Diablo Immortal Crusader build - best skills, stats, and gems for leveling

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The Crusader in Diablo Immortal.
April 14, 2023: We have gone over our information.

Want to burn through the demons of hell with holy light and a satisfying flail? Check out this Diablo Immortal Crusader build for a few tips on how to do that faster than you can imagine. Introduced through an expansion pack in the last big release, the hulking Crusader returns in Diablo Immortal as a sturdy class that won't suit everyone.

If you're already sure that you want to go down the path of the Crusader, we've pieced together an early levelling guide. By following along, you'll equip the best skills for the first few dozen levels, and know exactly when to swap them out to fill in any class holes that start to emerge as the difficulty ramps up. We'll even cover the best starts for Crusaders, which Legendary weapon to choose, and the gems to look out for.

For more on Diablo Immortal, check out how to change classes if you're interested in trying them all out. And if another burly melee class is on the cards, our Diablo Immortal Barbarian build is worth looking into. We have a Necromancer build, Monk build, and Wizard build worth looking into as well.

Diablo Immortal Crusader Build - Best Skills for Leveling

Spinning Shield
Shield Glare (swap for Draw and Quarter)
Sweep Attack (swap for Consecration)
Fallen Sword

Before you even gain two dozen levels, you'll mix up your Crusader build quite a bit as more skills unlock. At level eight, you'll be using the skills above to deal damage, block incoming damage, and race around the area pulling mobs around like like a little kid with their army of stuffed toys.

It's all in an effort to be the go-to defender of your team. It won't matter too much in solo play, but in a group, you'll be the one rushing forward to scout new areas, taking the brunt of powerful enemies as they spring up.

To do this, you'll use skills like Spinning Shield, Shield Glare, and Falling Sword to round up enemies and inflict considerable area damage with active skills that need charging up and strategically tapping again to properly execute.

Once you're able, you'll want to swap out Shield Glare for Draw and Quarter - a skill that gives you insane mobility by getting on the back of a horse. That's right; the best part of the Diablo 3 expansion returns, and it's a great trick for group play and fast leveling.

Not long after that, you'll unlock Consecration, which you'll want to swap into your rotation in place of Sweep Attack. It's a much larger area hit that won't knock enemies back, which should make things better for both solo and group play.

A Diablo Immortal Crusader attacking a target.
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Diablo Immortal Crusader - Best Battle Pass Legendary

The battle pass system in Diablo Immortal is not only a great source of experience when you've exhausted the quests in an area, but an easy way to score a Legendary item suited to your class as well.

When the time comes to choose your class-specific Legendary item, you'll be well-served by the Pavise of Ten Wings. The gargantuan shield turns your Spinning Shield into a full-range area attack. Given you'll be using the ability throughout your climb to max level, it's well worth having.

Diablo Immortal Crusader Build - Best Stats for Gear and Gems

Weapons Armour Gems
Damage, Strength, FortitudeStrength, FortitudeResistance (Topaz), Armor Pen (Sapphire), Damage (Tourmaline)

When rummaging around for scraps of gear left behind by enemies, you'll need to know which stats to look out for. Equipping items with stats that aren't used by the Crusader or simply scale badly will put you at an invisible disadvantage and cost time, money, and resources to fix.

Like the similarly melee-focused Barbarian, the Crusader sees the most benefit from Strength and Fortitude stats on gear and weapons. On weapons, though, it's generally best to look at its raw damage above all else.

Diablo Immortal Crusader build uses the same skills for a while, only swapping two out before max level.
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Best Legendary Gems for Crusader in Diablo Immortal

Legendary Gem Priority
Everlasting Torment
Fervant Fang
Lightning Core

The best Legendary gems for the average Diablo Immortal Crusader build mix things up ever so slightly from the Barbarian build; which isn't too surprising given they're both hyper-focused melee options.

For the first, you'll likely want to aim for Everlasting Torment. Triggering from critical hits, it strongly complements the Crusader's multi-mob strategy. Fervant Fang is a decent single-target option for boss battles and stronger enemies, which can work if you identify a distinct disadvantage there.

Lastly, Lightning Core can be a lot of fun for zapping down powerful enemies. It doesn't trigger too often, but it's a noticeable shock to targets when it does.

Diablo Immortal Crusader Build - Paragon Traits

Paragon Page Skills
VanquisherDamage, Zeal

You'll only manage to get a few points into the Paragon system if you're leveling Barbarian as your first Diablo Immortal class, limiting your options somewhat as you close in on the max level.

Again, like the Barbarian, you'll want to focus on the Vanquisher page for your first half-dozen points in the Paragon system. Max out the fixed damage buff and then slide a point into Zeal to get started. Beyond that, what you pick will depend on the role you frequent in the game. We'll have more on that soon

And that should be all there is to say about the Diablo Immortal Crusader leveling build right now. Over time, we'll update this with PVP picks and max-level raid builds. Until then, though, our Lost Ark Berserker build might be of interest. Our Diablo Immortal tier list is also a good shout.

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