Far Cry 6: How To Find and Unlock the Best Weapons

Far Cry 6 best weapons: the best Launcher, the RAT4 Rocket Launcher.

Far Cry 6 best weapons: the best Launcher, the RAT4 Rocket Launcher.

Far Cry 6 hosts the series' largest map yet. There's a wealth of weapons all over Yara to find, unlock, and mod. Yet, the amount of weapons — from Sniper Rifles, to SMGs, to Launchers — can be daunting. That's where we've stepped in to help recommend some of the strongest and most fun weapons to find in Far Cry 6. With these strong weapons in your arsenal, you'll be unstoppable against Anton Castillo's soldiers.

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The Best Weapons in Far Cry 6

Pistol: Pistola Sportiva

Far Cry 6 Best Pistol, Pistola Sportiva.
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The Pistol Sportiva is quick to draw with great handling and can shoot effectively at both short and mid-range, making it a great sidearm to have in your loadout.

Where To Find: As a unique weapon, you cannot purchase it, but you can go ahead and find it by searching the El Maraton Field in West Lado, which is located in the northern area of West Lado.

Auto-Pistol: 6P13 Auto

Far Cry 6 Best Auto Pistol, 6P13 Auto.
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The 6P13 Auto Pistol makes a great sidearm to whip out and fire some short-range attacks with. Without having the Blood Dragon expansion pack, this is the most powerful pistol you can acquire in the game.

Where To Find: You can get your hands on it by finding it in a military-controlled zone by chance or purchasing it from a Guerrilla Garrison at your chosen Guerrilla Camp.

Resolver Weapon: La Varita

Far Cry 6 Best Resolver Weapon, La Varita.
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La Varita is one of the strongest unique rifles in Far Cry 6. Equipped with the Triador Supremo, you can kill enemies with a single shot and fire at soldiers through walls.

Where To Find: It's unlocked by completing the Yaran Story, Triada Blessings, which requires you to go on Treasure Hunts to find the three Triada Relics.

Rifle: SSGP-58

Far Cry 6 Best Rifle, SSGP-58.
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One of the best rifles that you can acquire relatively early on in Far Cry 6 is the SSGP-58 Rifle. It's easy to handle, and when customised with the right mods, the accuracy of the rifle can be improved greatly, making it super easy to take out multiple enemy soldiers.

Where To Find: The SSGP-58 can unlocked by finding it in a military-controlled zone by chance or purchasing it from a Guerrilla Garrison at your chosen Guerrilla Camp.

Submachine Gun: MP7

Far Cry 6 Best Submachine Gun, MP7.
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The MP7 Submachine Gun allows you to shoot incredibly fast rounds, clearing two to three targets before each reload. Equipped with the right mods, this fun is unstoppable when you want to take out multiple nearby enemies with speed and velocity.

Where To Find: The MP7 can be bought from a Guerrilla Garrison at your chosen Guerrilla Camp, or can be unlocked if you find it by chance in a military-controlled zone.

Light Machine Gun: Crackle and Pop

Far Cry 6 Best Light Machine Gun, Crackle and Pop.
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Crackle and Pop is a unique Light Machine Gun, meaning it can only be found rather than bought. The gun will be able to take on multiple enemies without any issue but has quite the recoil.

Where To Find: You can try to find it by searching the El Rayo Cinema located in West Lado, which is in the northern area of Esperanza.

Sniper Rifle: Kobracon

Far Cry 6 Best Sniper Rifle, Kobracon.
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Again, the Kobracon is a unique Sniper Rifle that you will need to seek out rather than purchase. It has incredible precision, range and deals a great amount of damage, meaning you can take out Castillo's soldiers from a far away watchtower with great ease.

Where To Find: This weapon may remind you of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and that's because it's from the Far Cry 6 Blood Dragon expansion pack! The pack is purchasable from the Ubisoft store or included with the Gold Edition of the game and above.

Shotgun: RMS-18

Far Cry 6 Best Shotgun, RMS-18.
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The RMS-18 is the best shotgun that pesos in Far Cry 6 can buy you. It is not great for long-range shooting, but at short-range, the gun will cause absolute chaos amongst your enemies.

Where To Find: You will find the gun by chance in a military-controlled zone, or you can purchase it from the Guerrilla Garrison at your chosen Guerrilla Camp.

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Bow: Compound Bow

Far Cry 6 Best Bow, Compound Bow.
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Like prior games in the Far Cry series, having a Compound Bow is a must-have if you want to hunt with precision or make some impressive stealth attacks.

Where To Find: If you want to unlock it with ease, we tell you how to do so in this guide.

Launcher: RAT4 Rocket Launcher

Far Cry 6 Best Launcher, RAT4 Rocket Launcher.
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The RAT4 Rocket Launcher is a unique rocket launcher that deals some of the highest damage in the game, with great accuracy too, making Castillo's soldiers almost too easy to tackle. We've listed all Launchers available in Far Cry 6, and how to find them, here.

Where To Find: You can unlock the RAT4 by completing the Liquid Courage Treasure Hunt located in Del Toro Port, which is located in the northern part of Noventarmas, Valle De Oro.

How To Find and Unlock New Weapons in Far Cry 6

The Far Cry 6 Guerrilla Garrison for purchasing new weapons can be built at a Guerilla Camp.
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You can unlock new weapons by doing any of the following:

  • Build a Guerrilla Garrison by speaking to the Foreman at one of your Guerrilla Camps. You will then be able to purchase weapons by speaking to the Drill Instructor here. Upgrade your Guerrilla Garrison to make more available!
  • Complete operations and side missions, and you will occasionally be rewarded with new, and unique weapons and gear.
  • You will often find FND Caches — also known as chests — around Yara, typically at military bases or in areas where you are required to complete operations. So, don’t forget to explore and loot. Frequently, there are private rooms that require keys with these chests inside, so if you ever pick up a key during an operation, be sure to find which door it unlocks!
  • There will be a Black Market at your Guerrilla Camp where you can also purchase weapons; some of them will be available for a limited time only.
  • Finally, return to Juan’s Arms Dealers regularly. Here you will be able to grab yourself some unique Resolver Weapons!

Armed with the best weapons in Far Cry 6, taking on Anton Castillo's army of soldiers and liberating Yara should feel a little easier than it did before. Now, it only makes sense that you go ahead and equip the best Supremo, recruit an animal companion, and then make sure you go and have fun outside of the games main story too!

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