Where to Find All USB Sticks in Far Cry 6

Danza Cave, a treasure hunt location in Far Cry 6 that requires you to locate a USB stick.

Danza Cave, a treasure hunt location in Far Cry 6 that requires you to locate a USB stick.

In Far Cry 6, there are 15 USB Sticks for you to collect. USB Sticks are one of many types of collectible across Yara, and will unlock you various songs to play as you drive around. These USB sticks can be found just about anywhere, from the desks of private rooms to lying around in an open car park.

The only way to have all the USB Sticks revealed on your map is by buying a map of the USB Sticks from the in-game store. Alternatively, they can be rather difficult to find unless you know where to look, but they will be shown on your map once you get close enough to them. In this guide, we explain where to locate all 15 USB Sticks and what songs each of them they contain.

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Where to Find All 15 USB Sticks

The above Map Genie reveals the locations of all USB sticks in Far Cry 6 to you. Some will be lying around waiting to be picked up, some will be in private rooms only accessible after acquiring a key off a murdered Lieutenant or General, and some will be acquired during Treasure Hunts. The list of ways to get your hands on USB Sticks goes on, but it's certainly a lot of fun finding them all.

Map Genie also has the full Far Cry 6 map, with features that allow you to customise it and add icons depending on what you're looking for. Check it out by heading here.

All 15 USB Sticks will be located in the following areas, and contain the following songs:

Isla Santuario

  • Hitboy by DUKI is located on a desk inside a small building, just south of Quito's center.


  • Pulpa De Tamarindo by Celia Cruz can be found just north of Cortina Peninsula's center. It is at Ocaso Marina, laying on a table beside some picnic benches.
  • What a Bam Bam by Amara La Negra is in the town of Verdana, on a table beside a laptop just outside an inaccessible building.
  • Sentimiento Original by Tony Succa ft. Isaac Delgado is west of the Ocaso Lighthouse. The USB Stick is in some bins outside the small buildings here.
  • Abuso De Poder by Gabylonia is located on top of a control tower beside an antenna, just northeast of the Sucio River.

Valle De Oro

  • Educate Ya by Pitbull ft. Jason Derulo is northwest of the city of Feroza. Along the main road, you will come across a gas station, and the USB stick is on a desk inside this station.
  • Ay Lola "La Figura" by Maxima Alerta is a reward for completing the 'And The Beat Goes On...' Treasure Hunt. This Treasure Hunt takes place inside Danza Cave, which is just northeast of the town of Segunda.
  • Macarena (Bayside Boys Remix) by Los del Rio is in the bins of a car park, just north of Halcon Reservoir.
  • Dinero by Trinidad Cardona can be found by using vines to climb onto the roof of a building, located east of the Forrestal River and south of the Fragoso Escarpment.

El Este

  • La Bella Ciao De Libertad by La Sonora Yarana is on a desk inside a bunker beside an FND Cache at Turgenev Comms Post. This is located west of the Bardia Reservoir.
  • Los Caminos De La Vida by Vicentico is on the desk of the lookout post at Casa Rivera, south of Rahe Plateau.
  • La Vida Me Cambio by Diana Fuentes ft. De Zona is placed on a desk inside a small building on the beach, just south of Verde River.
  • To Aprendi by Danay Suarez is on a desk inside a small shack in the town of Maldito, which is far southeast of El Este and surrounded by beaches.


  • Here We Kum by Molotov is west of Torre Del Leon's centre. It is atop a green apartment building, and stairs in the nearby alley can be used to get into the small building on top.
  • Pxssy Powah! by Nitty Scott is west of Torre Del Leon's centre and located on the top level of the Mercurio Mecanico hideout. This USB Stick can be found on a wooden bench just outside.

Your collection of USB Sticks can be accessed from the 'Collection' area of your main menu, so you can work out which tracks you're missing.

The Collection menu in Far Cry 6, featuring USB Sticks.
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Once you collect all 15 USB Sticks, you'll be able to drive around Yara in your chosen Ride (more about those here) and listen to any of these songs whenever you please. You'll also unlock a nice achievement called 'That's My Jam'. You can learn more about all the available achievements to unlock here.

If you're looking for more fun things to do around Yara outside the main story's operations, we've got a couple of recommendations for you to keep you busy! Alternatively, take a gander at how to unlock all of Far Cry 6's Amigos and Roosters.

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