Undecember is a cross-platform action RPG out now

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Key art for Undecember, featuring three characters looking into a cloudy light.

Played Diablo Immortal but it didn’t quite do it for you? Well, why not give Undecember a try?

It’s a genuinely console-quality action RPG that’s just launched on PC and mobile, and offers full cross-platform play no matter what device you use.

It also respects how you want to play. Whether it’s with touch, a controller, or mouse and keyboard, you won’t find any barriers.

Oh, and that includes languages too, with 10 supported at launch. There are German, French, English, and Japanese.

In Undecember, you play as a Rune Hunter, and your mission is to prevent the resurrection of the 13 Evil God Serpents that are trying to destroy the world.

That world is all stunningly-realised dark fantasy - like Diablo if it went full horror.

An Undecember character with a long tongue and giant blade regards the camera.
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You explore it across ten story acts, but those looking for additional challenges - and rewards - can check out the Chaos Dungeon, Spire of Barrier, Void Rift, and Raids.

What you do is battle hordes of monsters to collect XP, gold, and loot. You then use those to increase the power of your character, doing it all over again.

How you play is entirely up to you though. Undecember features a classless progression system, so you simply equip the equipment and skills you like and crack on.

It will particularly appeal to fans of Path of Exile, which, though it features classes, is pretty open-ended with its progression.


Undecember is available right now, and you can grab it on iOS, Android, or PC.

To celebrate the launch, developer and publisher Line Game is giving away tons of in-game rewards via festivals and events.

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