Far Cry 6: All Shark Hunting Spots and How to Farm Shark Meat

If you've played Far Cry 6, you'll have probably come across sharks when swimming across various rivers or coastal areas. Luckily, they don't seem to do much damage and attack quite slowly, so they aren't an animal to be feared. There are four known areas you can go hunting sharks across Yara. Whether you're hunting them for their materials or just for fun, this guide explains where to find both Reef Sharks and Bull Sharks, how to hunt them, and what to do with their meat.

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We've embedded a map of Reef Shark locations from our pals over at Map Genie. They've got a fully interactive Far Cry 6 map, so be sure to check it out here.

Reef Sharks: Cobre Shores, Madrugada

Reef Shark Hunting Spot in Madrugada, just by Cobre Shores.
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Reef Sharks are the most popular sharks across Yara. In you're in the starting region of Madrugada, you can go hunting Reef Sharks northeast of Cobre Shores. The sharks here are rather tame, so this is the ideal place to go hunting unless you want to take on a pack of them.

Reef Sharks: Tobacco Valley, Between Madrugada and Valle De Oro

Reef Shark Hunting Spot between Madrugada and Valle De Oro, just by Tobacco Valley.
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More Reef Sharks can be found off the coast directly between Madrugada and Valle De Oro. The coast here is just southeast of Tobacco Valley; this area acts as a great fishing spot too, so you'll likely see fishing NPCs as you go on the hunt. If you, too, fancy taking a break to do a spot of fishing, check out our guide here.

Reef Sharks: Lapida Mogote, El Este

Reef Shark Hunting Spot in El Este, just by Lapida Mogote.
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El Este is the third and final main region of Yara that you'll encounter. Just as military forces are stronger here, the animals of the region pack more of a punch too, so take caution. Just off the western coast of El Este, and north of Lapida Mogote, you can go hunting for more Reef Sharks.

Bull Sharks: Concepción, El Este

Bull Shark Hunting Spot in El Este, just by Concepcion.
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Concepción is the only area you'll find and be able to hunt for Bull Sharks. Despite looking different from Reef Sharks, they don't provide you with a different resource, so it's up to you which sharks you'd rather go hunting for. Just off the eastern coast of El Este, and slightly north of the small town of Concepción that you'll become familiar with during the latter half of Far Cry 6's main story, you can hunt for Bull Sharks.

How to Hunt Sharks and Get Shark Meat

Seeing as you can't use your gun while in the water, we've found that the most effective way to slay sharks while swimming amongst them is by using your machete to attack them. Two to three hits are all it takes, so hunting sharks is rather easy.

However, if you're tactical about it and lure a shark close enough to shore, you can then proceed to shoot them from the shore. We don't recommend this due to the likelihood of you receiving damaged animal meat, which has no real value compared to that of shark meat.

Another cool way to take sharks out is by luring them to shore and then using one or two grenades to kill them. For successfully doing this, you will be rewarded with shark meat, but a trophy too. The trophy is not the type of achievement symbol you may initially think it is, though. It is actually one of Far Cry 6's many easter eggs. You can learn more about The Jawson Trophy and other easter eggs here.

What to Do With Shark Meat

After acquiring as much shark meat in Far Cry 6 as you desire, you can take this resource to any of Juan's Arms Dealers across Yara to trade the meat for Durable Plastic. Durable Plastic is a material that can be used to upgrade and customise your weapons further, so that taking down Anton Castillo's army of soldiers will feel much easier as you modify your gun's abilities.

Of course, if you end up with too much Durable Plastic, you can then trade this at Juan's Arms Dealers or at a workbench for pesos! If pesos are what you're after, then we recommend this guide on how to acquire money in Far Cry 6 quickly.

There's all the information you need to know on how to find sharks, hunt them, and what to do with their meat! We wish you luck in finding creative ways to hunt them. If you're up for a hunting challenge, then check out how to hunt hares; they pose no threat, but they're certainly difficult to get your hands on. Alternatively, with enough Durable Plastic to hand, we recommend that you next go about acquiring the best weapons in Far Cry 6 or modifying your Supremo backpacks.

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