Torchlight Infinite Carino build guide - Best Carino skills, traits, and gear

picture of Carino in Torchlight Infinite

picture of Carino in Torchlight Infinite
January 20, 2023: Season 2 of Torchlight Infinite is here! The new

Looking to get into Torchlight Infinite and want to play a Ranged build? Well, luckily for you, we're here to help with our Torchlight Infinite Carino build guide. If you want to blast your enemies with the power of the elements, then Gemma may be the character for you

Torchlight Infinite is the fourth game of the series and the first mobile and PC iteration in the franchise. The game is now in open beta, so players can go in and create one of six characters in the game.

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The best Torchlight Infinite Carino build

  • Traits
  • Talents
  • Skills
  • Gear
  • Playstyle

Carino is your traditional ranged character. He can use bows or guns to dish out his damage.

There's a ton of different ranged skills that Carino has access to but the one that we're going to highlight in this guide is a Lightning Shot build that excels in add clear and can scale well into the end game.

picture of Carino's Traits in Torchlight Infinite
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Best hero trait for Carino - Torchlight Infinite Carino build

For our Hero traits, a couple of them give our trait ability support slots, which we'll detail what you'll want to put in there. Additionally, these will augment our special bullets to give them more damage as well. Here are the traits you'll want to take.

  • Level 15: Ammo Expert
  • Level 32: Blade Shot
  • Level 50: Punishment Barrage
  • Level 62: Landslide
  • Level 80: Never Stopping
  • Trait Slots: Mark, Added Lightning Damage

Best talents for Carino - Torchlight Infinite Carino build

For our talents, we generally will want to pick up damage nodes, as well as mana restored on hit and life regeneration nodes as well defensively. The first tree we'll want to go into is Goddes of Hunting. Here's the major passives you're looking for

  • Paralyzed
  • Impermanence

For our second tree, we want to go into Marksman. Here's your majors you'll want.

  • Gale
  • Three Birds with One Stone

Lastly, we'll want to pick up Bladerunner. Here's your major passives there.

  • Transition
  • Queer Angle
Picture of Carino's Lightning Shot ability screen in Torchlight Infinite
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Best Skills for Carino - Torchlight Infinite Carino build

For our skills, we have a main ability that we'll be using, plus a host of support skills to make this build function. Here's the skills and passive abilities you'll want to use.

  • Lightning Shot: Attack Focus, Slow Projectiles, Wind Projectiles, High Voltage, Electric Overload
  • Life Source
  • Blink: Quick Mobility
  • Fixate (Consider replacing at higher levels if you have enough life regen)
  • Bloodthirst
  • Electric Conversion + Summon Thunder Spirit
  • Cast When Taking Damage + Stoneskin
  • Curse on Hit + Electrocute + Seal Conversion

Best Gear for Carino - Torchlight Infinite Carino build

For gearing, prioritize Physical Damage, Attack Speed, and Crit, as well as Increased Damage per Stack of Agility Blessing. Added Lightning Damage is also a nice pick up as well. Defensively, you'll want to cap your resistances, get a decent life pool and evasion is always a plus.

The only legendaries that you'll want to pick up in the late game are going to be Furious Heart, Renowned General's Warboots, and Endless Spirit.

How to play the Torchlight Infinite Carino build

As for our playstyle, it's a pretty easy one to pick up. Lightning Shot does all of our damage, so we should be spamming that. Blink is our movement skill to get out of enemy abilities. We'll also want to use Life Source to regen some health when needed. Bloodthirst is a self buff, and we'll want to Fixate as many packs as we can.

And that's the guide. This character is a great build that with some min-maxing, you can scale this to the end game with ease.

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