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How to Fast Travel in Far Cry 6

Air Drop to a Fast Travel location in Far Cry 6.

Of the Far Cry series, Far Cry 6 features Ubisoft's largest map yet. As you journey between various destinations, reclaiming Yara from its oppressive leader - Anton Castillo - you'll find yourself travelling long distances regularly. Therefore, making the most of fast travel can be vital if you want to get around as quick as you can. Here's how to use fast travel, and some of the quickest ways to get around the island.

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Develop a Hideout Network Facility

Building a Hideout Network Facility from a Guerilla Camp in Far Cry 6.
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Developing a Hideout Network Facility as soon as you can is almost vital if you want to travel as fast as possible around the various regions in Yara. Once you make it to Madrugada, you will set up a Guerilla Camp after a handful of operations. Our first Guerilla Camp was at Montero Farm, and yours likely will be too. Later down the line, you will set up more camps across the other main regions of Yara.


Once this is done, you have a base to build up facilities for yourself and other guerrilla fighters. By speaking with the Foreman at the Construction Desk, you will be able to purchase and upgrade the Hideout Network, which will provide you with Hideout Locations across the map that are available to buy.

To purchase these safe areas, speak to the Chief Scout at the Hideout Network desk - also at the Guerilla Camp, once built - and purchase as many, or as few, Hideout Locations as you would like. Once you have purchased these, you will be able to Air Drop onto them or Fast Travel to them from your main menu at any given time. Just remember, you will not be able to use the Fast Travel option to access an active mission location, nor can you use it while in combat.

Therefore, we have a few more suggestions below for getting around Yara quickly that can come in handy when Fast Travel isn't available, the distance you're going isn't too far, or if you just want to take in the scenery.

Use Your Rides

The Rides menu in Far Cry 6.
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As you start your journey as a guerrilla fighter in Yara, there are four Rides that you can unlock and then access from your main menu. These are easily unlocked and can be acquired almost immediately after you step foot onto the main regions of the island.

Open the Rides section on your menu, and 'Call For Vehicle' to have your Ride immediately dropped off wherever you are on the map - provided you're close enough to a road! You can use your Rides to travel quickly to nearby areas, and if you mark your destination on your map, you can request that your Ride follow the road to your destination too, so you need not drive the vehicle yourself. We recommend you take caution with this though, Rojas is not the best driver to leave unattended while you check your phone.


Use Other Modes of Transport

Driving a hijacked vehicle in Far Cry 6, which can be taken to any pick-up point for later use.
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You can access various air vehicles, water vehicles and horses around the map that can help you get around quickly. Horses will be marked on your map and are great for travelling shorter distances through jungles or up mountains, and they tend to spawn by most farms. You can steal or commandeer the vehicles of others too if you fancy a change from your own Rides.


As you build up your Hideout Network too, most Hideout Locations that you can fast travel to will have a form of air or water vehicle on hand for you to use. You can drop these particular vehicles - including commandeered road vehicles - off at vehicle pick-up points, which you can mark on your map if you want to go back and collect them again later too.

We recommend, however, that you be careful to not fly too high in an anti-aircraft zone of you will be shot down and subsequently die. Alternatively, go locate and take out the area's anti-aircraft zone and then the skies are all yours! Or, you can have fun with the Wingsuit, mentioned below.

Use Your Wingsuit

The Wingsuit in action in Far Cry 6.
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The Wingsuit has been a staple of the Far Cry series for it's last few games, allowing you to soar like a bird across the skies. This is particularly useful in Far Cry 6, as Yara is covered with mountainous landscapes that can take some time to get down from.

Once unlocked, your Wingsuit is automatically equipped. Just press the relevant button as you jump down from a large height, and off you go! However, don't forget to deploy your parachute as you eventually approach the ground. Without a safe landing, you're either going to hurt yourself and waste valuable medicine or worst-case scenario, you might die and have to do it all over again.

Now you know the quickest ways to travel around Yara, as well as how to make the most of fast travel in Far Cry 6, you'll be able to free Yara from Castillo in no time at all. Or you might go and take some time to discover other fun things to do beyond the main story too.