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The title image for Baldur's Gate 3
Credit: Larian Studios

The title image for Baldur's Gate 3
Credit: Larian Studios

Larian's highly anticipated Dungeons & Dragons-inspired title Baldur's Gate 3 has been met with an incredibly positive reception since its release on August 3, 2023. With an in-depth story and a completely customisable character experience, it is guaranteed to tickle the fancy of new and experienced D&D fans. There's a lot to cover in the game, so here is our Baldur's Gate 3 hub!

Baldur's Gate 3 is undoubtedly one of the biggest game releases of 2023 and is absolutely stacked with content! To cover all bases, answer all questions, and put your mind at ease about the decisions you make as you play, we have put together this in-depth hub for all things BG3! From finding the best weapons, to romancing companions and getting through some of the tougher quests, we've got you covered with our Baldur's Gate 3 hub!

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Before you play

BG3 is guaranteed to be a huge title that takes up many enjoyable hours of your gaming time. Before you sink your teeth into the title, check out the following so you can hit the ground running!


Baldur's Gate 3 is an enormous game with plenty of features and skills you need to familiarise yourself with. Check out the below for all of the fundamentals of the game, from the obvious to the more challenging!

4 Baldur's Gate 3 characters standing at the edge of a cliff
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Credit: Larian Studios
Immerse yourself with the best D&D inspired title to date!

Character guides

Baldur's Gate 3 puts the power in your hands to bring your fantasy character vision to life with its deep customisation options. Once you've crafted the perfect protagonist, you'll also need to know how to interact with others. Here is everything you need to know about your character.


The Forgotten Realms are full of very useful resources to give your character a distinct advantage on their travels. Here is how to find some of the more powerful items.


Get the upper hand in combat with these guides on conquering bosses and dealing damage to foes!

Best lists

You don't need to compare character classes or try and work out their best build. We've done the work for you with our range of ranked lists!

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A Baldur's Gate 3 character engaged in combat with a minotaur
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Credit: Larian Studios
We've got you covered to handle anything BG3 throws at you!

Quests and choices

Baldur's Gate 3 will test you with a range of difficult choices and challenging quests to complete. If you're wanting to make more informed decisions, take a look at our walkthroughs.

Builds and inspirations

Choosing a character background is just the beginning! Here are some build and inspiration guides to help your character realise its full potential!

Game performance issues

Having some trouble with Baldur's Gate 3. Take a look at some of the most common performance issues and how to fix them!

Keep checking this hub; we will frequently update it with even more Baldur's Gate 3 content!

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