Far Cry 6: Where To Find and Unlock All Four Rides

Throughout Far Cry 6, you'll want to use Rides to help you get from A to B across Yara when you aren't able to use fast travel. While there are many vehicles you can commandeer, including Water and Air Vehicles, Rides are the customisable vehicles that you can access and have on-call from your menu.

There are four Rides to unlock, and each of them can be heavily modified and customised to suit both your fight and your style. This guide will explain what each of the four Rides are, where they are located and how you can unlock them in Far Cry 6.

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While you can commandeer the vehicles of others from any point after starting Far Cry 6 and take them to Vehicle Dropoff Points, there's nothing like having your own Ride to hand. You will unlock access to the Rides menu and your first Ride after starting the Fuel the Revolution operation. Go into your menu and hover over your Ride Model to then be able to 'Call for Vehicle'. Before you know it, your Ride will be dropped off for you and you're ready to go on the road.

All Ride Locations in Far Cry 6

Once you know where each of the four Rides locations are across Yara, unlocking them can easily take you less than an hour. Especially once you have located your first Ride or unlocked various fast travel locations, which can be done by upgrading your Guerrilla Camp's Hideout Network.

Each Ride can be found in the following locations:

  • Juan’s 1956 Beaumont Valentina: Complete the Fuel The Revolution operation on Isla Santuario.
  • 1985 Tokai Sabuku: Can be found at an FND Storage Facility in Catalina Ridge, La Joya. In the region of El Este.
  • Yami’s 2008 Kag TG: Speak with Yami at Yami's Chop Shop in Madrugada, and complete the Backseat Driver side mission.
  • 1962 Verrazzano Bravo: Complete any Gran Premio race at least once.

We go into more details about how to specifically unlock each Ride below.

Juan’s 1956 Beaumont Valentina

Far Cry 6 Rides - Juan’s 1956 Beaumont Valentina.
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Juan's Ride is the first that you will unlock in your Rides menu. The simple, yet efficient machine, is unlocked after talking to Benito at his shipyard and starting the Fuel the Revolution operation.

You will need to travel quite the distance as a part of this operation, so having Juan's Ride is incredibly handy for your fight for freedom, especially as you later customise its Offense and Defense modifications!

1985 Tokai Sabuku

Far Cry 6 Rides - 1985 Tokai Sabuku.
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This heavily modded pick-up truck can be found in an FND Storage Facility in Catalina Ridge, and is great when you want to use your Ride to put up a good fight. Catalina Ridge is in La Joya, which is a part of the El Este region of Yara, so you will not pick this up until later on in Far Cry 6's main story unless you actively go looking for it.

To actually gain access to and unlock the Tokai Sabuku is not too obvious at first. When you approach the FND Storage Facility, a blue car icon should appear on your map which reveals that the car will be located in a garage within the facility. Luckily, the facility is clear of soldiers, so all you need to do is gain access to the building, which is blocked off with pallets and broken staircases.

To get into the building, climb onto the yellow digger at the back of the facility and use a long jump to get through the open door that's on the buildings second floor. Once you're in, you can destroy anything that's in the way, such as pallets and boxes, simply by shooting it or using your machete on them. Hop down, and you'll be able to unlock the 1985 Tokai Sabuku!

Yami’s 2008 Kag TG

Far Cry 6 Rides - Yami’s 2008 Kag TG.
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A former military-issue Jeep, the Kag TG is incredibly powerful and customisable.

This Ride can be unlocked by talking to Yami Suarez at Yami’s Chop Shop. As part of the Yaran Story, Backseat Driver, you will be directed to Yami's garage in Costa Del Mar. After speaking with Yami, she will ask you to secure the FND Tank Training Grounds, located in Aguas Lindas. This area is where the army took her jeep.

Once you successfully clear out the base and steal Yami's jeep, she will inform you that you can keep it — then the Ride is yours to keep and customise as you please!

1962 Verrazzano Bravo

Far Cry 6 Rides - 1962 Verrazzano Bravo.
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This Ride doesn't serve well when fighting, but it's nice to look at. You can unlock the Verrazzano Bravo by completing any Gran Premio race.

As you venture through Far Cry 6's main story, you will find posters advertising Gran Premio races around the map. Interacting with and collecting these will reveal race locations to you — marked by a racing flag — on your map. Simply select a race to attend of your choosing and try your best to win! Upon successfully completing any one of the races, the Verrazzano Bravo will be unlocked in your Rides menu. Be careful to avoid hitting Yaran's!

As you go and unlock these Rides, be sure to have fun customising them and using them to the best of your ability to take down Castillo's soldiers or compete in races. Additionally, don't forget that driving around Yara — whether it's in your own Ride or a commandeered vehicle - can be one of the best ways to explore and take in the scenery!

Now that you know how to go and unlock all the Ride's across Yara, you should check out some more fun things to do outside of Far Cry 6's main story. Alongside having a nice Ride to hand, it's also useful to check out which Amigos can assist your journey as a guerrilla fighter too.

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