Far Cry 6: How To Find All Triada Blessings Relics To Unlock Oluso, Triador Supremo and Triada Gear

The outside of the Oluwa Cave in Isla Santuario of Far Cry 6, one of the main areas for the Triada Blessings quest.

During Far Cry 6, if there is one sidequest that every player should embark on, it is the Triada Blessings Yaran Story. This side quest begins in a secret cave and then sends you on three Treasure Hunts to search for ancient relics, one in each main region. Your main goal is to retrieve the Triada Relics and return them to their home of the Oluwa Cave.

Not only is the Triada Blessings mission great fun — with each Treasure Hunt being different from the last — but completing the quest comes with great rewards too. These rewards include the illusive panther Oluso, the La Varita Rifle, the Triador Supremo and a full set of Triada Gear.

In this guide, we've explained how to find each relic and complete the Triada Blessings sidequest, and how you unlock each reward.

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Start Triada Blessings At Oluwo Cave

The Oluwa Cave, of the Triada Blessings quest, is located on Isla Santuario in Far Cry 6.
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As you begin your guerrilla fighter journey in Isla Santuario, you'll soon learn of the presence of the Oluwa Cave, either by talking to fellow guerrilla NPC's or by reading the notes and intel you'll come across.

To start the Triada Blessings sidequest, you'll need to visit Oluwa Cave, which is to the east of Clara's Camp. It's a pretty easy cave to get to if you don't mind a bit of climbing. Alternatively, you can Air Drop onto Clara's Camp and use your Wingsuit to fly directly over to the cave's entrance.

This cave is only the beginning of your quest, as it is from here that you'll then have to embark on the three Treasure Hunts for the Triada Relics, before returning them. As you begin the quest in Oluwa Cave, you will also find a note, shrine, and two chests. The chests contain the first two pieces of gear involved in this quest. They are as follows:

  • Oluwa's Heart — Chest piece that reduces movement noise.
  • Eternal Dance — Wrist gear that improves knife and axe throwing damage.

The First Relic: Ida's Triada Relic, At La Triada Mural

The Ida's Triada Relic is located at the La Triada Mural in Lozania, of the region Madrugada.
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The first Treasure Hunt you should embark on is that of Ida's Triada Relic. This relic will be located at the La Triada Mural in Lozania, situated in Madrugada. More specifically, the La Triada Mural is west of the town of Verdera, as shown on the map above.

Once you arrive here, you must read the glistening note at the bottom of the mountain to begin. You'll then have to use the vines and your grapple to make your way to the very top of the mountain, where you will eventually find a cave.

Throughout the cave, there are many zip lines and ledges you must manoeuvre, and you'll know you're getting closer to the relic as you encounter more and more purple fire and smoke. It's in this cave where things seem to feel a little more Lara Croft: Tomb Raider than they do Far Cry, but we're not complaining. When using the zip lines, you'll find that you'll have to prematurely detach yourself from a handful of them and jump onto the one below, zigzagging yourself around the cave and eventually to Ida's Triada Relic.

Once you reach the relic, you'll find another note and a chest. The chest contains the following:

  • Ida's Sigil Helmet — uses the perk Night Sight to highlight allies, enemies, and animals at night.

The Second Relic: Oku's Triada Relic, At Fort Oro

The Oku's Triada Relic is located at Fort Oro in Cruz Del Salvador, of the region Valle De Oro.
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The next Treasure Hunt that you'll come across is for Oku's Triada Relic in the region of Valle De Oro. The Treasure Hunt, and relic itself, are located at Fort Oro in Cruz Del Salvador, shown on the map above.

As you approach the fort and read the glistening note outside it, just as you did at the base of La Triada Mural, you'll learn that weird things happen at Fort Oro overnight. This means that you'll only be able to access the building during this time. This is where Ida's Sigil Helmet can actually prove to be quite useful as you wait for nightfall.

The hunt for this relic is rather puzzle-based, but the puzzles aren't too tricky to solve. However, we're going to tell you how to do them anyway!

