Far Cry 6 Map Guide: Regions Explained, Rank and How To Approach Them

Far Cry 6's El Este, a peek at the architecture of the region, comprised of La Moral and Legends of '67.

Far Cry 6's El Este, a peek at the architecture of the region, comprised of La Moral and Legends of '67.

Far Cry 6 is never lacking when it comes to things to do and regions to explore. The world of Yara is a sprawling, open-world environment that's filled with colourful characters, a dozen military targets and operations, and even treasure hunts. The order that you explore in is entirely yours, but the regions operate based on a rank system, meaning Dani Rojas will encounter more trouble in El Este than in Madrugada.

In this guide, we've explained each region, its rank, and how you should approach it.

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Isla Santuario

Far Cry 6's region of Isla Santurio, where your story begins and very close by to Libertad Island.
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Isla Santuario is your starting region and just north of the island is a much smaller one, home of Libertad HQ. This region is where your Far Cry 6 story begins, and the nearby smaller patch of land — Libertad Island — is essentially your base that you can return to whenever as you recruit more fighters for Libertad. While you don't spend much time on this island whatsoever, it's definitely nice to venture back to Isla Santuario or Libertad HQ sometimes when you're tired of being swamped by enemy soldiers and need to explore stress-free.


Far Cry 6's region of Madrugada, where Dani meets the Montero family at their farm in Mogote Foothills.
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Of the three main regions where you spend most of your time, you will find yourself in Madrugada first. It can be tempting to go off roaming, but we recommend spending some time here before you move on. Madrugada is the tobacco farming region and is home to the Viviro plantation that is so central to Far Cry 6's story and Anton Castillo's regime.

In this region, you will commence on the main questline called Meet the Monteros. You'll encounter many tobacco farmers, but more importantly, the Montero family, whose ties to Yara run incredibly deep. You will be brought to the Montero Farm in Mogote Foothills, and it is here where you can begin to expand your first Guerilla Camp. We recommend building a Hideout Network, so later down the line, you can fast travel between regions with ease. If fast travel isn't for you, however, and you'd rather explore, then the Guerrilla Garrison is the next best way to begin building your camp, so you can be armed with the best weapons for your journey.

This region is arguably the best for starting your time in Yara, with nothing being too tricky to tackle. Also, you are able to unlock the adorable AmigoChorizo — during your time here.

Valle De Oro

Far Cry 6 region of Valle De Oro, Dani meets Paolo of Maximas Matanzas.
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After your time in Madrugada comes to a close, we recommend heading to Valle De Oro next. This region is full of Yaran youth, some of which are a rap crew known as Maximas Matanzas, led by Talia and Paolo.

Just as you fought to get the Montero family to support yourself and Libertad in your fight for freedom from Castillo, you will now be doing the same during the main questline called Meet Maximas Matanzas. By completing operations alongside the youths of Yara to show them that they need to join you, you will have to get them on your side too. The characters in this region are incredibly colorful, so you're bound to have fun while doing so.

In this region, the main villain you'll find yourself coming up against is Maria Marquessa — the Minister of Culture. As the story of Valle De Oro unfolds, you'll soon learn that Marquessa is a major problem. Additionally, Valle De Oro is home to another Amigo for you to unlock: Boom Boom, who is a rather cute Easter Egg that'll take fans back to Far Cry 5.

El Este

Far Cry 6's region of El Este, where Dani meets La Moral (and the Legends of '67).
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In El Este, unruly students and respected Legends of past revolutions collide with each other. This region will be consumed by more jungles and mountains, so that Wingsuit you should have unlocked in Madrugada is definitely going to come in handy.

Your journey in El Este will require you to go on the main questline called Meet the Legends. You'll need to work with two groups, bring them together, and encourage them to fight alongside Libertad. The first group is the Legends of '67 who live high up in the mountains, and once led a revolution against Castillo's father. The second is La Moral, led by Yelena and Jonrón, the youths of El Este. These two groups don't particularly get along, so it's your job to encourage them to work together to be able to overthrow Anton Castillo alongside the other important freedom fighters you've recruited so far.

Also, it is in El Este where you'll be able to unlock the badass, punk rooster who goes by the name of Chicharrón. He is an absolute murder machine, and the quests required to unlock him are particularly fun, so we recommend taking some time out of your journey for freedom to go and seek Chicharrón out. We've got more guidance on how to unlock him here.


Far Cry 6's region of Esperanza. The region is under strict military enforcement due to it being home to Anton Castillo and his son, Diego.
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As the capital of Yara, Esperanza is under a very strict military lockdown. This is because it is where Anton Castillo and Diego, his son, reside. You may recall that at the very beginning of Far Cry 6, this is where your story began during your initial attempt, as Dani Rojas, to escape Yara. However, that didn't quite go to plan.

With this region being home to Far Cry 6's antagonist, you can imagine that it is heavily patrolled by enemy soldiers, and things here can be rather tough for you as a guerrilla fighter. We don't recommend entering Esperanza until the main story operations tell you to do so. Yet, if you ignore the military lockdown, Esperanza is a beautiful region to explore when you finally get there.

Regions and Rank Level

The Rank for each region will be determined by your gameplay. However, it is recommended to commence in the following order to get the most out of Far Cry 6's story, and to encounter regions as they become more difficult: Madrugada, Valle De Oro, El Este, then Esperanza.

Esperanza will require that you are of at least Rank 11 or higher, which completing the main story operations alone won't bring you to. Therefore, we recommend taking on some fun side quests such as the Triada Blessings sidequest, or checking out how to increase your rank quickly here. However, we did manage to make our way through Esperanza at Rank 10 by making the most of our stealh abilities and Supremo backpacks — so it isn't impossible to explore regions while being a Rank lower than recommended. It'll pose you a challenge, though!

That's all you need to know about Far Cry 6's scenic and expansive world of Yara. By taking on the regions in order of difficulty, you'll be bound to progress as a guerrilla fighter and take down Anton Castillo in no time at all. If you want to travel Yara in style, take a look at unlocking all four Rides on offer. Alternatively, if you just want a small break from taking out soldiers, try out some mini-games across Yara.

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