Far Cry 6: All Mythical Animals Locations and How To Get the Primal Gear Set

Far Cry 6 Mythical Animal, Black Demoniaco, looking to attack Dani Rojas.

In Far Cry 6, there is more than just your standard crocodiles, sharks, and hares to be hunting. Yara also hosts five legendary, Mythical Animals that can be hunted for their materials. These can then be used to reward yourself with more materials or the Primal Gear Set.

In this guide, we explain the locations of all Mythical Animals, how to hunt them, and how to attain the Primal Gear set.

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Where to Find All Mythical Animals

We've embedded a map below that shows all the locations of Mythical Animals in Yara. This is provided by our friends at Map Genie, who've got a fully interactive and customisable Far Cry 6 map, so be sure to check it out here.

How To Hunt All Mythical Animals

You can find each Mythical Animal across Yara's regions, and here's how best to approach and hunt them:


The Mamutito takes the form of a wild boar and can be found at any time of day in Isla Santuario, in the northern fields of Cayo Seguro Peninsula, not too far from the coast. He'll be in a small cavity in the woodland with other boars, likely with other armed guerrilla's trying to poach him. He's rather easy to kill, however, as you can attempt to approach him stealthily or use the terrain to avoid his charged attacks. Be mindful of the other boars around, as they will all attempt to attack you on sight.

Once killed, Mamutito gives you a resource called Mamutito's Tusks, which can be traded for the Primal Mask.

Perros Demoniacos

When it comes to the Perros Demoniocas, there are two animals here that you need to hunt: the Black Demoniaco and the White Demoniaco. Both Mythical Animals take on the form of feral wolves. They can be found at any time of day in the centre of the Aguas Lindas area of Madrugada, in a small valley at the bottom of Danzante Ridge.

The pair of Demoniacos can be a challenge to kill when roaming in a pack of other dogs. We recommend trying to keep a distance and using a bow or your gadgets, such as grenades, to get try to hunt the entire pack, one by one. Provided that you keep a distance, hunting the Perros Demoniacos shouldn't be too difficult.

Once killed, the Black Demoniaco will give you a resource called Black Demoniaco's Pelt, which can be traded for Primal Boots. On the other hand, the White Demoniaco's Pelt can be traded for Primal Bracers.


The Venodiente is a large crocodile who's likely going to be one of your toughest challenges to hunt. He is located in Valle De Oro, within the subregion of Balaceras, southwest of the centre and amidst Cocodrilo Swamps, and can be found at any time of day.

You will need to take caution as the Venodiente is surrounded by many other animals who'll be hungry for you. We also recommended equipping a Hazmat Mask and preparing for poison, as he is also surrounded by a cloud of toxic red gas that will kill you if you get too close. The best way to try to kill him is by using your most powerful guns or a strong Supremo, he won't go down without a fight!

Once killed, the Venodiente will give you a resource called Venodiente's Leather, which can be traded for the Primal Vest.


The Sanguinario takes the form of a nocturnal jaguar and is located on the southern coast of El Este, by Torrero Beach. He notably only shows up at night, so be patient, and consider equipping Ida's Sigil Helmet (a reward from the Triada Blessings quest) to help you spot this one. If the Sanguinario does not spawn right away, you may need to leave the area and return a little while later for him to appear.

The jaguar is fast, so be prepared for lunge attacks and be cautious of his feline friends. Luckily, where he resides has plenty of high spots for you to escape to or attack from. You can fire your bow from the nearby rooftops or, just like with Venodiente, go in all guns blazing with your strongest Arsenal.

Once killed, the Sanguinario will give you a resource called Sanguinario's Pelt, which can be traded for Primal Pants.

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How to Unlock and Get The Primal Gear Set

The contents of the Far Cry 6 Hunter's Lodge, including an animal set known as the Primal Gear set.
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The Primal Gear set can be incredibly valuable if hunting animals is your thing. When you've acquired the correct resources from hunting the various Mythical Animals noted above, you'll be able to go and trade these for the pieces of gear at the Hunter's Lodge.

To be able to access the Hunter's Lodge, you must first speak to the Foreman at the Construction Desk of your chosen Guerrilla Camp and build one using medicine and metal scraps. The lodge only needs to be at level one for you to be able to trade in the animal resources for this nifty set of animal gear. We talk in depth about Guerrilla Camps and the various facilities you can unlock at them here.

Below, we list each item in the set and what perks they grant you:

Primal Mask

  • Perk: Predator Sense — This will automatically tag nearby animals for you.
  • How to Get It: Trade 1 Mamutito's Tusks at the Hunter's Lodge for the piece.

Primal Vest

  • Perk: Animal Detection Reduction — You will now be able to get closer to animals before they try to attack you, making your attacks easier.
  • How to Get It: Trade 1 Venodiente Leather at the Hunter's Lodge for the piece.

Primal Pants

  • Perk: Big Quiver — This improves your arrow reserve.
  • How to Get It: Trade 1 Sanguinario Pelt at the Hunter's Lodge for the piece.

Primal Bracer

  • Perk: Big-Game Carver — This will improve the amount of animal meat you collect from hunting.
  • How to Get It: Trade 1 White Demoniaco Pelt at the Hunter's Lodge for the piece.

Primal Boots

  • Perk: Swift Predator — This will greatly improve your movement speed after you have killed an animal.
  • How to Get It: Trade 1 Black Demionaco Pelt at the Hunter's Lodge for the piece.

Once you've discovered the Mythical Animals that Yara has hiding and have acquired the Primal Gear set, hunting animals will be even easier than before. If you want to go about making the most of your new gear and hunting skills, we have plenty of information and tips on how to hunt sharks and crocodiles.

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