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Far Cry 6: How to Get Money and Earn Pesos Fast

Within Far Cry 6, the in-game currency is known as Yaran Pesos. You can use the currency to purchase Hideout Locations, new weapons, and new armour - as well as other useful items. You will often collect Pesos naturally as you go about your guerrilla journey and fight against Anton Castillo and his soldiers, but you may sometimes find that you don't have enough Pesos for that one piece of gear you really want...

With that being said, we've compiled a few tips on how to earn Pesos quickly in the world of Yara, so you should have all the gear you want in no time at all.

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Loot, Loot, and More Loot

This one is somewhat self-explanatory, so we won't dwell on it too much. As with most games, looting is an easy and natural way to earn money in Far Cry 6. You'll acquire Pesos from lootable items, but also from the dead bodies of your enemies too if you make sure to go walk over their corpses.

Additionally, if you are lucky enough to have the Amigo, Champagne, by your side, she will loot your enemies of Pesos for you. Find out more about how to unlock her in our guide to Far Cry 6's Amigo's here.

Completing Operations and Yaran Stories

Completing operations and side quests is something that you'll do naturally as you fight for Yara's freedom, and it'll earn you Pesos too. Whenever you complete an operation successfully, you'll earn experience, resources, and often, some Pesos too for your time. If you're lucky, some operations may even give you gear and weapons, which will save you some hard-earned Pesos!

Trading Materials and Resources

If you're regularly looting or hunting, you'll collect materials and resources in abundance! The unwanted items, or the items you simply don't use, can be traded at workbenches or at NPC-ran stores, like Juan's Arms Dealers.

You never know when you're going to need these materials, so be on the side of caution when trading them for Pesos. However, if you have 200+ of a particular item, such as gasolina, you can safely assume that trading some of them for Pesos is a good deal.


Gran Premio Races

Gran Premio Races will be picked up from posters and notes you find around Yara advertising them, and they're great fun too, so they're definitely worth taking part in whenever you need a break from freedom fighting. You'll earn Pesos for completing races, and if you have multiple around the map, we recommend going and doing each of them.

You earn more the first time you complete a race, rather than the second or third time completing it, so be sure to explore and do multiple of them if you want your hands on some extra Pesos.

Los Bandidos Operations

After a few hours of playing Far Cry 6, a noticeboard will unlock at Guerrilla Camps that grants you the opportunity to participate in Los Bandidos Operations. Again, if you need a break from the main story, these are a great form of side quest that grants you a lot of freedom and can earn you a lot of Pesos too.

You'll have to make some tricky decisions when taking part in Los Bandidos operations, which we won't spoil. However, provided things go successfully for yourself and your fellow rebels, you'll be rewarded with plenty of Pesos for you to spend however you want!

Using the tips above, your pockets should be full of Yaran Pesos soon enough. In terms of buying all the purchasable goods on offer, your inventory should soon be full of that too, or maybe your Hideout Network will be finally completed.

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