Torchlight Infinite Youga build guide - Best Youga skills, traits, and gear

picture of Youga from Torchlight Infinite

picture of Youga from Torchlight Infinite
January 20, 2023: Season 2 of Torchlight Infinite is upon us! This build is still the top Youga build, so everything here is still relevant.

Looking to get into Torchlight Infinite and want to play a different type of spellcaster build? Well, luckily for you, we're here to help with our Torchlight Infinite Youga build guide. If you want to tamper with time and blast some spells, this is the build for you.

Torchlight Infinite is the fourth game of the series and the first mobile and PC iteration in the franchise. The game is now in open beta, so players can go in and create one of six characters in the game.

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The best Torchlight Infinite Youga build

  • Traits
  • Talents
  • Skills
  • Gear
  • Playstyle

Spacetime Witness Youga is a very interesting character. He's a spellcaster that has time manipulation abilities in his kit. He has a couple different playstyles, with a brand new one being introduced in this open beta test. This new build, although it's new, it has what's required to be the best build. This build is new and has some budgetary hurdles but it's more than capable even at low investments.

Picture of Youga's Spacetime Elapse trait tree in Torchlight Infinite
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Best hero trait for Youga - Torchlight Infinite Youga build

With this new build being introduced, we have a new set of Hero Traits. Our hero ability is Twisted Spacetime, which is a big area of effect time field that increases damage over time on enemies within. Here's the traits that you'll want to pick up.

  • Level 15: Spacetime Diversion
  • Level 32: Spacetime Conversion
  • Level 50: Spacetime Turbulence
  • Level 62: Spacetime Speedup
  • Level 80: Spacetime Upheaval

Our first few traits are aimed to allow us to move our Twisted Spacetime more effectively. Then our last three traits are aimed to help out our single target damage and the ramp up speed of our damage over time effects.

Best talents for Youga - Torchlight Infinite Youga build

For our talents, our first tree is going to be Goddess of Darkness. We're going to want to try and scale our persistent damage, or damage over time, erosion damage, as well as Wilt chance and damage.. Defensively, we're going to be a heavy energy shield build, so picking up energy shield recharge and energy shield nodes will be helpful defensively. Here's the nodes you'll want to make sure you take here:

  • +1 Persistent Skill Level (18 point medium node)
  • Plague (10 point large node) (take for general mapping)
  • Forbidden Power (20 point large node)
  • Poisoned Relief (20 point large node)

We want to pick up the +1 persistent skill level node to beef up our main skills. Plague gives us a 40% chance to have our dots to spread to nearby enemies, and gives us persistent damage duration. Forbidden power beefs up our erosion damage by 35%, but we cannot regenerate life, thus why we are stacking up energy shield as our effective life pool. Eventually, once we have our damage in order, Poisoned Relief is a fantastic defensive choice and you should switch to this.

The next tree we are going to want to go into is Soulbender. Nodes to prioritize here are Erosion damage, Wilt chance and sealed mana reduction. Here's the notable ones to pick up.

  • +1% Erosion Damage per stack of Wilt (24 point medium node)
  • +2 Passive skill level (24 point medium node)
  • Tainted Blood (18 point large node)
  • Stealth Stab (18 point large node)
  • Twisted Belief (36 point large node)

Since we have a bunch of points in this tree, we're going to pick up two key medium nodes. Since we're going to stack Wilt, the first node will give us quite a bit of damage. We'll ideally want to have some key auras and passives available so getting additional levels on those is a great idea.

For our first major node, Tainted Blood will give us more damage early on. Once we can secure Blur via our gearing and extra talent points later on, Stealth Stab is what you want. Twisted Belief gives us +3 to our erosion skills, which is a huge damage buff.

Our final tree is going to be Warlock. Nodes we're going to for here include persistent damage, reaping nodes, and curse effect nodes. Here's the notables here.

  • 30% damage against crowed controlled enemies (6 point medium node)
  • Additional damage to cursed enemies (24 point medium node)
  • Reap nodes
  • Affliction (18 point large node)
  • Verbal Abuse (36 point large node)

With this build, Reaping damage is going to be our main single target damage source, so taking the Reap nodes helps bump that up quite a bit. Additionally, our Shadow Shot does a knockback effect, which triggers the "crowd control" node for more damage. We're going to be cursing enemies with a curse on hit link, so this is more damage.

Affliction ramps up our damage, and Verbal Abuse lets us cast an extra curse. I'm not sure if this will work with a curse on hit set up linking two curses, but if it does, this is a massive damage increase. If it doesn't either of the other two large nodes in this category could work as well.

Best skills for Youga - Torchlight Infinite Youga build

For our skills, we have one skill that will be a major source of damage, with one supporting skill to help it along. We also have some auras and supporting skills. Here's what we'll want to take skills wise.

