Far Cry 6: All Supremo Backpacks, Abilities and How To Unlock Them

Dani Rojas wearing the Triador Supremo at the El Este Guerrilla Camp.

Dani Rojas wearing the Triador Supremo at the El Este Guerrilla Camp.

During Far Cry 6, you'll unlock and equip various Supremo backpacks. These are incredibly powerful pieces of equipment to have in your Arsenal that will arguably make or break some of your battles across Yara. Making sure you've got the best one equipped, with the right gadgets, can make those difficult operations a little easier, and they're customisable too.

In this guide, we've explained the abilities of each Supremo backpack and how to unlock them.

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How To Unlock New Supremo Backpacks

Supremo backpacks are highly powerful weapons during your fight for the freedom of Yara in Far Cry 6. They all have their own unique abilities and allow you to customise them with various gadgets, from flash grenades, to throwing knives, to baseballs. The special ability of each Supremo can be vital during a long operation or showdown with Anton Castillo's soldiers. However, they do have a relatively long cooldown period that you'll need to keep in mind.

All the Supremo backpacks, except one, can be unlocked as you rank up in Far Cry 6. They are then available to buy using Depleted Uranium from Juan Cortez directly or from one of Juan's Arms Dealers. The final Supremo — arguably the most powerful one — is unlocked as a part of the Triada Blessings mission, which we talk more about below.


The Far Cry 6 Exterminador Supremo.
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The Exterminador is an Assaulter Supremo, meaning that it can deal a wealth of damage to your enemies. Its ability — Armagedon Strike — launches a series of rockets that lock onto your enemies and explode on impact.

This Supremo is the first you will unlock, and it's impossible to not unlock it. During one of the first operations you'll encounter, Du or Die, Juan Cortez will give you the Exterminador to help you with your fight.


The Far Cry 6 Fantasma Supremo.
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The Fantasma is a Saboteur Supremo, meaning that it can be used to cause a lot of chaos for your enemies. Its ability — Venom Salvo — launches poison gas onto your battlefield, which can turn soldiers against each other and confuse them. While Castillo's soldiers are confused, you can use this to your advantage to stealthily sneak past them or alternatively go in for a kill.


The Far Cry 6 Volta Supremo.
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The Volta is a Stealth Supremo, meaning it can be used to assist you in avoiding large battles against Castillo's soldiers while still getting the job done. Its ability — El Impulso — emits an EMP Pulse that knocks enemies over, disables security systems, and enables you to hijack vehicles with ease for that sweet escape.


The Far Cry 6 Furioso Supremo.
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The Furioso is a Defender Supremo, meaning it can assist you with protecting yourself amidst a battle with Castillo's soldiers. Its ability — Fuego Loco — emits an explosive ring that roasts enemies, and by pressing 'Jump' during this, you can thrust yourself forward in midair to flee to a safer spot and attack.

This Supremo is available after reaching Rank 3.


The Far Cry 6 Medico Supremo.
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The Medico is another Defender Supremo, but this backpack works to keep you safe and healthy amidst a large fight. Its ability — Zona Medicina — allows you to self revive and rapidly heal both yourself and your allies over a short period of time. With this in mind, this Supremo is ideal if you're playing multiplayer co-op.

This Supremo is available after reaching Rank 4.


The Far Cry 6 Gladiador Supremo.
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The Gladiador is another Assaulter Supremo, meaning its sole purpose is to deal damage to your enemies. Its ability — Juice Injector — causes you to fly into a rage that boosts your speed and health, letting you unleash a mass of Machete kills on any enemy in your path. This Supremo is a lot of fun for slaying enemy soldiers, but also acts as a good way to make a speedy escape when things get too chaotic on enemy territory.

This Supremo is available after reaching Rank 5.


The Far Cry 6 Triador Supremo.
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The Triador is a Stealth Supremo, and arguably, one of our favourites for clearing out buildings and rescuing hostages. Its ability — Truesight — uses the power of Oluwa's Idols to mark enemies. Combined with the La Varita Rifle, which we talk more about in our guide to Yara's best weapons, it allows you to shoot through walls and take enemies down with one hit.

You can unlock the Triador Supremo by completing the Triada Blessings Yaran Story. This side quest not only unlocks the Supremo for you, but the La Varita Rifle, some nice gear, and another Amigo.

If you unlock all seven Supremos, you'll be awarded the Backpacking Trophy, and who doesn't love an impressive trophy for their efforts? Equipped with the right gadgets and mods, your Supremo can often make you feel invincible against Castillo's army, so be sure to make the most of them.

If you want to collect even more trophies during your time in Yara, we recommend going and finding all Roosters and USB Sticks too. Alternatively, try hunting sharks using a Grenade Gadget Mod, and if you're successful, you can acquire the Jawson Trophy too... which is one of many Easter Eggs to be found in Far Cry 6.

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