead but they don't tend to be quite as consistent.

Follower's Burden increases your damage for every summon you control up to a max of 6% but other gems give just as much of a boost without having to maximise your amount of summons.


Diablo Immortal Legendary Gem Tier List - Best Five-Star Gems

Name Tier
SSeeping Bile, Blood-soaked Jade
AHowler's Call, Chip of Stoned Flesh, Blessing of the Worthy
BPhoenix Ashes, Bottle Hope
CEchoing Shade
DZwenson's Haunting

The five-star legendary gems add the most to your build but can be pretty hard to come by. Seeping Bile is our first choice and it can to almost any class well, giving a 4% chance of poison with every attack. As all classes have pretty strong attacks, this can inflict a lot of damage over time.

Although it can be a little situational, Blood-Soaked Jade gives a buff to all damage and movement speed based on your total life. At its worst, it still adds a lot to your class. If you can pair it alongside an invulnerability move or a tanky class, this will work incredibly well.

The likes of Zernson's Haunting could be useful if you run a build that uses a lot of summons but likely won't be good enough to throw into your build if not. Ultimately, these tier lists are only the start of how you want to set up your class. Experiment with what you have and try to build the best class you can.

If you're browsing around the classes and are looking for some early game tips, check out our guides on the best skills and gems for the Necromancer build and Barbarian build as well.

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