Torchlight Infinite Rehan build guide - Best Rehan skills, traits, and gear

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Picture of Rehan from Torchlight Infinite
October 16, 2022: We added a few more Rehan builds.

Looking to get into Torchlight Infinite and want to get in the thick of things and smash your enemies? Well, luckily for you, we're here to help with our Torchlight Infinite Rehan build guide. If you dig the hack and slash gameplay style, then Rehan may just be the character for you!


Torchlight Infinite is the fourth game of the series and the first mobile and PC iteration in the franchise. The game is now in open beta, so players can go in and create one of six characters in the game.

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The best Torchlight Infinite Rehan build

  • Traits
  • Talents
  • Skills
  • Gear
  • Playstyle

Berserker Rehan is your typical melee warrior style character. He wields a big weapon, and gets right up in the enemy's faces to dish out massive damage. He has quite a bit of different strike skills at his disposal but the one that we're going to recommend is Whirlwind, converting all of our damage to fire. If you've ever played a whirlwind character in other ARPGs, then this one is going to feel right at home.

Picture of Rehan's Hero Traits in Torchlight Infinite

Best hero trait for Rehan - Torchlight Infinite Rehan build

For our hero traits, these serve to augment one of our triggered skills, Burst, and help us cap out our critical strike chance via Rage. Here are the traits you'll want to pick up.

  • Level 15: Anger
  • Level 32: Frenzy Furious
  • Level 50: Rampaging
  • Level 62: Boiling Anger
  • Level 80: Reverberation

Best talents for Rehan - Torchlight Infinite Rehan build

For our talents, generally speaking take your pick of fire and attack damage perks, but avoid taking Fire Penetration. We'll explain why in a moment. For defenses, you want to try and take life and life regeneration nodes You're going to start in the God of Might Tree. Here's the passives you'll definitely need to take.

  • +8% Attack speed, -10 attack skill costs (Medium node)
  • Elimination before 20 points (level 10 large node)
  • Burnout after 20 points (level 10 large node)
  • Fueling (20 point large node)

Of note here, the medium node that we notated will make your whirlwind basically free, which is great because we're going to be reserving a bunch of mana. Elimination is a great early skill to take, as it executes enemies below 18%. This is good to have before investing 20 points into the tree. Once we hit 20 points, we'll change Elimination to Burnout and take Fueling as our large nodes of choice. Burnout gives us extra fire damage, and Fueling makes it so our attacks ignore enemy fire resistances.


The reason we don't want to take any fire penetration is because we take Fueling. Ignoring resistances essentially means our attacks hit as if the enemy has zero fire resistance. If we take any fire penetration, which can reduce enemy fire resistance below zero, the ignore will override that reduction and act as if the resistance was zero. This is a damage decrease.

After the God of Might tree, we'll want to move to the Warlord Tree. Here's the passives you'll want to pick up here.

  • 50% Physical damage converted to Fire (Medium talent node)
  • Wildfire (18 Point large node)
  • True Flame (36 point large node)
  • Focused Blow (36 point large node)

For this tree, the fire conversion node is a large chunk of our conversion, and since we want to convert all of our damage to fire, this is mandatory. Wildfire gives us 100% additional fire damage for low health enemies, which is great for boss killing. True Flame and Focused Blow can be swapped regularly based on what kind of content you're doing. True Flame causes enemies to explode on death, and Focused Blow deals more damage to enemies in the center of an area skill, our whirlwind.

You can get both True Flame and Focused Blow as affixes on gear, so trying to shoot for at least one of these on your gear is ideal. Lastly, we'll go into the Ranger Tree. The Ranger tree gives us the Fervor effect, which will help with capping our crit chance. Here's your notable passives here.

  • Fluke (18 point large node)
  • Impending (36 point large node)
  • Fervor and Crit nodes

For this tree, Fluke is a nice DPS increases, as it makes our crit strikes lucky, and Impending makes nearby enemies take additional damage. We want to try and get enough Fervor through our tree to make Fluke proc, but to also help scale our crit chance as efficiently as possible. Fervor is a hard stat to get on gear though, so taking it in the tree will save you some money when you're gearing.


Rehan's Whirlwind skill screen in Torchlight Infinite

Best Skills for Rehan - Torchlight Infinite Rehan build

As for our skills, we're utilizing one main skill here, Whirlwind, but we have others that are going to serve us well. Here's our skills and support skills to go with each one.

  • Whirlwind: Physical to Fire, Hardened, Guard, Elemental Fusion, Precision Strike
  • Bloodthirst: Extended Duration, Bloodbath, Cost Conversion
  • Scorch: Terrain of Malice, Cost Conversion, Abysmal Hatred
  • Leap Attack
  • Bull's Rage: Deathwill, Extended Duration, Cooldown Reduction
  • Resurrection Warcry (Early skill for healing)
  • Charged Flames
  • Rejuvination (level 1): Life seal conversion
  • Fearless or Weapon Amplification

Our main skill here is Whirlwind, which we're converting its damage to fire. Guard and Hardened give us a nice defensive layer, and elemental fusion and precision strike give us more damage. Bloodthirst is a nice passive buff, and scorch is a curse aura that we activate. Leap Attack is our faster movement skill. Bull's Rage is another major damage buff.


Best Gear for Rehan - Torchlight Infinite Rehan build

As for gear, it's fairly easy actually. There's no required legendary items so most of the gear that you'll have will come through crafting. Primarily, we're going to want to cap our resistances, and get a fairly decent sized health pool, with some regeneration if possible.

That being said, there are a couple legendaries that we can recommend to you to help round things out.

  • Tide of the Styx (helm)
  • Eternal Sun (belt)

How to play the Torchlight Infinite Rehan build

The playstyle for this build is very easy to pick up. Spin around with whirlwind to clear enemies, and use leap attack to get out of harms way. Activate your scorch aura, and use bull's rage and bloodthirst when they're available. This playstyle is great for more relaxed leveling and mapping and can do all content in the game, which is great!


And that's the guide! There's a lot of room to augment and scale this build up as you play it, but if anything, it's going to be a really great end game mapping build, but it can also take down bosses too.

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