Torchlight Infinite Gemma build guide - Best Gemma skills, traits, and gear

picture of Gemma in Torchlight Infinite

picture of Gemma in Torchlight Infinite
October 17, 2022: Updated the build with a new talent, skill and gear choices.

Looking to get into Torchlight Infinite and want to play a spellcaster build? Well, luckily for you, we're here to help with our Torchlight Infinite Gemma build guide. If you want to blast your enemies with the power of the elements, then Gemma may be the character for you

Torchlight Infinite is the fourth game of the series and the first mobile and PC iteration in the franchise. The game is now in open beta, so players can go in and create one of six characters in the game.

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The best Torchlight Infinite Gemma build

  • Traits
  • Talents
  • Skills
  • Gear
  • Playstyle

Frostfire Gemma is your typical mage class, but with a slight twist. She leverages Frost and Fire spells to proc her passive ability to deal a bunch of damage. You can build her focusing on either school of magic, or a combination of both. The current best Gemma build is a Frost build that can dish out insane area of effect and single target damage.

Gemma's Traits in Torchlight Infinite
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Best hero trait for Gemma - Torchlight Infinite Gemma build

For our traits, we only have one option, Ice-Fire Fusion. Here are the traits you'll pick up when you unlock them.

  • Level 15: Icefire Fiend
  • Level 32: Expansion
  • Level 50: Frostfire Strength
  • Level 62: Spread
  • Level 80: Seeping In

The key traits here are Icefire Fiend, which grants you a huge DPS cooldown in Frostfire Rampage, and Frostfire Strength, which allows you to be a little more flexible with your gearing.

Damage benefits to Fire skills will now also apply to cold, allowing you to get more damage scaling for your frost skills. Also our level 80 trait, Seeping In gives us a bunch of cold penetration, which is also doubled while we have Frostfire Rampage active. This is massively important for single target damage.

Best talents for Gemma - Torchlight Infinite Gemma build

For our Talents, you're going to generally want small talent nodes that scale your frost and spell damage. This is going to ramp your damage up a ton. The first tree you're going to want to go into is Goddess of Knowledge. Here are the notable nodes to pick up.

  • +1 Spell skill level (level 18 medium node)
  • Beacon: 25% extra spell damage, 25% extra skill cost
  • Insight: 45% spell damage, +1% spell damage per 5 Intelligence

The next tree that you'll go into is Arcanist. Here are the key nodes to snag here.

  • +15% Frostbite Duration, Inflicts 4 Frostbites when dealing cold damage (24 point medium node)
  • +24% cold damage, -5% target cold resistance for 2 seconds on cold damage hit (24 point medium node)
  • 100% Mana Regeneration (24 Point medium node)
  • Fully Loaded: Skill cost +25% of current mana, +35% additional damage for next skill when mana reaches full
  • Frozen Lotus: Defeating an enemy, create a cold damage spell explosion based on your maximum mana to nearby enemies.

Of note here, Frozen Lotus is the most important node to take in this build, as it's responsible for a large portion of our clear. Additionally, with the rework to secondary damage (such as explosions) this is going to be even better than it already is.

The final tree that you want to get into is Ranger. This tree helps us to beef up our critical strike rating, provides more damage, as well as some additional defenses. Here's nodes that you'll want to pick up

  • Fervor Medium nodes
  • 30% increased damage to nearby and distant enemy nodes (2 medium nodes)
  • Fluke
  • Impending
  • Keep It Up

Firstly, we're going to want to pick up the Fervor nodes. This will give us a bunch of spell crit as we defeat enemies, which should be nice and easy. For our large nodes, Fluke makes our crits lucky as long as we have 50 or more Fervor rating, which is a sizeable DPS increase.

Lastly, we can either take Impending or Keep It Up for our last large node depending on our situation. If your crit is in a good place, then take Impending for more damage. Keep It Up grants Fervor additional critical strike rating, so it's worth taking if you're struggling with crits.

Gemma's Ice Lance skill screen in Torchlight Infinite
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Best skills for Gemma - Torchlight Infinite Gemma build

For our skills, our primary source of damage is going to really come from one skill, which will allow for us to use some extra defensive options.

  • Ice Lances: Added Cold Damage, Efficient Cast, Slow Projectile, Wind Projectile, (Lesser Multiple Projectiles until you get Reforged Statue), (increased critical strike rating can also be used in place of slow projectiles pre crit cap)
  • Compound Source: Emergency Restoration, Cooldown Recovery, Instant Restoration
  • Frigid Transmission: Cooldown Reduction, Quick Mobility, Mark
  • Stoneskin: Extended Duration, Cooldown Recovery, Cost Conversion
  • Frost Pool: Freeze Chance, Efficient Cast, Control Spell
  • Ice Imbue: Elemental Fusion, Freeze Chance, Imbue Buff
  • Frigid Domain
  • Curse on Hit: Biting Cold

This set up is the set up that I'm using in my character. While there's still more optimization to go on this, this build is great to get you through at least Timemark 6 in the end game.

Best gear for Gemma - Torchlight Infinite Gemma build

For our gearing choices, we're going to be primarily looking to build in defensive affixes. Since our talent tree is heavily damage-focused, anything we can do to cap our resistances on gear, as well as increase our health pool Health regeneration and mana regeneration.

For offensive affixes, Spell Critical Strike rating and damage, cold damage, Elemental damage, as well as cast speed and spell damage are what we're going for. If you can also find a wand that has +1 cold skill level as well, that will help our damage quite a bit.

There aren't many required legendaries for this build, but there's a couple you could shoot for. Reforged Statue is a great option to give you multiple projectiles, which can speed up clearing. It does provide some nice offensive benefits as well, but you'll want to have a very strong second wand to help bring more damage.

Frozen Path is a legendary chest piece that grants you additional cold resist, but takes one point away from fire and lightning. In exchange, you get additional crit rating per 2% cold resist you have. While this makes you a bit more frail than having a proper defensive chest, it does provide some nice damage.

Lastly, we'd recommend Gemma's Desire. This legendary Ring adds cold and fire damage to our spells, and provides some fire and cold resists. It's unique trait is that it will reduce your fusion energy effect by 60% but in exchange for up to 6% more cold or fire damage depending on which ring slot it's equipped in. Find one with a good cold damage role and a positive fire damage role, and slap this in your right ring slot for a bunch more damage.

How to play the Torchlight Infinite Gemma build

As for the playstyle, this is a very straightforward build. We cast our Ice Lances as our main skill. When something dies, Frozen Lotus will proc and clear the entire screen of monsters. We are going to want to make sure that we drop our Frost Pool under the enemy at all times, as this increases our Ice Lance damage.

One other thing to keep in mind with this build is that Frigid Transmission can have it's cooldown reset when we freeze an enemy. It also can freeze enemies that are on our Frost Pool. This allows you to effectively spam Frigid Transmission repeatedly to kill entire packs of enemies.

For bosses, it's the same thing. Though this may take a bit longer to do, if the boss has ways to spawn mobs, we can leverage Frozen Lotus to dish out some additional damage. Otherwise, dodge and blink around while casting Ice Lance and Frost Pool and you're all set.

And that's the guide! Gemma is a fun, high DPS caster that can be built in a lot of ways. This build is the best way, as it has incredible clear potential, which is a big portion of the end game of Torchlight Infinite.

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