Diablo Immortal YouTuber can’t find any matches after spending £100K on game

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A promo screenshot for Diablo 3.
Credit: Image via Mobygames.

Since its release, Diablo Immortal has received a mixed reception from fans and critics, with many taking issue with its employment of microtransaction and loot box mechanics.

These mechanics, which led Activision Blizzard not to release the game in either Belgium or The Netherlands due to local laws around loot boxes, even prompted some who picked up the game to spend money on it just to prove how anti-consumer they are.

Now, however, as reported by Kotaku, one YouTuber has encountered a slightly different issue, struggling to find a game after dropping £100k in-game.


Diablo Immortal YouTuber becomes so OP they can’t find a game

Striving to gain a leg up on everyone else, YouTuber jtisallbusiness has spent the huge sum of money to improve his Barbarian character, only to find that doing so has boosted his win rate to the point that the game’s matchmaking system won’t provide any other players for him to compete against.

This has effectively stopped him from taking part in the game’s Rite of Exile event with his clan OneTimes, which was getting ready to defend its Immortals title during the event.

In a video posted at the weekend, which you can watch in full below, jtisallbusiness outlined the issue, saying: “I would say it’s probably around, somewhere around 48 to 72 hours somewhere in between that of only trying to queue for a Battleground and never being able to get one.”

He also adds that nothing else he’s tried in-game has allowed him to change this situation ahead of the event, revealing: “so basically, I’m stuck as the clan leader in the immortal clan, not being able to queue us up for Right of Exile at all, I can’t do anything about it.”


The heart of the issue, which jtisallbusiness has had to contact Blizzard about, is that qualifying for the event requires competing in a Battlegrounds PVP match, which his matchmaking situation won’t allow for.

Despite the obvious unhappiness that this situation has caused the content creator, users on ResetEra haven’t exactly been sympathetic in their reactions to the news.

“Dude spent £100k, it's gonna take a while for all the people not dropping fat stacks of cash to catch up”, mused user B-Dubs, while SteveWinwood added: “it's almost like pay to win is bad.”

Meanwhile, user Shola Akinnuso discussed what this story says about Diablo Immortal’s microtransaction economy as a whole, arguing: “I think the takeaway here is that money spent isn’t just cosmetic (no matter what the devs say).”

On the other hand, user kenta summed up the issue by saying: “(I) can’t tell if this is a stronger indictment of Blizzard or the streamer.”

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