Far Cry 6: How To Unlock the Wingsuit

The Wingsuit has been an attainable player upgrade for a long time in the Far Cry series. Far Cry 6 also allows you to unlock the Wingsuit as a character specialization. It can be particularly useful for travelling around Yara quickly and efficiently, especially given how hazardous the skies can be with the presence of Anti-Aircraft Sites.

In this guide, we have explained exactly how to unlock and use the Wingsuit in Far Cry 6.

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How To Unlock the Wingsuit

A map of Montero Farm, a guerrilla camp with multiple facilities, including the Construction Desk.
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To gain access to the Wingsuit, you must first make sure you have left the beginning region of Isla Santuario and are commencing with the main story in Madrugada. One of your first operations within this region will be to Meet The Monteros.

After completing the introductory operation, you will be taken to Monteros Farm in Mogote Foothills. The farm will act as a Guerrilla Camp, allowing you to access to all of its resources, including the Construction Desk.

Go and speak to the Foreman at the Construction Desk of the camp — highlighted by a green tool on your HUD — and he will give you multiple options for what you can build and upgrade at the camp. To access the Wingsuit, you want to build the Hideout Network specifically.

Once the Hideout Network has been built, the Wingsuit will be automatically added to your inventory under 'Logistics'.

The Wingsuit in the Inventory under Logistics and Specializations.
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How To Use the Wingsuit

While falling from a height or Airdropping on a fast travel location, you can deploy the Wingsuit to be able to cover great distances across the sky. Remember, though, as you're coming to a stop, switch from your Wingsuit to the Parachute to ensure a safe landing.

As you might have learned from previous Far Cry games, not deploying your parachute will result in instant death as you land. If you want to free Yara from the likes of Anton Castillo and his soldiers, you need to stay alive!

Now that you have unlocked the Wingsuit in Far Cry 6, travelling will be a breeze... literally. To learn more about getting around Far Cry 6's Yara, check out our guide on how to tackle each region, as well as how you can unlock all four Rides.

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