Far Cry 6: All Mini-Games and How to Play Them

Far Cry 6 has a Cockfighting mini game that takes on a Tekken style.

Far Cry 6 has a Cockfighting mini game that takes on a Tekken style.

Far Cry 6 isn't all about completing operations and taking out military targets. Yara offers a huge range of wildly different things to do. Two of which are mini-games that you can compete in if you feel like taking a small break from the likes of Anton Castillo and his soldiers.

In the following guide, we explain what Cockfighting and Dominoes are, where you can play them and how to try and win them too.

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The Far Cry 6 Cockfighting ring, located at the Madrugada Guerrilla Camp.
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The Cockfighting mini-game is a sport in which you make two Roosters fight each other. It's given a Tekken-style vibe, with a 2D fighter look and feel.

When you're ready to play, you can simply make your way to the Madrugada Guerrilla Camp and approach the Cockfighting ring. Then you can speak with Ivan to start a game. You will choose a difficulty, select a Rooster as your fighter, and then the game will commence. You can learn more about collecting all the available Rooster's across Yara here.

To win the game, you will need to use a combination of Close Range Attacks, Long Rang Attacks, Jump Attacks and Dodges tactically. While button-mashing may work if you're participating in the Civilian difficulty, you'll have to think a little about which moves and when to make them if participating at the Guerrilla or Revolutionary difficulties.

The best way to try and win is to stun your opponent using two Close Range Attacks, and then target them with a Jump Attack or Long Range Attack to gradually deplete their health bar.

Depending on which difficulty you choose to play the mini-game at, you'll be awarded some Yaran pesos for successfully winning. Good luck!


The Far Cry 6 Dominoes table, located at the El Este Guerrilla Camp.
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After having completed the main story operation of Meet the Legends, you will then be able to play some heated games of Dominoes.

To participate, simply head to the Guerrilla Camp in El Este and make your way to the back of the camp. You will find a group of NPC's already playing and will be able to join in with them at any given point. Similarly to Cockfighting, Dominoes can be played at three difficulties: Civilian, Guerrilla, and Revolutionary.

The game itself is somewhat self-explanatory if you ever played Dominoes while growing up, or even as an adult. You must match your tiles to ones on the board, although the game interface helps with this by greying out which tiles aren't playable and slightly highlighting which tiles you can play with during each of your turns.

If none of your tiles are useable, you will have to pass your turn. The game will end if all players pass during one round and therefore have no tiles left to play, or if a player runs out of tiles altogether. Whoever has the lowest amount of points is deemed the winner, and if that person is you, then you will be awarded some pesos for winning!

Although Far Cry 6 has a vast main story that will see you travelling all over each region, we suggest that it is important to take some time to see all that Yara has to offer. As well as mini-games, one side quest that has you delving into Yara's mysteries and completing Treasure Hunts is the Triada Blessings Yaran Story, which we talk more about here.

You can also spend some time trying to unlock animal companions, known as Amigos, through various side quests too!

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