  • Shadow Swamp: Erosion Pierce, Improved Corrosion, Added Erosion Damage, Spell Concentration, Control Spell
  • Shadow Shot: Efficient Cast, Cataclysm, Greater Multiple Projectiles, Reaping Agony, Improved Corrosion
  • Spiral Strike: Precision Strike, Quick Mobility, Hardened
  • Secret Origin Unleash: Cooldown Reduction, Pain Amplification, Extended Duration
  • Compound Source: Cooldown Recovery, Instant restoration, Emergency restoration
  • Erosion Amplification: Magical Source
  • Corrosion Imbue: Imbue Buff
  • Curse on Hit: Entangling Pain, Corruption
  • Aim: (Eventually use for more single target damage when defenses are in order)

Our main source of damage is Shadow Swamp, which is an area effect on the ground that deals damage over time. Shadow Shot moves our Swamp to another area and buffs it up a bit. Our curses are Entangling Pain and Corruption, which increase our damage.

Spiral Strike is going to be our main movement skill. It's an attack that does require us to use a dagger, sword or claw, which we will be taking advantage of, but it doesn't have any cooldowns which is nice. Secret Origin Unleash gives us more cast speed which we'll want to stack up more dots on our target.

Picture of Youga, Twisted Spacetime in torchlight infinite
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Best gear for Youga - Torchlight Infinite Youga build

As far as gear goes for this build, we're looking for a few things. We want to make sure our resists are capped out, and that we find energy shield on our gear, as well as some life. For our damage, Erosion damage and Ailment damage are generally going to be great for us.

As for our our weapon choices, there are a few categories of weapons that we can obtain to pick up depending on your budget. First and foremost, we're going to be looking for a weapon that has the following ability:

  • Wilt targets defeated by you explode on death, dealing #% of their maximum life as secondary erosion damage to nearby enemies.

This affix allows our map clearing speed to skyrocket. The two other affixs we're going to want will help scale our single target damage:

  • Adds #% of the skill's damage to Base Wilt Damage
  • Reaps # second of the DoT against an enemy on Critical Strike.

Since scaling the damage of our skills is far easier and has a higher ceiling, this nets us the most base damage. Then we want to be able to Reap a portion of that increased damage. There are multiple places we can get Reap effect (weapon, gloves and talents at least), so bosses should melt with enough of this.

Here are the three versions of weapon set ups that you'll look to pick up in order of budget and when you can utilize them.

Set up 1: Can be used at Level 12 through level 48 - LOW BUDGET (10-20 Flame Elementium)

  • Imploration Dagger (level 12) with Wilt explosion corrosion mod
  • High Physical damage sword / dagger

Set up 2: Can be used at Level 48 until at least Timemark 6 or 7 - MEDIUM BUDGET (40-60 Flame Elementium for weapons)

  • Repeated End (Level 48) sword
  • Dagger with Skill base wilt and Reap

Set up 3: End game set up, incredibly high budget (800+ Flame Elementium)

  • 2x Memory (Sacrificial Blade)

Our end game option for damage is going to be two Memory sacrificial blades. These have up to 200% on the Wilt explosion, and up to 150% skill damage to Wilt on the weapon. Two of these daggers will shoot your damage into the stratosphere and you'll be set for the end game. If you go down this route, you'll want to make sure that you have additional Reap effect via your talents and on your gloves.

As for other Legendary gear choices, King's Boon boots give us Reap when hitting with a DoT, as well as the More with Less Passive node. Twisted Branches is a belt that's designed for this character, and helps ramp our damage. Manella's Mist gives us +1 erosion skill level plus additional stats and damage.

Our big end game defensive gear piece we want to get is the Twilight Vestment, which gives us +1 Persistent skill level, a bunch of energy shield defensive buffs, and additional reaping duration, but it's also quite an expensive chest piece.

How to play the Torchlight Infinite Youga build

As for our playstyle, our mapping is incredibly fast paced. Start by dropping our Shadow Swamp, then hold down your Shadow shot while dashing around with Spiral Strike. As you hit things with Shadow Shot, the Swamp, and our Twisted Spacetime should move to the new pack and everything explodes.

For bosses where we don't have adds to trigger explosions, we're going to drop out DoTs on the boss, and spam Shadow Shot. This will move the swamp to the boss applying additional stacks of Wilt. Our Reap should tick in addition and the more stacks of Wilt on the boss, the harder the Reap ticks hurt. We'll want to use Secret Origin Unleashed and Aim on cooldown here as well.

And that's the guide! This is by far one of the most fun builds in the game, is a stellar mapper even at low and medium budgets, and at the high end can take on nearly everything the game has to offer. You'll still have to play smart, but it's an absolute monster of a build.

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