Diablo Immortal Monk build - best skills, stats, and gems for leveling

The Monk in Diablo Immortal.

The Monk in Diablo Immortal.
April 19, 2023: If you're looking for a Diablo Immortal Monk build, this is what you should know.

Diablo Immortal is a game loaded with so much information to take in. If you're struggling, our Diablo Immortal Monk build should help get you started and into PvP easily.

This should take you over some of the game's best skills, gems and equipment for long-term use. Although you will benefit from some creativity after the point, this should help you start.

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Diablo Immortal Monk Build - Best Skills for Leveling

Fists of Thunder
Flying Kick (replace with Mystic Strike when able)
Seven-Sided Strike
Wave Strike

Starting us off, the Fists of Thunder are a solid basic attack, teleporting you to nearby enemies and dealing damage. The teleport has a three-second countdown but is pretty strong if timed right. You can then use its ultimate, Lightning Flux, to deal more damage and develop a shield.

Seven-Sided Strike is one of the first abilities you can, deal AOE damage immediately around you. Then Flying Kick is another solid ability that sends you hurtling into a crowd. It can be replaced with Mystic Strike later that also sends you forward, but this is a much more mobile skill than Flying Kick.

Cyclone Strike is a necessary ability that pulls in all your enemies, lining them up for a big hit. You can combo this off Mystic Strike to get clear and deal damage. Finally, Wave Strike is a great choice, dealing damage and carrying enemies forward. It can clear out when you're in trouble or initiate combat when you are not.

Diablo Immortal Monk Build Guide
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Diablo Immortal Monk Build - Best Battle Pass Legendary

The battle pass is a pretty great way of getting some interesting new gear and a few bonuses for your character. It may take a while to get there but it's worth it when you do.

With the monk, you should check out Eye of the Storm, increasing Cyclone Strike Radius and decreasing cooldown. This is a solid way of giving a solid area skill even better results.

Diablo Immortal Monk Build - Best Stats for Gear and Gems

Damage, Strength, Fortitude
Strength, Fortitude
Topaz (Resistance), Sapphire (Armour Pen), Tourmaline (Damage)

For the monk, the best stats to focus on are Strength, followed by Fortitude. This will allow them to stay in battle for longer and take out more enemies when they do.

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That being said, you generally don't have to worry too much about attributes as you level up. Gear comes in so frequently that you are often best off relying on raw power and damage.

Strength and Fortitude are how you should maximise your skills as you approach the late game.

A Diablo Immortal Monk attacking a target.
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Best Legendary Gems for Monk in Diablo Immortal

Legendary Gem Priority
Everlasting Torment
Fervant Fang
Berserker's Eye

Buffing pretty much all of your important stats, Everlasting Torment is an excellent legendary gem and worth the hassle of retrieving it for yourself. This is necessary in pretty much any class you choose to play.

After this, the Fervant Fang is a great damage booster that only continues to build up over time. If you want to take out an elite enemy, it offers a nice boost and is one of the better high-priority gems in the game.

Finally, Berserker's Eye is an important gem that will significantly increase your damage output, at the expense of taking a little more in return. If you can afford to take a little more damage, you will benefit greatly from all its boosts.

Diablo Immortal Monk Build - PvP

Crippling Insight
Discipline's Weight
Resounding Soul
Path of the Storm
Main Hand
Dragon's Indignation
Off Hand
Eye of the Storm

With the monk, you want to be extremely aggressive and versatile. You need to scare the enemy into moving off the point whilst being able to chase the objective where you need to. You can do huge AOE damage here and are capable of getting out quick when you're low.

The monk is at their greatest when they are scaring the enemy and pushing them back with huge damage. Go for the above gems and equipment to give yourself tonnes of damage and enough versatility to keep going.

Diablo Immortal Monk Build - Paragon Traits and Best Slots

Paragon Page
Damage, Zeal

As paragon traits tend to be an end-game thing, we won't really touch them too much right here but you should go after Damage and Zeal from the very start.

This will increase your damage output at a base level and give you a small timed buff for every enemy you defeat. If you can round them up and wipe some out together, you can get a huge increase to damage.

With all this in mind, you should be able to tackle Diablo Immortal early on and set yourself up well when you get to the end-game.

As the game continues to progress and more things get added, our guides will be updated with them. If you're looking to play it right now with a controller, check out our Diablo Immortal controller support guide.

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