Diablo Immortal YouTuber who spent £100K and couldn't find matches receives response from Blizzard

A promo screenshot for Diablo 3.
Credit: Image via Mobygames.

A promo screenshot for Diablo 3.
Credit: Image via Mobygames.

Since its release, Diablo Immortal has received a mixed reception from fans and critics, with many taking issue with its employment of microtransaction and loot box mechanics.

Despite this, lots of players have still spent huge sums of money on the game, being motivated by factors like a desire to prove that these transactions aren’t worth it or just wanting to build the strongest character they can.

The latter was recently the case for one YouTuber, who was left unable to get a match after dropping £100k in-game, as first reported by Kotaku. However, it now looks as though jtisallbusiness has received a response from Blizzard regarding his issues.

Diablo Immortal YouTuber’s Issue Seemingly Prompts Upcoming Fix

Having spent the huge sum of money to improve his Barbarian character, YouTuber jtisallbusiness had been left unable to take part in the game’s Rite of Exile event with his clan OneTimes after boosting his win rate to the point that the game’s matchmaking system wouldn’t provide any other players for him to compete against.

This led him to consider trying to get the money he’d spent refunded and to contact Blizzard regardless, hoping that the company would be able to do something to help him out.

Well, in a new video posted yesterday, which you can watch in full below, jtisallbusiness disclosed that after a few unsuccessful attempts, he’d finally managed to speak to someone from the company, who’d offered some reassurance.

“(I’ve spoken to) a very respectable guy, I’m not going to say exactly who he is because I don’t really care to mention names,” said the YouTuber, continuing: “he did say that it sounds like they approved a fix (for the issue) and they’re going to implement it in the next upcoming days.”

He also added regarding the issue: “It got a lot of attention, right, the video got a lot of attention and now they have a way to fix it.”

The YouTuber also said that he doesn’t plan to discuss the problem any further now that a resolution is seemingly set to arrive.

He did, however, outline some of the trouble he’d had getting a response he was satisfied with from Blizzard, singling out both a live chat session and an official forum post as not having received responses that he felt resolved his situation.

This led him to call for Blizzard to improve its customer service, saying: “even if you’re just a player that plays the game, you should have some sort of customer service (outlet) to be able to talk about something, right?”

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