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Far Cry 6: How to Get the Wingsuit

The Wingsuit has been an attainable player upgrade for a long time in the Far Cry series. Far Cry 6 is no different, in that you can also gain the Wingsuit as a character specialization. It can be particularly useful for some operations and missions that require you to go long distances, especially from the top of mountains, which Yara is full of.

The Wingsuit is a great tool for escaping situations you don't want to deal with, or for just getting down from mountains - which guerrilla camps are often at the top of - very quickly. Therefore, it's understandable that you might want to get your hands on it as soon as possible, so read on to see exactly how to get the Wingsuit.

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A map of Montero Farm, a guerrilla camp with multiple facilities, including the Construction Desk.
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To gain access to the Wingsuit, you must first make sure you have left the beginning region of Isla Isla Santuario and are commencing with the main story in Madrugada. One of your first operations within this region - Meet The Monteros - requires you to become friendly with the Montero family so they can help you on your mission to free Yara.


Complete the Meet The Monteros operation, and you will be taken to Monteros Farm - a guerrilla camp - in Mogote Foothills. You will then have access to all of its resources, including the Construction Desk. The Construction Desk will allow you to upgrade facilities at the guerrilla camp that will assist you with the revolution you're undertaking, including a Hideout Network.

Go and speak to Foreman at the Construction Desk - highlighted by a green tool on your HUD - and he will give you multiple options for what you can upgrade. To access the Wingsuit, you want to build the Hideout Network specifically. Select this option, and the Hideout Network will be built immediately just a few meters away, which will then be marked by a green house icon on your HUD. You can speak to Chief Scout here at any time to purchase Hideout Locations, which will make completing your operations around Yara and maintaining your cool much easier and safer!

More importantly, once the Hideout Network has been built, the Wingsuit will be added to your inventory automatically under 'Logistics'.

The Wingsuit in the Inventory under Logistics and Specializations.
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While falling from a height, you can deploy the Wingsuit to be able to cover great distances across the sky. Remember though, as you're coming to a stop, switch from your Wingsuit to the Parachute to ensure a safe landing. As you might have learned from previous Far Cry games, not deploying your parachute will result in instant death as you land. If you want to free Yara from the likes of Anton Castilla and his soldiers, you need to stay alive!

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