  • First and foremost, you'll enter a room of mirrors and need to use a weapon to smash the remaining mirror closest to the open doorway. This will then reveal a switch that you can interact with, which will then grant you access to a room full of televisions.
  • In the television room, there are three buttons to interact with and a note that tells you exactly what order in which to interact with them in order to be able to move on. The order is middle, left, and right. Then, you'll be able to go to the second floor, where you'll find a room containing a piano.
  • Creepily enough, the piano will be playing even though nobody is touching it... take no notice and read the note on the piano to automatically open the door, revealing a staircase, concealed behind the wardrobe.
  • Going down these stairs will then take you to a dungeon filled with training dummies that follow your every movement. Again, however, just ignore them and progress towards the switch in the back-left of the room, then you can enter the door to your right.
  • You'll then find a broken cannon and see an opening above you. You can use your grapple to climb up here and will then be able to see the entirety of Fort Oro's courtyard, including a well that has purple smoke coming out of it. You can use the zip line ahead of you to go straight to the well, but be careful of nearby enemy soldiers who are aware of your presence. It's up to you whether you dive straight into the well or wish to clear the enemies out first.

Once inside the well, use ledges and rocks to make your way to a chest, This chest contains the following:

  • Oku's Deliverance — trousers that increase the amount of damage dealt to enemies who are situated below you.

After grabbing your new gear, you'll see another area to attach your grapple to above you. Climb your grapple and swing slightly to make it to another ledge, where you will find the second relic in your quest, Oku's Triada Relic. Now, we recommend you get the hell out of Fort Oro before anything else spooky happens.

The Third Relic: Mimo Abosi's Triada Relic, At McKay Global Drill Site D

The Mimo Abosi's Triada Relic is located at the McKay Global Drill Site D in La Joya, of the region El Este.
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The third and final relic of your quest is the Mimo Abosi's Triada Relic. This relic is located at the McKay Global Drill Site D in La Joya, in the region of El Este, as shown on the map above.

As with most enemy sites, there's a handful of Castillo's soldiers situated here that you'll have to quickly clear out. Once having done that, you can enter the nearby small building by breaking a wooden door and acquire a Fan Room Keycard that you'll need later. You can then shoot the lock off the drill site's cave door and enter, but you'll notice that some sort of mains electricity is running and causing the water here to be a bit of an issue for you.

With this in mind, you'll want to head to the orange generator outside and simply break it. The best way to do this is using your gadgets, such as grenades, and then the water will be fine to walk through and swim in. Once you reach the opposite area of the cave, there is an elevator shaft, but also an unfriendly visitor that you'll be quite familiar with by now: Viviro poison.

Using the Fan Room Keycard from earlier, you'll be able to enter the room to the left of the shaft and turn the fans on, which will clear the poison out. Now you can go ahead and use your grapple to climb down the elevator shaft safely.

Once here, you'll find Mimo Abosi's Triada Relic, an exit to the cave, and another chest that contains the following:

  • Mimo Abosi's Mirage — shoes that reduce movement noise.

Collecting Your Rewards From Oluwa Cave

The inside of Oluwa Cave in Isla Santuario, where you return the three relics and collect your rewards for completing the Triada Blessings quest.
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Finally, you have all three of the Triada Relics and hopefully, you had some fun on the Treasure Hunts along the way. To collect the final few of your rewards — we promise that they're good — you must return the collected relics to Oluwa Cave in Isla Santuario again.

When you arrive here and place down the three relics, magic happens and the walls of the cave will collapse around you. They'll reveal a rather picturesque tree, altar, and many glowing stars on the cave walls around you. You'll once again be able to open another chest here, which contains the following two items:

  • La Varita Rifle — an incredibly powerful rifle that takes down most enemies in just one or two shots.
  • Triador Supremo — allows you to see enemies and shoot them through walls using the accompanying La Varita Rifle. Learn more about the Triador Supremo and exactly why it is so good here.

Once you open the chest and receive your rewards, this is still not the end of the Triada Blessings mission. A ghostly panther, Oluso, and spirits taking the same form as her, will now appear. You must kill Oluso in order to tame her, but be wary of the spirits surrounding her. These will turn into smoke as you shoot them, but eventually, you'll take down Oluso too. To officially unlock her as your lifelong Amigo, you must go and revive her. At last, you have completed the Triada Blessings quest and acquired all of your rewards!

The La Varita Rifle is one of the best weapons available in Far Cry 6, so being able to unlock it from such a fun side quest makes the Triada Blessings a quest definitely worth embarking on. Additionally, having animal companions by your side as you take on Castillo's soldiers certainly makes your guerrilla journey a little less lonely, so after unlocking Oluso, we absolutely recommend seeing how you can unlock the other available Amigos too.

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